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A Stand-Alone PC-Based Advising Aid for Students Student Advising Checklist.doc
JOBS at the University of Michigan
ServiceBuzz SelfScheduler - Online Scheduling Software Suite
The Mentor An Academic Advising Journal
The State News - ‘U’ introduces new student advising tool - Wednesday, October 15, 1997

AOL Explorer

Startup Folder

Welcome to


Arcade Projects
Game Menu Every Video Game Nintendo, Sega and more!
If your Pac-man game hums...
Palm Emulators
RetroBlast! Review Coleco 128-In-1 Flash Multicart

arcade games

Arcade Board Page - galaga disassembly
arcade sounds
Arcade, Pinball, and Video Game Inspirational Posters!
Armchair Arcade Videogames and Computers
Blinky on Flickr - Photo Sharing!
Bubble Bobble at - A coin-operated game & machine database project
Coleco ADAM 9701.19 - Pitfall 2 disassembly
CprE557 Final Project Virtual Arcade by Adam Courchesne
Elite The Arcade Game
Flight Simulator Hack
Game Downloads - homepage zone
Game Sprites
Games of the 12th Annual Interactive Fiction Competition
Index of -uploads-boxart-logos
pacman cake
ROMHACK Code Bega's Battle disassembly
Scott's Nano Mame Cabinet
Scott's Photo Gallery Ms. Pac-Man Cabinet in foam
The CHAMPgames Fan Page -
Video Game Obsession -GAMEBOY ADVANCE 2001-2006
Where's My Power-Up on Flickr - Photo Sharing!
WotR - Paper, love and glue - mmmm


Artist - ascii drawing tool
Hockneyizer Create a simulated collage from a single photograph
kandinsky - russian suprematism
Malevich - russian suprematism
ssk projects the mondrian modeler
Warholizer Turn digital photos of you and your friends into pop art!

Audio programs

BBC - Radio 4 - Listen Again page
Dan Barry @
eSpeak Speech Synthesizer



Amazon S3 16 Sites and Resources

myDataBus Free Online File Storage, File Sharing, & More
Nirvanix To Launch B2B Online Storage Amazon S3 Competitor

backups online backup
CNET’s AllYouCanUpload Is Disruptive
CrashPlan » Support - FAQ - sync files, sync folders, transfer files, share files, web download, access files anywhere
Free Image Hosting at
Mozy Online Backup- 2gb Free. Automatic. Secure.
Protect, Connect, Simplify... - 2Gb free
Protect, Connect, Simplify...
The Best Backup Solutions - SOS Online Backup 1.3 (beta) Full Review - Review by PC Magazine
The Carbonite Solution to Online Backups

binary translation

bindiff - Google Search
Denali A Goal-directed Superoptimizer
Dissy - MIPSlab
Download details Device Emulator 1.0 Shared Source Project details for ncc
Hacking CulT - Disassemblies of Sonic Binary Translation.pdf
kaspermartinsen - sbt
kaspermartinsen - Static binary translation (SBT)
ncc homepage
NestedVM - gcc to java bytecode via mips
Objdump - MIPSlab
paimei - Google Search
PearColator - PearColator
Proxlat static binary translator
Quick C--
REC Decompiler Home Page
static binary translation - SegaXtreme



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Edge 2Gb SD
iomega 500gb - Details

cell phone

Sprint Mobile Broadband Connection Card (PX-500)


Christmas Arts and Crafts Projects Ideas for Kids Christmas Handmade Crafts Santa Clause, Ornaments, Rheindeer, Snowman, Chri
Christmas Crafts for Kids - Enchanted Learning Software
Christmas Ornament Crafts - Homemade Christmas Tree Ornaments - Handmade Christmas Ornaments To Make
Printable 3D Paper Christmas Tree - Paper Christmas Ornaments


DISCONTINUED Replacement French Press Mesh Screen, Cross and Spiral Plate 3-Piece Set
French Press Coffee Maker Parts
small French Press Coffee Makers aerolatte Frothers Temecula


