Celestia A 3D Space Simulator (For Anne)
OpenUniverse A Free Space Simulator

Assorted Links

Interesting homepages

Arthur Norman's notes in Acrobat format
ATS Avian Transmitters
Bernie's Homepage with Page for Software and Web Programming
Bookmarks for Peter King
Curriculum Vitae of Jonathan Paul Griffiths
ELProjects Adams
Global Incident Analysis Center Detects Analyzed 9-20-00
Pager beeper monitoring interception beepbuster
Russian Password Crackers (Main Page)
The Turing Test Page
Trancell Wireless Internet Services
Willem's Worldwide Webpage

Other people's bookmarks

0xdeadbeef dot info raptor's labs
Bookmarks for Dan Knapp
Bookmarks for Darryl Lee
My Favorite Links

bk2site Other Tools similar to bk2site
Customize Links
erational software wiklink
Flags Of The World
Free Hotmail
Free Software
Gibson, William - Alien 3 Screenplay
Harvest Search
Interesting Freeware
Invisible Web What it is, Why it exists, How to find it, and Its inherent ambiguity Home Page
Today Date and Time
trademark search
Windows Media


AtariGuide - The Atari Collectors Resource


Apache URL Rewriting Guide
Gallery your photos on your website
mod_proxy - Apache HTTP Server
pSlash Project Info - Slash
The Microcontent News Blogging Software Roundup - Part One of the Weblog Industry Report - Microcontent News, a Mic
TWiki . Codev . TWikiUnixInstaller
URL Rewriting Guide - Apache HTTP Server


Bumper Sticker Competition Thumbnails
Family Connections Bumper Stickers
Homeland Security Advanced Concept Technology Demonstration Public Participants
Personal Telco Logos
President Bush's Cabinet
SOCIAL-POLITICAL StickerGiant Stickers
walmart stickers

Cable service info

How I turned my cable modem into a sniffer - WAS Hijack IP
ISS X-Force Database motorola-surfboard-portscan-dos (10513) Motorola Surfboard 4200 cable modem port scan denial of service
Neohapsis Archives - Bugtraq - Motorola Cable Modem DOS - From
Re Hijack IP Address using cable modem
Re How I turned my cable modem into a sniffer
Road Runner Rio Grande

Computer stuff


ARM 2nd proc discs

Computer History

-^- Open Source Web Design - -- Home
Algol-60 for MSDOS and Z80 CP-M Books Practical Compiling With Pascal-S (International Computer Science Series) Books Programming Language Translation (The Ellis Horwood Series in Computers and Their Applications, 15)
Antique Computers - Ed Thelen
bk2site Other Tools similar to bk2site for project site
CAMiLEON Project
Digital Archaeology Rescuing Neglected and Damaged Data Resources
Disk2FDI Homepage
Edsac Simulator
Emulation C-ing ahead
Features Who Really Invented The Video Game
GEC Computers
Google Directory - Computers History
Google Directory - Computers Programming Languages
historic documents in computer science and engineering
IBM Public Domain Software Collection
if we ever port EMAS to Intel...
Index of -pdf
Itzehoer Computer Museum PDP 9 - Details
Jefferson Computer Museum - Ancient Alphabetic Art
Jefferson Computer Museum - UCSD P-System Museum
Jim's Computer Garage (museum) - Historical Items
Mind Machine Museum
mod_ext_filter - filter for history website
Pascal Implementation
Preservation Research
Resurrection, Volume 1 Number 3
SSEM - manchester baby
The ML1 macro processor
The Pop-11 Programming Language
Yahoo! Groups hercules-390 Messages Message 35385 of 35385

Games and Emus

Adventures and old text game

About IF-Legends.Org
Hunt the Wumpus for the HP-41CX
Infocom - Enter an Exciting New Realm of Storytelling.
Korseby Online Spielereien # Zork
The Infocom Gallery The Lurking Horror
Welcome to the Computer Game Museum!


Acorn 6502 Microcomputer Kit - Emulator
Archiology relics from Acorn's past
B-EM - The BBC Micro Emulator
BBC BASIC to Acorn ANSI C Translator and other Translators for Download
BBC File Manager
BBC Games from the past - AcornSoft Games
BBC Micro and Electron Games - The Stairway To Hell - Roms
BBC Micro and Electron Games - The Stairway To Hell
BBC micro related software (Wouter's BBC microcomputer stuff)
BBCBasic - MDFSSoftware.$.BBCBasic
BBCformat disks on PCs
BeebEm - BBC Micro Emulator
Brian Swattons BBC Micro pages
LIBDSK homepage
Neil Pollard's em6502 Emulator
Ralph Corderoy's page on archie emus and adfs reading
Riscose home page
Software ARM
The BBC lives! -- BBC Related Utilities-Software
The BBC Micro and Electron Games Archive - WWW.STAIRWAYTOHELL.COM
The Potting Shed
VirtualAcorn RISC OS

Classic Video Games


Single Game Emus

CAESAR - Sil's Single Emulator (S.S.E.)
PACDX - Pacman never tasted so good!
Sourcing Qbert
The Java Boutique PacMan - Page 2 - The classic PacMan game. Source included!

1st Church of Pac-Man - False Idols
Advance Projects CD
Advance Projects
arcadevisions - rgv mame cabinet
Coelho's Home Page
JEmu - Ms.Pacman
Kazuya's Neo Geo Emulation Page!
MAME - Documents - How to compile (Win32)
Norbert's Emulator Software JAE - Ms. Pacman
Open Directory - Games Video Games Emulation Arcade
Pacman Emulation Universe -- Play Pacman Online -- CottAGE -- Ms. Pac-Man!
Pacman Information
SYS 2064 - Arcade Emulation News!
The Basement Arcade - Your source for Retro Coin operated Arcade Game information and parts
The Sound of Eating
Ultimarc, the Ultimate in Arcade Controls.
Zophar's Domain Multi Arcade Emulators


Index of -~osorio-mmidia-trab-gb-pac-man
TheRealBobRoberts - Coin-op Parts


3D Controls
Archived Material - cinematronics gossip
Download ppc elite (not tnk)
Good Deal Games - Article The Rise and Fall of Vectors
Mostly Harmless
Norbert's Emulator Software JAE - Battle Zone
SIGGRAPH Computer Graphics Newsletter - Memories of a Vector World - May 98
tailgunner author speaks!
tailgunner cabinet
The Secret Life of Vector Generators
Tills Palm Pages - index
Tim Skelly - cinematronics

-{EMUDEK}- Noticias viejas
3D-Arcade at Mameworld
AtariAge - Features
Dan B's 6502 Tech Page
Download page
edgeemulation - Join #edgeemu on
Index of -Aboard-PubD
Index of -RGVAC-Manuals-PDF-Arcade
MAMEWorld - The largest MAME resource on the net!
RETRO REMAKES Classic Gaming for the Next Generation
RetroCovers - Boost your CDr collection
The NES Archive ROMs
The Official MESS Home Page
[ Retrogames ] - Your ONE STOP emulation site!



503 Service Temporarily Unavailable
Dragon's Generation v7
Pocket Vision GBA & GP32 News - Emulation, Development and Hardware News
[ #GBAnow ]

Elektor Electronics - the electronics and computer magazine
Emuholic - Good Tools - Interact GBA Illuminator Light
gba development
gbaMOD . gbaSKIN . create a design
gbaMOD . MODifications
GBAX.2003 with GBAEmu and GP32Emu Coding Competition - Gameboy Products - GBA Smart Wallet review
Home Page
iBTopicBacklog-Queue list of Lan-Kwei's Order
KRAWALL - a soundsystem for the gameboy advance
Nintendo Online Store - Product Detail
Screen Replacement
Triton Labs - home
[ #GBAnow (EFnet)]



siulflex.htm Linux advanced cracking flexlm
Whats New on CrackZ's Site.
CHN Console Dev Developing hardware & software for gaming consoles and handhelds
Desarrollo GP32
DevKit Advance - A Gameboy Advance Software Development Kit
EntWare moviepark
FireFly's Homepage - GP32
Game Park 32
GBAX.2003 with GBAEmu and GP32Emu Coding Competition - Gameboy Products
GeePee32 (GP32 emulator)
General Chat
Generator sega mega drive genesis emulator ports
GP32 - darkfader gcc lib replacement
GP32 - optimised bresenham #1
gp32 bios disassembly
GP32 Dev'rs - What's New
GP32 Developers home page
GP32 Developers
GP32 files ~teoarsa-ZardozJOnes
gp32 Frodo
GP32 game sampe - SnowWhite
GP32 gcc instrs for GBA devkit
GP32 GXB Loader info
GP32 in Russia FaMe Soft
GP32 Index of -u-jikorhon-gp32-dl
GP32 Mr Spivs page
GP32 official graphics api
GP32 Unofficial GameBoy Advance Software Development Kit
GP32 viewer info
gp32-files gcc libraries
GP32Emu - Emulators On GP32
GP32Emu - FAQ and Guides
GP32Emu - The GP32 emulation and development news site!
GP32Emu - The GP32 emulation, game and amateur development news site!
Index of -gp32-files
Index of -~s864-gp32
MegaGP32 download center
omsk Gp32Dev Page
Pocket Vision GBA & GP32 News - Emulation, Development and Hardware News
SDL for GP32
Super Plusha FaMe Soft Presents The Most Advanced J&R GP32 Game
trapflag's gp32 site
uClinux GDB-ARMulator
Unofficial GameBoy Advance Software Development Kit
UPS Package Tracking - GP32
Wolfenstein 3D for the GamePark GP32
[ #GBAnow (EFnet)]
게임 커뮤니티! 게임파크에 오신것을 환영합니다.


