If anyone in the UK wants to call me, I'm on 0844 774 2822, which is a semi-premium line, i.e. costs a little more than a local call, but far less than an international call to the US. (people who have land-line service from voip-enabled vendors such as FreeWorldDialUp (FWD), Gossiptel, Call UK or Plus Net may be able to call me free using **448 0844 910 3874) The number is currently forwarded to my Grand Central number, but if I happen to be in Britain I may redirect it to a local number or a borrowed cell phone :-)

Anyone who is in the US can call me for free using this:

- that's my Grand Central number. One of the 5 different places that Grand Central forwards to is my Gizmo5 voip line, so I may be able to answer that number even if I'm out of the country, as long as I'm online with internet access when you call. If I don't pick up anywhere it'll go to voicemail which I can pick up over the web, and call you back anywhere in the world using SkypeOut or Gizmo5.

I'm also g.toal on Skype and can occasionally handle video calls as well as voice.

If you voip me on 17473312861@proxy01.sipphone.com I *may* answer if I happen to be running Gizmo5 at the time. Also gtoal@sip.voipuser.org may work if my X-Lite client is online. I'm more likely to be running Skype, but it's a closed protocol and I don't know of any way of calling it except from another Skype account.

I'm planning to put my webcam, orb, and slingbox on this page soon, and info on how to connect to my various services. (For my own benefit while away from home)