810155 Compilers - Session 3
BASICO programming language
BDS C An 8080-Z80 C Compiler
Compiler Construction - Wikibooks, collection of open-content textbooks
Crafting a Compiler, Second Edition, home page
CS 524 Compiler Construction Project - SIMPLE - SDSU - Fall06
Ctalk Home Page
drawing parse trees
Re Source-to-source transformation best approach
School of Informatics Courses Compiler Optimisation Home Page
source to source translation links
Translation of Programming Languages Activities
TXL Home Page - translation by example
WebDot Demo Graphs

compression Project details for Parallel BZIP2

computer history

Edinburgh Computer History

38. Early Computers - item 84
3L C compilers binaries and manual
A History of the Edinburgh Regional Computing Centre (ERCC)
A later version was written in IMP by Hamish Dewar - Google Search
A little Pop history - comp.lang.pop Google Groups
AI 1992 Edinburgh University Ilona Bellos (now Morison)
AI 1992 Edinburgh University List of Alum
AI 1992 Edinburgh University Welcome!
ai-seminars A joined Artificial Intelligence seminar
AIAI Events - videos
AIAI, University of Edinburgh - Movies
alan bundy article Ilona Morison
An appraisal of the Atlas supervisor - Derrick Morris
Atlas Fellows announced
Austin Tate
BBC NEWS UK England Academic pair killed in car crash
BigPatents -- graham stout - Arrangement for encryption-decryption of data and data carrier incorporating same
Bob Kowalski
bratley reference
Computer Science at the University of Essex Tony Brooker
contact info for pat ambler
David Marwick's Home Page
Department of Computer Science
Designing Interactions
Donald Michie
Early POP.
Edinburgh Freddy Robot
edinburgh prolog - bundy rae johnson
edinburgh-computer-history Search Results http
EUCS Staff List
Fernando Pereira
Flickr The ed_comp_hist Pool
Flowers Report
gordon wilson agw - Google Search
graham stout doc
How To Reach Edinburgh By Net Mail - list of people early years.pdf
Imp77 User Guide Edition 1 - Google Docs & Spreadsheets
Index of -gdmr-Historical-Photos-2007-05-JCMB
Index of -research-projects-poplog-nonlin
Index of -~bfoley-edhist
John Ellenby
Ken Johnson's Journal
Ken Johnson
Logo (programming language) - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia
Michael R. Elliott - Litigation Support
MSc Thesis Index
Multi User Mini Benchmark
Multipop - Hybrid Operating System and Programming Language (Computer Language)
Multipop-68 from FOLDOC
News and Events Archive
Nimbus logo
Nonlin Planning System
our base camp for the conference
PERQ Locations
Peter Ross's home page
POP11 Primer
Profile Stephen Muggleton
remember to find alan freeman
Robots - Freddy
Roland Ibbett write-up for biog page
School of Informatics History of Artificial Intelligence at Edinburgh - edcomphist copy
School of Informatics History of Artificial Intelligence at Edinburgh - history
School of Informatics History of Artificial Intelligence at Edinburgh - UPDATED
School of Informatics History of Artificial Intelligence at Edinburgh
School of Informatics Past Exam Papers
Searching for Intelligence in Edinburgh The Register
Smart Computing Encyclopedia Entry - Michie, Donald
Smithsonian Speech Synthesis History Project (ss_edi.htm)
Square Root by Abacus Algorithm
System 4 The Early Days
The AI Genealogy Project Search Data
The authors would like to acknowledge the help given them by Hamish Dewar - Google Search
The University of Edinburgh Campaign - gallery
The University of Edinburgh Campaign
uminn collection - edinburgh
Vita.html - Daedal
Yahoo! Site Explorer - links to our site