Emuholic - Good Tools


Digital Bumper - Visual WPC MAME
Welcome to PINMAME

SEGA Master System

Freeze Software


The .TZX Vault


Avoiding Multiplications
Classic Gaming Creations - New Games For Classic Systems Plus QBasic Arcade
Downloads - Upgrades
Emuholic - Good Tools
GCC for the TRS-80 CoCo
Mailgate MyNews
Mailgate.ORG Web Server
My adventures in the world of 6809 assembly language and Vectrex
New (3rd) Vectrex Emulator
Outer Court Goodies - java+svg vector games
Ozyr's Vectrex Instruction Archive programming info
sega controller for vectrex
The Vectrex Archives
Valavan Manohararajah's home page
Vecram software
Vectrex links
Vectrex pcb
Vectrex Programming TOC

Virtual Boy

Emuholic - Good Tools


dvdupgrades -- Listing Accessories-XBox Your Internet Store
eXtreme-Mods - DVD Mods, DVD modchip, Universal dvd mod, dvd to vhs, cheap
eXtreme-Mods - X-ecuter Enigmah Xtender BIOS OpenXbox EvolutionX MessiahX Pandora MX NEOX Copy Xbox Modchip Xbox Hacks Accessor
Getting Started with Xbox Linux
X-Arcade Special Promotional Discount
X-Box Evolution Emulation, Development, Hacking and Modchip News
Xbox Hackz - Xbox hacking, online gaming and mod chip resource
XBOX-SCENE.COM -- X-ecuter Xodus OpenXbox PC-BioXX Enigmah Xtender BIOS EvolutionX MessiahX Pandora MX NEOX Copy Xbox Modchip X

! Aware Useful Tech & Info Emulators
6809 Emulation Page.
About Web PDP-8
Arnimedes - the CPC-Emulator
ClanLib - ClanLib Game SDK - Vector Dream Revisited
Electronic Recordkeeping Preservation Products Emulators
Emulatori - Main Page
How do I make games Emulating other systems
Index of -dpsightz
Index of -~w-50884-emulator-neorage
Instruction-Set Simulation and Tracing
Lisa Emulator Project - Lisa Documents
Mailgate Creative Computing Video & Arcade Games Magazine on the Web
OpenVMS Hobbyist Home Page
PDP-10 software archive
Riscose home page
sixtyforce main Project Info - ts10 - VAX EMU
SRI - VAX Emulators
Stephan's Retrocomputing Site Acorn BBC
The origin of Spacewar
The WWW Virtual Punchcard Server...
VAX BINARIES - freeware
vax emulator


!ATX p4, 12v Uninterruptible Switching Power Supply Module!
Amsdell Inc. - IPPS Spec.
ATX Internal UPS internal uninterruptible power supply switching power supply
FPGA ARCADE - pac main page
GlobTek,Inc.ATX Switching Power Supply with Built in UPS.$File-Thumb_intro.pdfOpenElement - the embedded Linux portal Articles View Full text
Mini-Box.Com - car computer psu
Mini-ITX Solutions
parvus Datasheet -- PC-104 CompactFlash & IDE Adapter (w- IDE Controller and CFlash Socket)

Image formats

--== The DAEMONs Home - Main ==--
A few other links related to scanners and scanning
djvu removing old map colouring
FastIO Systems Home Page Project details for dvipng
Jernej Simoncic's homepage - GimpWin installer page
Lenna 97 A Complete Story of Lenna
Photo software - photo editing and photo restoration Photoshop plugins
Scanning Basics 101 - All about digital images - solutions for web site data extraction
SFlyer's Personal Homepage photoshop - filters
Speex Home Page
TIFF Software
TOM Server Document Conversion

Old-style Psion


.. palm spot .. - Explore More Software!
.. palm spot .. - Explore More Software!2
FAQ of the OpenPalm Project
Keyring for Palm OS introduction



6502 Cross-Development Languages and Tools
Commodore 1541 Floppy Drive ROM dissasembly


FLEX 2.0 For SWTPC 6800
Michael Holley's SWTPC Computer Documentation Repository.


6809 Emulation Page.
Downloads - Upgrades
General History of Jeff's Emulators
Jeff Vavasour's TRS-80 EMULATION Page
Sprow's webpages - MiniB the floppy sized BBC micro


CP-M 2.2 Files
Digital Research Source Code
Jeff Vavasour's TRS-80 EMULATION Page
Thomas Scherrer Z80-Family Official Support Page

Falstaff's Cross Assemblers
Stack Computers the new wave -- an on-line book
Thomas Scherrer Z80 Software Development Tools


compilers101 - browse and compare book price at 40+ Sites!
ANSI C grammar (Lex)
ANSI C grammar (Yacc)
Bounds Checking for C
C to PL-I PL-1 PL1 Project
C++ Compilers
c64cc - C-compiler for the C64
Call Graph Drawing Interface
CCured Documentation
Christopher W. Fraser -- Vita
CIL Documentation (v. 1.1.2)
Compilers - Chapter 15
Compilers and Compiler Generators
Courant Institute Technical Reports
Digital Research Source Code
Download details .NET Framework Software Development Kit Version 1.1
Free C - C++ Compilers and Interpreters (
go2net internet deep magic Climbing the data tree
Index of -~algorith-tools-pascal2c-
Internet C++ - Internet Virtual Machine The New Internet Belongs To You!
LadSoft Home Page
metaware arm c demo
metaware download page
NULLSTONE Optimization Categories
PL-I, PLI, PL-1 PL1 to C Sorce Code Translator and Converter
TCC Tiny C Compiler
TCC - Compiler Project
TenDRA Home
The EE Compendium - C Cross-Compilers
The Great Win32 Computer Language Shootout
Tiny Programs
VCG Overview
Zephyr Compiler Infrastructure

dynamic compilation

CS395T paper review
http--ezproxy.panam.edu2066-cgi-bin-fulltextID=78502910&PLACEBO=IE.pdf Binary Translation.pdf - the embedded Linux portal News View Full text
The Basilisk II-JIT Home Page
The bintrans Dynamic Binary Translator
UKUUG Linux Developers' Conference 2002
vcode a retargetable, extensible, very fast dynamic code generation system
Welcome to


arenn's Software Download Page
C to Java converter
C- to Java Bytecode Compiler Project for CS286
Erik D. Demaine Converting C Pointers to Java References
GameBoyEmu - Java Applet
GNU and Java - GNU Project - Free Software Foundation (FSF)
ISNetworks Products Java SSH-SCP Application-Applet
Java(TM) Web Start Download
paradox1x Java and Programming Archives
Plugin SSH
R2J C++ to Java and Cpp to Java Conversion Utility. Automatic Translation of Legacy Code Resource Files into Java code with Swi
The Java Telnet App Terminal-Telnet-SSH
WebObjects 5.1 Developer Documentation (contains JavaConverter)
Zope-Java-Based Telnet-SSH


7.1 Antialiasing Points and Lines
Nate Robins - OpenGL - Coding at SGI
Nate Robins - OpenGL - GLUT for Win32
OpenGL Game Programming
OpenGL Programming Guide (Addison-Wesley Publishing Company) Table of Contents
Re .lib files to .a

static binary translation

ACM Queue - No Source Code No Problem!
ACM Queue
asm to java
Assembly to High-Level Language Translation
Binary Translation
Citations Compiled instruction set simulation - Mills, Ahalt, Fowler (ResearchIndex)
Comp.compilers No patents on CC elim in emulators
Comp.compilers Re Interpreters & Intermediate languages
DACS Software Pvt. Ltd. --- Alliances - LSI Logic Corporation.
digger remastered manual decompilation source code
Embedded Software
Google Search static binary translation
Google Search static binary translator
James E. Fowler -- Publications
Mastering Startup Costs in Assembler-Based Compiled Instruction-Set Simulation
MOTOROLA ASM6800, ASM 6800, ASM 6801, ASM 6805, ASM 6809, ASM 6811 RASM To C Source Code Translator and Converter
MPS Translators and Converters to C
Object Code Translation Home Page
Open Directory - Computers Programming Disassemblers
PortAsm-68K to 80x86 Translator
Re [stella] disassembly requests - 6502 disassembler
Relogix Assembler-to-C translator
Research Projects
Resourceable and Retargetable Binary Translation
Software Modernization Project Info - M68K to i386
Transform - De Compilation
Undine and Albrecht Kleine -cattt - arm to x86 trans
YAE's README emulator page

3d Spline curves
8bit graphics roundup
A1 - unresolved references (for use with imps %dynamic)
amd assembly manual
An Introduction to NURBS C code Page
anti-aliased line drawing
Atari Graphics and Arcade Game Design-Chapter 9
Atul Adya
Avoiding Multiplications
BASIC 4 ROM Routines Main Page
Ben Pfaff GNU libavl
BitBank Software
Bounds Checking for C
C++ Algorithms and Data structures
C++ Computational geometry
CodeCon 2003
Compiler Writing
Computer Programming Skills and Concepts
Computer related links
Creating Motion Files
CS 740C - Spring 2000
Cygwin - Source Code
Digital Mars - Download C and C++ Compilers
Digital Mars C, C++ and D Compilers
disassembler bykeyword disassembler disassemblers pic programming software
Doing It Fast, fixed point arithmetic techniques and fast 3d transforms
Dorothea Blostein - see 2 pdfs on graph rewriting
Downloads - Upgrades
Elite - The New Kind
Elite Home Page - Archive Index
fast pixel draw
File converter tools on the Top File Extensions Windows Site
Fixed point FAQ, 1-2 (ARM)
Fixed point FAQ, 2-2 (C)
Fixed Point Math
flipCode - 3D Geometry Primer
GameBoy Advance Dev'rs - Asm Code - fast line draw
Gameboy Advance Remakes
Gameboy Advance Resources - graphics lib - Quaternion Powers
GBA fast screen clear
GCC -rdynamic option
Geometry Algorithm Archive
GNU superoptimizer
Google Search graph rewrite operator precedence tree promoting node
HFFzip - File compression utility
Home Page of Jad - the fast Java decompiler
Hugues Hoppe's home page
Index of -ftp-unpacked-junkcode
Index of -ftp-unpacked-rzip
Index of -user-xanthian-public-code-c-townmaze-version_1_2
Inline Assembly with DJGPP
Instruction-Set Simulation and Tracing
Integer Hash Function
Jef Pozkaners Software
Jeffs APA demo - fast arm graphics and 3d maths
JLib Software
Knowledge Software Ltd Home Page
lcc, A Retargetable Compiler for ANSI C
libcwd The C++ Debugging Support Library - imp diags from c perhaps
Linux Assembly resources
lwIP - A Lightweight TCP-IP Stack
Maelstrom 3.0
Markus F.X.J. Oberhumer UCL data compression library
Math routines
Matrix and Quaternion FAQ
Mike's Freeware Software [GBA]
more bresenham
motion path code !!!
Native Win32 ports of some GNU utilities
NULLSTONE Optimization Categories
NURBS Toolbox
Open Directory - Computers Data Formats Graphics Vector SVG
OpenGL - Examples
OpenGL Coding Tutorials, Techniques & Resources
Optimization of Computer Programs in C
palm greyscale library
Programmers Heaven - Graphics & Sound Zone - Sourcecode files
Programming Pearls - who is using
sid users' guide
Simple DirectMedia Layer
Snippets of C code Project Info - GnuWin32
Splint Home Page
SQL tutorial
StarLogo on the Web
Stendahl's Programming Links
Succinct Representation of Balanced Parentheses, Static Trees and Planar Graphs - Munro, Raman (ResearchIndex)
TenDRA Home Page
TenDRA Home
The C64 3D page
The Festival Speech Synthesis System
The Game AI Page AI Software Solutions
The GNU C Library - Debugging support
The MathWorks - Spline Toolbox
The SNIPPETS DOS collection
The SNIPPETS Portable C-C++ collection
Tills Palm Pages - index
uIP - A Free Small TCP-IP Implementation for 8- and 16-bit Microcontrollers
UPX the Ultimate Packer for eXecutables - Homepage
Using the GNU Compiler Collection (GCC) - use in mnemosyne
Using the GNU Compiler Collection (GCC)
uVNC - A VNC Server for 8-bit Microcontrollers
Various interesting sites
WebRing hub
Welcome to Elite Ships Java Edition
What's New Ogg Vorbis

Security backup and admin


POPFile Automatic Email Sorting using Naive Bayes
The AutoClass Project
vipul's razor home

--== The DAEMONs Home - Main ==--
About Synergy
Denali related work
Eric's Crypto Software
foc - La pgina de loop
freeware downloads Network Monitoring - free software brought to you by, the largest download site for Windows I
FreeZip - zip and unzip for free Project details for dnotify
Introduction to TightVNC
Linux Security Five Easy Pieces - A stitch in time...
NiftyBox Secure Web Applications
SNORTRAN An Optimizing Compiler for Snort Rules
Software and Downloads
StealthP - iptables-control
The Code Project - SmartZip - Free Tools
Virtual file systems
Virtual private servers and security contexts


arabic html info Project details for dvipng
HTML Code Tutorial - Free Reference Guide for Help with HTML Tags Including Form, Frames, Tables, and more!
TeX Live 7 - TeX Users Group
tumble - jpegs to pdf


Chaogic Systems - vHost Main
Computer Laboratory - Xen virtual machine monitor
Creating bootable CD-ROMs
cURL and libcurl
DAG Soapbox - Restrict processes from tampering with files.
fist (linux union fs etc) patches by ftp
FiST Home Page Project details for zisofs-tools
FUSD - a Linux Framework for User-Space Devices
Gateway 1450 and Linux
gp32 stuff
HowTos and FAQs on special problems
Index of -~kraxel-uml-kernels for suse 9 uml
KNOPPIX - Live Linux Filesystem On CD
LINE Is Not an Emulator
Linux Box
Linux Laptop-HOWTO
Linux on a Gateway Solo 1450
Linux Router Project
Linux-Kernel Archive Saving-Restoring the virtual address space of a linux process
LinuxTag Forum - Knoppix Remastering How2
LinuxTag Forum - KNOPPIX-EN
LinuxTag Forum - Persistent Home
Loads of Linux Links Top
native Windows build fixes
netfilter-iptables - Home
pstack - process stack dumper
stdin Re Ext2 - VFS projects
the JTL page
ttyrec a tty recorder
UK Mirror Service
User Mode Linux with SuSE Linux 9.0
Using Multi-Card Flash Readers
Welcome to
Wonderful World of Linux 2.6 - Joe Pranevich
[] - Welcome


$@Home for OpenVMS Hobbyist Program
DeathRow OpenVMS Cluster
HP OpenVMS - what's new
Index of -ftp-vms-freeware
INFO-VAX collection
OpenVMS freeware site links
OpenVMS freeware
OpenVMS Hobbyist Home Page
OpenVMS VAX Version 7.2 Upgrade and Installation Manual
operating system documentation welcome
PuTTY Secure Tunnels for Email.
Small programs
ssh for vax
Vax Primer For Open-VMS
VAX-VMS on Linux using SIMH
VMS Disassemblers Package (V00238)
VMS page
Web-based Access To
WebRing hub
Welcome to VMSbox.
Yep. Its Beave's homepage

XP Info

Computing.Net - I was hacked
Computing.Net - Linux and XP dual boot who can do it
Home of the XP-AntiSpy
In Windows NT, what are NTVDM and WOW
Sysinternals Freeware - Source for Windows NT and Windows 2000
Sysinternals Freeware - Utilities for Windows NT and Windows 2000 - FileMon
Sysinternals Freeware - Utilities for Windows NT and Windows 2000 - Miscellaneous Tools for Windows
Sysinternals Freeware

Dictionary of Algorithms, Data Structures, and Problems
ibm papers search engine
Software Downloads by Keyword, Download Software, Shareware Download


Disney World Information - Walt Disney World Resort Maps
Walt Disney World Index
Walt Disney World Library Index

Edinburgh Festival official site of the edinburgh festival fringe

Enumerated sites

MS read
The relationship of problem-solving ability and course performance among novice programmers

Gateway Recommended Sites

Gateway Accessory Store
Gateway Country Stores
Gateway e-Support
Microsoft Windows Update
VoyForums Gateway Solo Laptop Info

Grant sources

ESRI Homeland Security Grant Series -- Critical Data Infrastructure Program
Grant Tips
Homeland Security - MapInfo Government Grant Program Overview
Homeland Security Notice of Funding Availability (NOFA) Additional Guidance
Intel in Your Community - General Grant Information
Library Services and Technology Act Grant Information - Texas State Library
Prepare for Success
Texas Congressman Rubn Hinojosa Press Release Page
Texas Homeland Security
TGCI - The Grantsmanship Center
The Corporation eGrants
TIFB Infrastructure Grants for Four Year Universities and Colleges
Welcome to the Minnesota Division of Emergency Management Home Page

LG5350 crap

FutureDial - see lg5350 frmware info
FutureDial - Technical Support - lg5350 incompatibilities
FutureDial USB Drivers Support - Home Page
Html2Wml Documentation
Technical Support For LG


Edinburgh Computer History
Edinburgh Wiki
gtoal's bookmark web
Tango Oscar Alpha Lima

Magic tricks toys etc

April fool info

Desire for Change and Willingness to Pay
Different Sump Pump Types
Elevators, Escalators and Related Equipment Technical Memorandums, Bulletin 06-00-36 - the Texas Department of Licensing and Re
Mining Technology - Weir Slurry Group - Heavy Duty Centrifugal Slurry Pumps
Sump Genius
Waste Disposal-Septic threads in Countryside
More Stage 1
Two People With The Same Birthday

maps n stuff


. . - 5v for eathmate
Ciagon's GPS Page
Comfoolery Download Page - share serial ports
Comfoolery Download Page
DataSend for M315
DGPS over the Internet
EasyGPS - FREE GPS Software for your Garmin, Magellan, or Lowrance GPS
Fritz's Software Page
GEM - GPS for EarthMate, TripMate, Garmin, NMEA
GPSd -- Put your GPS on the net!
GPSMap-GPSilon - an Open Source Java GPS Map Application-Framework.
Howstuffworks How Electronic Gates Work
Important Information about the 1999 and Subsequent TIGER-Line files
Index of -gpsd-downloads
Index of -usa
lantronix port sharing device driver
Linking to TerraServer
m315 external interface
Magellan Products Maps & Software
Magellan Products - m315
Magellan 315 Review
MapBlast! - Edinburgh Scotland
Maptech MapServer - Online Topo Maps, Nautical Charts, Aero Charts, and Nav Photos
Satellite Photos, Aerial Photography, and Images.
SwopNet GPS Waypoint DataBank - Waypoints for GPS Users
TerraServer About the USGS
TerraServer random big image
Tiger Map Data
U.S.Census Bureau - TIGER-Line
Viking -- the GTK+powered Free GPS data editor and explorer
Welcome to Martin Grossman's GPS-TRIPMATE HOME PAGE
What's New

2002 TIGER-Line File Download Page
ACME Mapper @ N 37.881866 W 122.29526, 32 m-p
American FactFinder
AstroMosaic - compose image from overlapping parts
Blue Marble Viewer
Census 2000 TIGER-Line Data
Data Downloader - Preview Area
Demis World Map Data sources
DEMIS World Map Server
dlgv32 Pro Viewing Software
Earth from Space - Search by Category
EO News NASA Olympics Blue Marble Release; February 6, 2002
Free Services
Geography Network - ArcExplorer Web
Geography Network - Download Census 2000 TIGER-Line shapefiles
Geonames Query Home Page
GPX the GPS eXchange Format
Home Planet Release 3.1
Index of -car_maps_by_state
Index of -maps
Index of -varios-BlueMarble
Keyhole Keyhole's EarthViewer
Kivera The Art of Where-gdt
Kivera The Art of Where Home
Map Products
Maptech MapServer - Online Topo Maps, Nautical Charts, Aero Charts, and Nav Photos
MODIS Web - MODIS Data Ordering
NIMAGeospatial Sciences Precise Positioning
OGR Simple Features Library
pygps, a Python GPS
Search For Photos
Shapelib - Earth Photo map
TerraExplorer City Guide
The Highway Code
Tiger Map Server - software
Tiger Map Server
Topographic Change Mapping
TopoZone Map 26.3003캮, 98.1604캷
United States Postal Service - Post Office Locator Listing Browser
United States Postal Service - Post Office Locator Map
US Maps Roads Highways - about US Maps Roads Highways
USGS Geography Discipline Home Page
USGS National Mapping Information Viewing USGS Maps and Aerial Photo Images Online
Vector Data Sources and Formats
Visible Earth - Blue Marble Land Surface, Shallow Water, and Shaded Topography
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Why DVD+R(W) is superior to DVD-R(W) [1-1]


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Blank the new word puzzle and board game. A word game where long words spell genius.
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Bilkent'te Upwords oskusu.. Turkish Upwords Tournament
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Clean scrabble
Codedojo - The way and art of making games Crossword puzzle games, Scrabble, Clabbers
COMS30123 - spelling - see subfile coms30123.dic - Over to you airlines, scrabble and mapping
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Creating Dense Boggle Boards
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CyBearToys - Boggle Pen
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Debian GNU-Linux -- scrabble
Development Of Multi Players Scrabble Program On Local Area Network
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Duels de mots Scrabble, Jarnac, Anacroiss, Mots-croiss, Anagrammes, Scrabble interactif, Scrabble en ligne, Jeux de lettres
e-Scrabble [Home]
eBay item 2169918622 (Ends Apr-18-03 134129 PDT ) - Play 'n Learn the Word Bible Game
eBay item 2175800924 (Ends May-28-03 093438 PDT ) - SHEAFFER PLAY PEN WORD GAME Box Set
eBay item 2183659301 (Ends Jul-20-03 105836 PDT) - Astro Word Game American Airlines mint 1960's
eBay item 2343368700 (Ends Sep-04-03 050430 PDT) - Cross Purposes Word Game 1987
eBay item 2968773333 (Ends Dec-06-03 155545 PST) - Spell-O-Gram Crossword Game 1954 Scrabble
eBay item 3124762367 (Ends Apr-13-03 201500 PDT ) - Zig Zaggle Board Game (similar Scrabble) 1954
eBay item 3125900735 (Ends Apr-12-03 164719 PDT ) - WORD MADNESS Spelling Card Game-games Teacher
eBay item 3125924629 (Ends Apr-12-03 190520 PDT ) - Trap Words Word Strategy Game NIP
eBay item 3126025736 (Ends Apr-13-03 104403 PDT ) - WORD PYRAMID 3-D GAME MYSTICAL POWER COMPLETE
eBay item 3126222842 (Ends Apr-14-03 084508 PDT ) - OLD WORD GAME BOOK POETRY WAR BIZZARE PAN AM
eBay item 3126294342 (Ends Apr-12-03 162610 PDT ) - UPPER HAND - Grand Slam Word Game by SCRABBLE
eBay item 3126316810 (Ends Apr-14-03 181644 PDT ) - WORD QUEST GAME BY TONY RANDALL- Mint
eBay item 3126317711 (Ends Apr-12-03 182032 PDT ) - UP FOR GRABS WORD GAME ..SOME LETTERS MISSING
eBay item 3126325768 (Ends Apr-12-03 185314 PDT ) - Boggle Bowl Word Game by Parker Brothers
eBay item 3126396691 (Ends Apr-13-03 080444 PDT ) - RARE Scrabble Word Dice Game ~ PRONTO 1983
eBay item 3126439765 (Ends Apr-15-03 120527 PDT ) - Vintage 1972 WORD-O-MATIC Family Game
eBay item 3126578290 (Ends Apr-13-03 222150 PDT ) - Mensa Word & Number Puzzle Pack Game
eBay item 3126615811 (Ends Apr-14-03 085807 PDT ) - My Word! Word game for 2-6 players
eBay item 3126636024 (Ends Apr-16-03 112151 PDT ) - CARD GAME-EXCITING WORD GAME-K-HAOS
eBay item 3126844055 (Ends Apr-15-03 162302 PDT ) - REALY OLD GAME OF SCRABBLE - SOLID PIECES
eBay item 3126936906 (Ends Apr-18-03 083958 PDT ) - DREW PEARSON'S WORD GAME
eBay item 3126978080 (Ends Apr-18-03 134759 PDT ) - Head to Head Fast Word Building Game
eBay item 3126984029 (Ends Apr-18-03 143208 PDT ) - Wheel-O-Words 1958 Word Game
eBay item 3128258434 (Ends Apr-27-03 170031 PDT ) - VINTAGE ANAGRAM-POKER WORD CARD GAME
eBay item 3128482886 (Ends Apr-29-03 123201 PDT ) - Iago word game by Spear`s games
eBay item 3128500409 (Ends Apr-29-03 145104 PDT ) - Vintage 1939 64 Cards Crossword Card Game
eBay item 3128662895 (Ends Apr-28-03 183625 PDT ) - TURN A WORD GAME BY GAMECRAFT 1970
eBay item 3130234335 (Ends May-12-03 192614 PDT ) - SPELLBOUND RYLON INC.PAT PEND SACKSON COLL.
eBay item 3130367948 (Ends May-13-03 201321 PDT ) - 1932 Cross-O-Grams Word Game (Complete)
eBay item 3130434303 (Ends May-17-03 134837 PDT ) - 1954 SPELLBOUND Scramble Word Card Game
eBay item 3130542958 (Ends May-15-03 121633 PDT ) - Mini MInd Movers-3 word game of skill
eBay item 3130607430 (Ends May-18-03 200851 PDT ) - Word For Word Criss-Cross Game 1938 w-Box
eBay item 3130621914 (Ends May-19-03 000757 PDT ) - ~~~~~ HEAD TO HEAD SCRABBLE ~~~~~
eBay item 3130648068 (Ends May-16-03 101718 PDT ) - LOWE WORD MASTER GAME
eBay item 3130663720 (Ends May-16-03 124627 PDT ) - Jigsol Word Game Challenge Ann Arbor 1985
eBay item 3130681409 (Ends May-16-03 160055 PDT ) - Travel Dice Game WORD RALLY- Boggle Your Mind
eBay item 3130692586 (Ends May-16-03 180224 PDT ) - Wit's End board game trivia word
eBay item 3130755368 (Ends May-15-03 103828 PDT ) - Spear's Word Making & Word Taking Game, Boxed
eBay item 3130829188 (Ends May-17-03 220254 PDT ) - 1949 Sark CROSS WORD Card Game EC in Box
eBay item 3130946101 (Ends May-18-03 181649 PDT ) - FINAL WORD INAQUA ENDLAND 1977 SACKSON COLL
eBay item 3132128937 (Ends May-28-03 081517 PDT ) - Word War 1983 Whitman Crossword Game
eBay item 3132370849 (Ends May-29-03 173021 PDT ) - Gabble Ultimate Word Game Travis Toys MIB 86
eBay item 3132371063 (Ends May-29-03 173144 PDT ) - Word-Wise Game MPH Games Card MIB Sackson
eBay item 3132371092 (Ends May-29-03 173155 PDT ) - Wordology Word-Card Game MIB Sid Sackson
eBay item 3132387874 (Ends May-29-03 190908 PDT ) - SHAKE AND SEE GIZZ WORD GAME VINTAGE SACKSON
eBay item 3132715149 (Ends Jun-01-03 160458 PDT ) - Classic Word Game BOARD TALK Word Puzzles
eBay item 3132755787 (Ends Jun-01-03 194255 PDT ) - MINT 1978 QUIZZLE CROSSWORD GAME SID SACKSON
eBay item 3132958514 (Ends Jun-03-03 141657 PDT ) - Word Trek Card Game - Brand New!
eBay item 3134157238 (Ends Jun-16-03 002323 PDT ) - SQUARE WORDS Crossword Puzzle Game NEW!!!!!!
eBay item 3134286976 (Ends Jun-17-03 113005 PDT ) - BOXED WORD BUILDING GAME
eBay item 3134516751 (Ends Jun-19-03 033459 PDT ) - 1964 VINTAGE GAME WHATS MY WORD - NO RESERVE
eBay item 3134591813 (Ends Jun-16-03 174745 PDT ) - Alphabet Twist Card Word Game 1986 MIB
eBay item 3134591826 (Ends Jun-16-03 174751 PDT ) - Cwards Card & Word Game MIB Sackson 1986
eBay item 3134591868 (Ends Jun-16-03 174806 PDT ) - Lingo Word-Card Game NMIB 1982 Cronk Sackson
eBay item 3134591954 (Ends Jun-16-03 174842 PDT ) - Word For Word Card Game 1988 Alec Thomas NMIB
eBay item 3134761235 (Ends Jun-19-03 121500 PDT ) - Word Making game from Spear's
eBay item 3134761541 (Ends Jun-19-03 123000 PDT ) - Word Making and Anagrams game from Spear's
eBay item 3134768834 (Ends Jun-18-03 074445 PDT ) - Rare! 1933 Playtime Word Rummy Card Game
eBay item 3134821053 (Ends Jun-18-03 150222 PDT ) - NEW Word Join GAME similar to SCRABBLE
eBay item 3134984456 (Ends Jun-19-03 132116 PDT ) - RARE OLD WORD MAKING +TAKING CHAD VALLEY GAME
eBay item 3135037647 (Ends Jun-19-03 180711 PDT ) - LOGUS SR. 70's Slide Letter Word Game
eBay item 3136251637 (Ends Jul-02-03 134028 PDT ) - Vintage 4Cyte Scrabble Type Word Game 1963
eBay item 3136407326 (Ends Jul-03-03 162257 PDT ) - ELC WORD POOL GAME
eBay item 3136543157 (Ends Jul-01-03 173712 PDT ) - WRDZ Word Game 1989 NMIB Sid Sackson
eBay item 3136650851 (Ends Jul-02-03 153105 PDT ) - Clock A Word. Word Game by Triang Mib. NR
eBay item 3136651629 (Ends Jul-02-03 153919 PDT ) - Overturn word game from Othello complete
eBay item 3136840925 (Ends Jul-02-03 065206 PDT ) - Diabolical MEGAMIX word game by Chieftain
eBay item 3136995746 (Ends Jul-05-03 175038 PDT ) - 1976 Sadie! AlphaDeck Word Card Game NEW!
eBay item 3137006144 (Ends Jul-05-03 192408 PDT ) - 1964 Transco Score a Word Game Like Scrabble
eBay item 3137083553 (Ends Jul-06-03 122635 PDT ) - TYPDOM GAME
eBay item 3138150616 (Ends Jul-18-03 125652 PDT) - TUFABET 3D SCRABBLE WORD GAME AVALON HILL '69
eBay item 3138273083 (Ends Jul-16-03 133042 PDT) - Word game MINI MIND MOVER-3 like Mastermind
eBay item 3138315449 (Ends Jul-19-03 192556 PDT) - Mini Mind Mover Board Game, Word Game 1974
eBay item 3138694802 (Ends Jul-19-03 224221 PDT) - WORD FALL four-letter word game
eBay item 3138737875 (Ends Jul-20-03 095316 PDT) - STARTERS WORD GAME BRAND NEW UNOPENED
eBay item 3138832224 (Ends Jul-20-03 190251 PDT) - 1976 Sadie! AlphaDeck Word Card Game
eBay item 3143429735 (Ends Aug-31-03 190014 PDT) - SCULPTIVITY Sculpture Word Game SEALED
eBay item 3143618169 (Ends Sep-02-03 140951 PDT) - Jitters Word Game
eBay item 3143740808 (Ends Sep-06-03 160712 PDT) - Very Old WORD RUMMY Game. EX NR
eBay item 3143789307 (Ends Sep-01-03 232918 PDT) - Word Challenge - Great word game!!
eBay item 3143883060 (Ends Sep-04-03 132731 PDT) - WORD GAMES by MERIT
eBay item 3143973511 (Ends Sep-05-03 074350 PDT) - VINTAGE PEEKO WORD GAME FROM 1964
eBay item 3144225649 (Ends Sep-07-03 153006 PDT) - MIB VINTAGE Card Game TELL 1950s Word Game!!
eBay item 3156520792 (Ends Dec-04-03 140000 PST) - Nice SPRINGBOK ALPHABOK Word Game - RARE!
eBay item 3159450684 (Ends Dec-02-03 054032 PST) - Rare JOMACK Word Card Game Unused 1984
eBay item 3159782765 (Ends Dec-02-03 220945 PST) - Word Rigger Card Game! Educational! NEW!
eBay item 3160032811 (Ends Dec-03-03 221700 PST) - Crozzle Game LAST CHANCE GREAT WORD GAME
eBay item 3160143223 (Ends Dec-04-03 115941 PST) - EDUCATIONAL WORD GAME '85 TAKE A LETTER NIB
eBay item 3160494191 (Ends Dec-05-03 212306 PST) - MINIATURE SCRABBLE GAME 4 TRAVEL FREE SHIP
eBay item 3160705644 (Ends Dec-06-03 173832 PST) - 1971 Word Wise Cameo Games L@@K!!
eBay item 3160879318 (Ends Dec-05-03 095036 PST) - 1936 ROOK Card Game & 1952 WORD RUMMY
eBay item 3224475120 (Ends May-25-03 093514 PDT ) - JAPANESE Scrabble 1970
eBay item 3624380405 (Ends Sep-07-03 024524 PDT) - Advertising Milk Bottle - Kellogg's Word Game
EducaToys - K HAOS An Exciting New Word Game - Freeware Games, Free, Visual Basic, VB, Scrabble, HiDRA, Space Game, Shareware, Download, Free, Eklipz, Source C - Scrabble in VB6 download
Eric Harshbarger's SCRABBLE + Logology website
Erudit-Scrabble ???????? ?????? ?????????? ?????????? ???? ?????? (Srabble). ???????? ??????? ? ?????????? ???????, ??????? ???
File Listing
FileHell - Download scrabble 2003 demo
french macintosh scrabble download
French Translation of arcade -
Frequency Count of Arabic Letters
G5BADS Formal coursework 2002
Game Programming Links
Games Puzzles Cryptograms Gry Online
Go Fish For Letters Tin
Google Search word ladder source code
Gran Diccionari de la Llengua Catalana
Great American Puzzle Factory word madness
Great American Puzzle Factory Joggle!
Hoadworks' Wordly-Wise word games - Games Index
Index of
Index of -esperanto-src-scrabble
Index of -funet-games-board
Index of -projects-fall2001-scrabble
Index of -~eline-scrabble
Index of -~kurban-csc216-c code-boggle
Index of -~phamthan-work - see Scrabble slash
Index of -~rjwsoft-newscrabble
Index of -~wzhou-SCRABBLE
Info on hildas family scrabble
Infonauta Giochi - Internet come vuoi tu
ISO 8859 Alphabet Soup
Ivar Arekletts hjemmeside - Kryssordside
Ivar Arekletts hjemmeside - Scrabbleside Norwegian
Jawi Pro Skrabel
Jeu de Scrabble - jouer en ligne avec d'autres internautes
Johntology 3.0 The Boggle Project!
Julie Bean's Scrabble Board Builder - Jumbled Words, Anagrams, Time, Play
Jumble Word Game
Jumbo Script-O-Gram
Klingon Scrabble and Boggle
Konference SCRABBLE
KSK - boggle
KSK - crossword
KSK - Das Zine fr Postspieler und solche, die es werden wollen
KSK - topwords
KSK - wortwechsel
LAMPWords - Description
LAMPWords Home Page
Las Vegas Life - Where's an Al Norst When I Need One
Le Scrabble (marque dpose par J.W.Spear & Sons PLC)
Le Scrabble
Letra-Mix, game info, from Brikker & Brett
Letter frequencies
Lexis - the very latest innovative word game from RNIB
Lifestyle writing by Samantha Brown
Lipogram Links
Literati for Palm OS
Mac OS Journal - October 2000
Make your own word search puzzle (v1.3 updated)
Make your own word search puzzle
Mark's Scrabble Stuff
Marmo Soemarmo's Online Word Games
Martin Dubuc's Computing Project Page
McJay Game Company presents kutz-n-phrases!
Mensa Slovensko - Opisovan Scrabble
Michaelmas Press - Award-Winning Family Games - Vowel Play, Wadjet, Palenque
mike melamed source code scrabble
Mjrdevi Business Incubator - Affrsid
Moose's Software Valley
Multiplayer Online Object API
multiple languages using apache server
My Blitz Basic Creations
My work
Navid's World
New Board Game and fun New Word Game Blank. A new game of long words and vocabulary.
New Page 1
New Page 2
New Word Puzzles and Puzzle Games. Fun new game of words - play Blank
Nifty Boggle
Nonplus Home Page - mac osx boggle
Nonplus Home Page
nrk's Cryptogram solver
Oakley Data Services
Object Oriented Systems SuperScrabble Assignment
ods3 search
On-Line Construction of Compact Directed Acyclic Word Graphs - note links to this - zagraj
OOo English Dictionary Development
password list, dicts
Paul Scott's Homepage - eWords
phamtham's scrabble source
Pick Two! The Unique Word Game
Play Psion Scrabble Online
Play Word Games & Save Online Game Records
playout analysis - hrajte si zdarma
Poder Caduco Carta
Polish Scrabble download
Pre쉙vsk IKARO Scrabble
project wordlad
Puzzelen met de computer - Over ZoefZoek
Puzzlemaker offers word search maker tools.
RC Hobbies - My Word! Junior Game
Recensie Script-o-gram
Recensies van bord- en gezelschapsspellen - Flemish games site
Recommended Online Word Game Links
report of maven in dutch competition
Research Page for Stewart Fleming
Robotic Scrabble
Royalty Word Card Game from 0-0-0Checkmate - Culinary
Scr(a)bble Online
Scrabaid - Background
Scrabble - Home
Scrabble 2003 - demo (
Scrabble Challenge Home
Scrabble for PalmOS 15day trial at Rocket Download
scrabble g.pearson
Scrabble Game [185340 sourcecode]
Scrabble game
Scrabble games
Scrabble graecum
Scrabble GUI
Scrabble II Reviews
Scrabble in .sk
Scrabble Instructions
Scrabble interactivum
Scrabble Junction - Hasbro CD Game Lists vs. Tourney List
Scrabble Junction - Link City
Scrabble Letters
Scrabble on the Net
Scrabble on-line
Scrabble Records Application v 2.0
Scrabble Review - hasbro, not mattel
Scrabble Style Crossword Script - Free download of CGI and Perl scripts
Scrabble, Play Scrabble online, email scrabble, e-mail scrabble, Correspondence Scrabble, OSPD3, SOWPODS, interactive play, scr - home of online scrabble
Search algorithms
Sheppard World-championship-caliber...
Sight of the Board - Practice Sessions
Simple DirectMedia Layer
simple french scrabble wordlist
Simultanul National de Scrabble
Skrablo ludu en Esperanto!
Snatch The New Word Game! from The Present Finder of Sherborne online shop
Snatch, The word game
Software---Practice And Experience, Vol. 24(2), 219--232 (february 1994) (ResearchIndex)
Solution for -language-english-spelling-sets.of.words-ladder Project Info - JScrabble Project Info - Scrabble for the TI 89 calculator
SOWPODS Word Lists
Spanish Translation of arcade -
Spellbound Word Game
Stell's Place #2
Stuff-By-Magnum - ScrabbleScam
T.A.C.G.R. - Computer Scrabble
telecharger gratuitement un jeu de scrabble francais
TFHBBS-WebServer Login Page
The Heteronym Homepage
The Hindu A game with Tamil
the house of cardboard boxes - Programming - Scr(a)bble
the house of long posts - Programming - Scr(a)bble
The Keep - Ye Source for the Abandoned Ones Abandonware & Classic Games
The Not-So-Great Scrabble Benchmark
The Official Guide to Drinking Scrabble -
The Skrabble Homepage!
The WordsWorth Compendium
Tony Lau Product -- Scrabble
top X words in eng ger fre
Tournament & Ratings Software - sowpods4 and redwood lists
Tournament & Ratings Software
Tout pour les jeux de lettres
Tulio -- source-scrabble
Turkish upwords perhaps
TV Scrabble game sound fx
Ubisoft Scrabble 2003 Edition review - IT Reviews
Une multitude de liens sur le Scrabble
Untitled Document
Upwords Rules
USE THIS FOR REDESIGN OF SCRABBLE WEBSITE! - reklama Global Express. Scrabble.
Web Scrabble
Webster's New World Word Madness -
Webster's New World Word Madness
Welcome to Thailand Crossword A-Math and KumKom Club---Store
Windows XP and the Scrabble CD
Word Puzzle program for TP by ANDY KURNIA
Word Roll
Word Wizard Deluxe free word puzzle game download
WORDGAME - WORDROP - The two sided wordgame
WordSense -
Wordsmyth - enumerable wordlist for now...
WordWars - Download
WordWars - Home
Wrdz Review
X-Words Deluxe
Yahoo! Groups scrabble-italia Messages Message 557 of 558
Yahoo! Groups wordgame-programmers Messages Message 183 of 597
[cscie119] Re Applets and GUI's.
[OT] word card games
???????? ????. ?????. Soft. ?????????????.
???????? ????. ?????. ?????????????.
???????? ????. ?????.
???????????? ?????? - ???????.
????? - ????
??? ?????-??????
???????? ?????????? ???????
?????? - japanese word game page

spam scams etc

A Plan for Spam
Anatomy of a scam
Anti-Spam Research Group (ASRG)
Ars Technica Ask Ars The best anti-spam solutions for Windows - Page 2 - (8-2003)
Barracuda Networks - Spam Filter - Spam Firewall - Spam Appliance Specialists
broadband Forums Security StopSign - WARNING! - Eanthology
chaining SpamAssassin and SpamProbe togther
Distributed Checksum Clearinghouses
Download libESMTP
E-mail scoring system
Email Anti Virus and Security Testing Zone
email marketing resource center.
exiscan specification sheet.pdf
IMAP Spam Begone
InfoWorld SpamBayes knows spam May 16, 2003 By Jon Udell Applications
InternetNews Realtime News for IT Managers
Lutz Donnerhacke Teergrubing Wrapper
MailScanner Introduction
Nuclear Elephant DSPAM
Outclass Mail Classification for Outlook with POPFile
POPFile - Automatic Email Classification
POPFile Home Page
Projects by Franco Gasperino
pushmail - ver. 0.5
RBL report..
renattach for UNIX
sa - Installing Spam Assassin SpamCannibal - tarpit
Sophos white papers about spam
SortMonster - Message Sniffer - News & Updates
SPAM - the situation as it stands
Spam Detection
Spam Filters
SPAM TARPIT PAPER - Donate your Spam to Science
SpamAssassin Welcome to SpamAssassin
SpamBayes Windows platform
SpamProbe - Bayesian Spam Filtering Tweaks
SPEWS.ORG - the internet's Spam Prevention Early Warning System.
Stopping spam with the anti-spam-smtp-proxy (ASSP)
Sunbelt Software iHateSpam Server Edition
The CRM114 Discriminator - The Controllable Regex Mutilator
The Penny Black Project
Tumbleweed Products E-mail Firewall
webfilt for nix - spamprobe web front end
Will Filters Kill Spam - see the 15 idiots...
Winning the War on spam Comparison of Bayesian spam filters
Wired News Cloaking Device Made for Spammers
WPBL - Weighted Private Block List Download SpamWeed (A powerful spam filter act as a POP3 proxy) WinME - Win98 - Win95 -- Email Anti-Spam Related
Yet Another antiVirus RecipeNikos K. Kantarakias
You Might Be An Anti-Spam Kook If...
Your only Anti Spam resource


Enhance eMachine Replacement Power Supply for eMachines, Micro ATX, 150W, SFX-1215H
help key POWMAX 145watts REPLACEMENT Power Supply for e-machine, including FREE Ground Shipping!
newzbot! public USENET resources for the masses
Price Watch - eMachines Power Supply for Case
SPARKLE FSP180-50NIV Micro ATX, 180W with I-O Switch (E-Machines compatible)
Topower Micro ATX 200W Power Supply for e-Machines


.[packet storm]. -
.[packet storm]. loggers
.[packet storm]. MASTER LIST
.[packet storm]. nessus
.[packet storm]. nmap addons
.[packet storm]. rhino9 group tools inc legion
.[packet storm]. rootkits
.[packet storm]. scanners
.[packet storm]. sniffing switched lans
.[packet storm]. trojan cleaners
.[packet storm]. unix-based audit
282784 - Qfecheck.exe Verifies the Installation of Windows 2000 and Windows XP Hotfixes
5-Minute Security Advisor
A Simple and Effective Path to Improving NT Security Software-Archive --- Program - CoolInfo Software-Archive --- Program - Detail view Software-Archive --- Program - networkview Software-Archive --- Program - NIS Software-Archive --- Program - switchcop Software-Archive --- Subcategory
Activating E-mail
Ada Ada Apa Apa di di C C D D NeoT NeoT ek ek
Agnitum Download Outpost Firewall
Agnitum Download Tauscan
AIDE - Advanced Intrusion Detection Environment
Aladdin Systems - StuffIt Expander Download Information
all images at panam web sites
Alloy Software - Network Asset Management, Network Inventory, Integrated Help Desk
alphaWorks IP Security Validator
AltaVista Search Engine 3.0
amanda backup prog ported to win32
amavisd-new antivirus for spamfilter server...
Amrita VPN
AntiVir Personal Edition Birthdate Search Engine
ARP information (see .ps file) - FriendlyNET FR3004FLC Internet Router with Firewall
ASPseek free search engine software
Asset Insight (R)
Attack Drilldown - Alphabetical
AVG Anti-Virus System Main Page
AWH Windows ME Tips & Tricks
BackupPC Information
Bandwidth Arbitrator - Linux Bandwidth Arbitration How-to
Bandwidth Arbitrator
Bandwidth Management Tools
Best Practices
Bill's Site Useful Tools.
BitDefender - BitDefender AntiVirus - Data Security, AntiVirus Software, Free Protection, BitDefender Linux Edition, Antivirus
Bochs-RFB - Bochs over VNC
bwnm - netbios scan and mount
Campus Map.gif
Checklist Keep Software Up-to-Date
Clam AntiVirus
Collect Info about Workstations
Compledge Sentinel
Condense Fact from the Vapor of Nuance
ConfigDig An administration tool for ht--Dig
Configuresoft - Configuration, Compliance, Control Enterprise Configuration Manager automates change management and audit
Conspy - remote control of Linux virtual consoles
Courses On-line
Dave Dittrich - see security section
Default Password List
detecting smurf hosts with nmap
Disclaimer software for Exchange Server provided free by GFI - CD bootable Put the fun back into computing. Use Linux.
Division of Business Affairs
Doonesbury Town Hall and Web Presence- Daily Dose
Download details Threats and Countermeasures Security Settings in Windows Server 2003 and Windows XP
Download FreeTrial - Utilities Network
Downloads Free Tools
Doxpara Scanrand 1.0 A Demonstration
E-mail Server Main Page
Email Activation
Encompass, An HP User Group
Enterasys Intrusion Defense
enum readme file
Enumeration tools
Error Inferior Browser
Essential Windows 2000 - NT, Citrix and Linux Utilities from
Expect - Expect - Home Page
Firestarter - Firewalls made easy
Floke Integrity
FlowScan - Network Traffic Flow Visualization and Reporting Tool - CAIDA TOOLS utilities flowscan
Foundstone - Forensic Tools
Foundstone - Free Tools
Foundstone, Inc.
free ssh and sshvnc
Free Tool Downloads
FreeFirewallsRoutersAndGateways - ThinkiThinki Project details for swaret
Fun for everyone vulnerability assessment tools
g4u - Harddisk Image Cloning for PCs Geek News - The power of remote desktop software
Getmac.exe GetMAC
GFI Intrusion Detection software
GFI LANguard Network Security Scanner 3.1
GFI launches freeware version of Exchange Server anti-spam product
GFI launches new entry level intrusion detection system (IDS) as freeware GFI LANguard S.I.M.
Google Directory - Computers Software Operating Systems Linux Distributions Tiny Floppy Sized
Google Directory - Computers Software Operating Systems Linux Distributions Tiny
Google Search mac address database inventory serial
Government, industry warn of mass hacker attacks on July 6
gpart - Guess PC-type hard disk partitions
hacking resources
Hard Drive - Drive Lock (100% write protection to hard drive, ops. independent)
Harvest A Distributed Search System
Harvest and Search related Links - DIY search engines
Hogwash-H2 Based Packet Scrubber
How to make the better network-environment using a floppy diskette
Hssi8-0-0 PanAm kentrox 6-1 -- utx4
HTTP Sniffer - A HTTP packet sniffer and analyzer to capture HTTP traffic and rebuild HTTP files. for Free.pdf Recognition Tech.pdf
Hypermail Development
ibiblio linux archive - distributions
IDE connector pinout
IExtract - Extracting information out of documents
Index of -iso-adios
Index of -~meng-unix-home-Labs-mesquite-dns-dns
Index of -~meng-unix-home
Index of -~slambo-autoack
Interview with Professor David Costa of CollegeLinux -
Intrusion detection for Windows 2000
Inventory Software
IP Magic Objects Index
IPplan - IP address management and tracking
ISP Planet - Fixed Wireless - Business - WISP Inventory Management
Jakarta Lucene - Overview - Jakarta Lucene
Jan Kratochvil Captive The first free NTFS read-write filesystem for GNU-Linux
JSI Tip 2998. How can I manage who can use the Windows 2000 CMD prompt
JSI Tip 3698. How do I prevent a user from using 'Add-Remove Programs'
JSI Tip 3699. What Group Policy removes the Run command
Juan M. Casillas' Web Site [ Jail Chroot Project Introduction ]
LaBrea tarpit info and URL
LEAF - Linux Embedded Appliance Firewall
Lexun Freeware - File Backups, Drive Backups, Drive Cloning, Hard Drive Installations, Registry Cleaner, Tips, Forensics, Tutor
Lightspeed's reference page - Everything Windows 3.1
LINUX VLAN + Cisco HOWTO - A place to learn about, download, and discuss Linux. - Workers of the Web, evolt! Limited - Home of the 1U Clustered Load Balancer
Logicube, Inc. - WritePROtect
Logmuncher Home Page
Low Cost Print Server, DOS Command Prompt Printing to a Network Printer
Low Cost Print Server, How to build, Step by Step, Internet Appliance Print Server
MailScanner Introduction
Make CD-ROM Recovery (mkCDrec)
Members recommend nine tools for network autodiscovery - IT Manager - CNETAsia
Microsoft Outlook Web Access - Logon
Microsoft Piracy - Software Management Guide - Software Inventory and Asset Management Tools
Mischel Internet Security - TrojanHunter Finds and removes trojans
mnoGoSearch free internet web site search engine software for your site
Mondo Rescue About - Classic Gaming, Web Developer, Game Programmer, Shane R. Monroe
Morphix Site - Web Links
MRTG Index Page
nbtscan - NETBIOS nameserver scanner
NBTScan. NetBIOS Name Network Scanner.
NetBIOS Null Sessions The Good, The Bad, and The Ugly
netbios scanning tools
NetGeo Server - CAIDA TOOLS utilities netgeo NGServer
NetIQ Security Analyzer
Network Discovery Tools from SolarWinds
Network Insecurity with Switches
Network Security Scanner & Port Scanner
nmap - tool to ignore false reports
NMRC - L0pht AntiSniff Product Review
NMRC - Password Safe Product Review
Nomad Mobile Research Centre
NONAGS Backup Software - Freeware
OCS Inventory
October Scan Of The Month
OpenFTS Open Source Full Text Search Engine
Oracle FAQ - Home
OTD One Time Download
Packetfactory Projects
Panorama 98 - explanation of UTPA-SIFE
Password Generator
PC Audit - Quick Guide
pcascan - pcAnywhere Host Scanner
Pilot Linux - ms term server client boot cd
Plex86 x86 Virtual Machine Project
pmacct (Promiscuous mode IP Accounting package)
PP Kopimaster - very fast copy program
promisc mode detection
PureFTPd - A fast, standard compliant, production quality FTP server.
Quick Hacking
Razor Tools
Remote nmap
remote shares
Remove Content from Google's Index
Review Network inventory tools, 05-31-99
RIAA Will Issue Second Subpoena For Identity of Music Distributor
Rio Grande Woodturners
Robert Moir's Website - document retention
Running Oracle Databases on Linux
SAINT vulnerability scanner detects network vulnerabilities
Samba NetBIOS forwarder - Introduction
SANS InfoSec Reading Room - Tools
SANS Institute Information Security Reading Room - WebTrends Security Analyzer
SANS Institute
Savannah Project Info - Plex86 Virtual Machine
scanning for rpc with nmap
scponly homepage - alt to ftp for DIR
Securepoint Security Solutions Securepoint Firewall Server, Securepoint VPN Server, Securepoint VPN Client, IPSec, Virusscanne
Security Friday
Security links
Security scanner for Windows NT-2000
Security Supersite
SecurityFocus HOME Infocus Ten Windows Password Myths
Sentry Firewall CD -- Firewall-IDS Node on a CD-ROM
Shorewall Setup Guide - more than 1 public IP firewall
smartmontools Home Page (last updated $Date 2003-12-04 100212 $)
smb password sniffer
sniffing switched networks
Software -- AntiVirus Project Info - Fast File Search Project Info - Plex86 - An x86 Virtual Machine
Spam Links - Filter - Server - Applications
SpybotSD - Spybot - Search & Destroy by PepiMK Software
Spyware Weekly Newsletter January 6, 2004
SQUASHFS - A squashed read-only filesystem for Linux
SSHTools at
Stealth Inventory Software Audit
Steve Friedl's Tools
StrangeSearch News
Subscribing to the Microsoft Security Notification Service
SuperStack II Hub 10 Management User Guide
SurfControl - Web Filter and E-mail Filtering Software
SuSE Security mailinglist Re [suse-security] scanner
Sygate Personal Firewall - Free Download & Product Information
Synscan - Programs
Systems Management Server Home
Tally Systems - Products & Services
Tally Systems - TS.Census
Tamara Munzner's Pipeline Tools
TamoSoft, Inc. -- Products -- CommView
Taskjuggler - Project Managers Delight - Home
tcpflow -- TCP Flow Recorder
Tekrat Labs SMB authentication under unix
Teradata scales a data mountain
tethereal - Dump and analyze network traffic
TFTP Server - Trivial File Transfer Protocol - ASL
the Anomy mail tools
the Digital Underground
The Hackers Playground
The Mac Observer - mi2g Macs Worth 5X Points More Than Windows In Hacking Challenge This Sunday
The OASIS Search Engine home page
The University of Texas-Pan American Login - powered by Campus Pipeline
tinc - vpn system
Tips &, presented by TechTarget
To emulate or to virtualize... ITSecurityGeek 23-19
Tom Chothia
TrinityOS A Guide to Configuring Your Linux Server for Performance, Security, and Manageability
Trinux A Linux Security Toolkit
Trojan TCP-IP Ports
Trustix Secure Linux FAQ
TWiki . IPCop . IPCopVPNHowto
U.S. Coast Guard Navigation Center - Security Notice
U.T. Pan American - Division of Business Affairs
Underground InformatioN Center [&artciles]?????????? ?????? ??????? ????????? ?????
University of Texas - Pan American Department of Computer Science
UntzUntz LAN Scan
UrbanSim Home
URL Rewriting
User Authentication at Public Internet Terminals Who Is Doing It
User-Mode Linux Network
UTPA Alumni Registry
UTPA Environmental Health & Safety
UTPA Harvest Search
VA Tech Acceptable Use Policy and Guidelines a Primer
VNC add-ons
w w w . f r e e s s h . o r g
WebCT Homepage
websamba - browse samba shares from the web
WEFERER - Everything you wanted to know but were afraid to ask
WeirdX -- Pure Java X Window System Server under GPL
Welcome to -- security software
Welcome to ExtremeTech-Syscheck
Welcome to
Welcome to LDAPDNS
Welcome to Razor
Whirly Wiry Web, Guide to Neat Net Code - Fighting eZula
Wiki POPFileDocumentationProject
winfingerprint and winterrogate
WiredX - access x windows from IE
Wonders of 'dd' and 'netcat' Cloning OS harddrives
x500 directory The University of Texas at Austin
Your!PC - Hard Drive Check-Up
[the new p0f] - passive fingerprinting

Virtual PC

Calmira Online!
help @ Robert - Operating System and other System Software Queries
Lightspeed's reference page - Everything Windows 3.1
Linux Tutorial Running Microsoft DOS and Microsoft Windows Executables
Microsoft Virtual PC 2004
ms group policy vhd demo
Robert Moir's Website
Try Out Virtual PC for Windows
VMware Download Center
VMware is Virtual Infrastructure
VMware's back Download Drivers and Bootdisks


80211b info

-= Salamancawireless =- - Descargas
A Guide to Wardriving and Detecting Wardrivers
AirSnort Homepage wireless access point world directory 802.11 Bluetooth Wifi AP
BAWIA.ORG 802.11 - Monitoring Tools
broadband D-Link
broadband Forums D-Link 614+ as an AP refinement
Cannot find server
Discoverer 802.11b wireless network detector for ipaq and zaurus
How to Pick the Right Antenna
HyperGain WN-05U-KIT Antenna Kit
HyperGain WN-09U-KIT Antenna Kit
ISP Planet - Fixed Wireless - Technology - Improving WLAN Security
net stumbler dot com
Orinoco Monitor Mode Patch Page Project Info - wepcrack
SWAP 2000 - 2001 CUBE
The Unofficial 802.11 Security Web Page
Wayport Locations
Welcome to
Welcome to Sonar Security


motorola pager manual


Introduction to WAP

Additional Resources
Airfart -- Who dealt it
Authentication Gateway HOWTO
Cisco Building Broadband Service Manager 1 - Introduction - Cisco Systems
LEAF - Linux Embedded Appliance Firewall
Linux 2.4 Packet Filtering HOWTO
NetStumbler readme
PortalSoftware - The Personal Telco Project
Running an invisible wireless network.
Turning routing off & on per user, dynamically. (Hotel-like system)
White Paper on the Wireless Firewall Gateway
Wireless Video Cameras


1955 Chevrolet 210 For Sale Camera & Photo Canon EOS 6.3MP Digital Rebel Camera with Lens 18-55MM Lens
apache indian records
Catalogue Search Results dvd #80
Catalogue Search Results
Coolpix 5700 Digital Camera (Nikon-25504) - Imaging Resource - Shopping Comparison
Drunken Chicken Cooker
DVD player all code, Electronic, VCD, CD player, MD player, MP3 player, Audio Players, Walkman, Voice Recorders, Chinese Writin
eBay item 1788369930 (Ends 24-Nov-02 151003 GMT ) - RED HOT RADIO CONTROLLED MINI RACING CARS
eBay item 1789386625 (Ends Nov-24-02 014444 PST ) - The Best mini rc car I HAVE EVER SEEN! TRY IT
eBay item 1789922110 (Ends 25-Nov-02 144736 GMT ) - WORLDS SMALLEST RADIO CONTROLED CAR FREE P&P
eBay item 1790252745 (Ends 26-Nov-02 132909 GMT ) - Worlds Smallest Radio Control Car ( LOOK)W.
eBay item 1920221187 (Ends Nov-25-02 230234 PST ) - MINI RC CARS 12-$87--48-$335 SHIP INCLUDED !
eBay item 1920354234 (Ends 30-Nov-02 211809 GMT ) - IS THIS THE SMALLEST REMOTE CONTROLLED CAR
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eBay item 3106882650 (Ends Jan-17-03 191856 PST ) - HO Stewart F9A-B Locos Rio Grande Single stri
eBay item 3107085219 (Ends Jan-18-03 145835 PST ) - HO Trains-D&RGW 50ft RIO GRANDE GONDOLA-NEW
History of Buchan
Micro Racer
mini car wholesaler
model train- HO- Atlas, Kato
Playstation to Vectrex Controller Adapter
PROTO - HO-SCALE - D&RGW - ...for us by us...
spook toys
Stewart Hobbies FTA-B Set Rio Grande, With 5 Portals 691-5019
Universal Arcade Machine Cabinet - X-Arcade USe With Mame, XBOX, Gamecube, Playstation 2, Dreamcast
Untitled Document
View Mini Radio Controlled Rechargeable Fire Truck Cars Page 1

Austin Gaming Expo
AVG Anti-Virus - Free Download Page
Belarc Advisor
C Primer
Canon FB620P and others driver - Canon Windows XP drivers - fb620p.exe
Charmed Interactive
circuit cellar competition winners 1999
Corn Cob Pipes, the finest corn cob pipes offering the sweetest smoothest pull possible. Good for decoration, arts and crafts,
eBay Congratulations 3400729933 (Ends Feb-10-03 204627 PST) - Mitsumi 1.2MB 5.25 Floppy Drive NR
eBay item 3135033986 (Ends Jun-19-03 175128 PDT ) - Lookee Search A Word Game NMIB Like Boggle - NOTE - looks like spellbound
Geometry.Net - Celebrities Dattilo Bryan
LEAF - Linux Embedded Appliance Firewall - nocatsplash
Letter Frequencies in all languages
Middlebury Stereo Vision Page
monterey jack
New Scientist Archive Selected Article - double sonic boom
News Archive Vol. 8 - April 1999
no DVD on generator - Open Roads Forum
Nutch - open source search engine
OpenVMS Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ), Part 2-5
Out Of The Box Publishing - my word rules
Pac Man Info
PDP-8 Document Search Results
Remove Content from Google's Index
RETRO REMAKES FORUM - Remakes Competition
Satx Roadrunner Speed Tests
SpamWatch - p2p spam filtering - outlook plugin C source
Steve Abbott's Computer Drawn Celtic Knotwork
T-Shirts from the T-ShirtKing - Online Shopping by Ellen
TopologiLinux Homepage, [Running Linux under Windows]
utpa sife broken homepage off-campus
Welcome to KWGN Denver's WB2! - News
Xplanet (for anne)
훘dinkieli - Suomi - Finnish (ya)