40 Years of Computing at Newcastle - Dependability
50 Years of Army Computing From ENIAC to MSRC - Google Book Search
6809 history
A History of the Personal Computer The People... - Google Book Search
A little about the STANTEC ZEBRA
AIM-239.pdf - HAKMEM
Alan Turing's Manual for the Ferranti Mk. I
Alan Watson on BCPL Programming a Computer in Atlas Autocode Books - -resources-text- - -resources-text-English_Electric-
azz's favorites tagged with retrocomputing on
bcpl and bliss
BCS at Fifty Home Page
BDS C An 8080-Z80 C Compiler
Benchmark Programs and Reports incl whetstone
Benchmarks for PDP-8 Emulators
Bob Eager's Reflections on the ICL 2900
C and Unix Portability
CCS - First Stored Program Computer Rebuild Project
CCS - First Stored Program Computer Rebuild
Charles Babbage Institute
Classic Computers
Clive Feather on CPL and BCPL
CM20168 Coursework - Group G - Titan Autocode
Common Home Directory List (CG)
Comp.compilers Re Jensen's device
Comp.compilers Re User definable operators
Computer Laboratory - Events in the early history of the Computer Laboratory
Computer Museum
Computer Resurrection Issue 12
Computer Resurrection Issue 14
Computer Resurrection Issue 4
Computer Science at the University of Essex Tony Brooker
coral66 library manual pdp11 Gnome's Computers - pegasus links Gnome's Computers - pegasus Gnome's Computers
DEC PDP-10 Emulation
Dennis Ritchie BCPL to B to C
DEUCE Documents
Digital History Links
Digital History A Guide to Gathering, Preserving, and Presenting the Past on the Web
disk platter table
E.W. Dijkstra Archive My recollections of operating system design (EWD1303)
Elliot 803 emulator
English Electric DEUCE Computer (AU)
English Electric Deuce Computer manuals
English Electric Deuce Computer talk
English Electric DEUCE Computer
Eric Smith's Free Software
first exam question in AA
Friden Flexowriter - a photoset on Flickr
GCG on VMS vs UNIX - Roy Omond
GEC 4000 series processors
gordon bell book
Gordon Bell's Publications
Grace Murray Hopper - Vassar College Encyclopedia
Grand Idea Studio
Great but obscure research
Henk's DIGITAL computer room
History of Computing - Turing Archive - Portsmouth Interface
History of T
Home Page - Mike Jeays
Howlett IEE Presentation,38917,en.pdf
index Assorted books and reports from the early years
index Computers up to about 1960
index KDF9 and 1900 photos
Index of -pub-academic-computer-science-history
Index of -teaching-cs3-os-slides
Index of -teaching-cs3
Iterations An interdisciplinary journal of software history
Janus Papers relating to the development of the EDSAC, one of the earliest electronic computers
Jara Software Egg Home page
Jefferson Computer Museum - Ancient Alphabetic Art
Jefferson Computer Museum - Terak Museum
kdf9 emulator!
KLOTH.NET - TTY tape punch emulator
Languages and Software Development
Main Articles 'Domesday Redux The rescue of the BBC Domesday Project videodiscs', Ariadne Issue 36
Mark Brader on B
MicroVAXen at SCS
Mike Gordon on Christopher Strachey (and Burstall)
MIT portable C compiler
Multics Virtual Memory - Tutorial and Reflections
My Virtual PC Museum
OCH Pilot Study
Old Computers - rare, vintage and obsolete computers
Open Sources Voices from the Open Source Revolution
Orthodox Editors Page
Our Computer Heritage
Oxford Journals Mathematics & Physical Sciences Computer Journal History paper
Panda Programming TOPS-20 Home Page
PDP-8-E Simulator
PL-I for GCC
Programming Langauge Related Resources
queen anne legs for disc drive table
Recovering my old BBC Model B Microcomputer
ref to Byrd's Edinburgh Prolog
Reflections on the ICL 2900
Resurrection - The Bulletin of the CCS
Retro-computing Texts
Sample Language Reference Manual for the Language A inurl.pdf - Google Search
Smart Computing Article - Briggs, Henry to Bushnell, Nolan
SpringerLink - Article
TalkBCPL - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia
Tavi OS-2 pages
Tavi PS-2 pages
The Autocodes
The Computer History Simulation Project
The Ferranti ORION website
The Manchester University Small-Scale Experimental Machine
The Medium is NOT the Message
The ML1 macro processor
The VAX History
Timeline of GNU-Linux and Unix
Timeline of programming languages - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia
Titan Autocode - Scope
Titan Autocode Programming Manual. Cambridge, University Mathematical Laboratory. (Third Editio
Titan Autocode Programming Manual. Cambridge, University Mathematical Laboratory. (Third Edition, June 1967) - BARRON, D W ; HA
Tom Kilburn Summary
TREK73 Page
University of Dundee A R Mitchell page
Virtual machines - really about emulation
whetstone origins - dijkstra discussion
YouTube - computer history videos
[oucs] Computer Equipment Photographs

cool stuff

daft stuff

The New Age Magazine and Occult Explanations of the Great Seal Terry Melanson


Gamepark GP2X Second Edition in Stock and Shipping - Overview of Homebrew Releases


Peltier CPU Cooling Module-The Electronic Goldmine
The Peltier-Powered Self-Cooling Coolie - Popular Science


Books On Demand Online
Inkjet Water-Slide Decal Paper Instructions

The IT Crowd

Cradle of Filth

12 Volt Battery Hack! - contains 8 button batteries
3d models - Google Search
3D Printing
About Robert C. Michelson's Micro Air Vehicle Entomopter Project
ACM Classic Reflections on Trusting Trust
Advice for Computer Science College Students - Joel on Software
Alien Abduction The Inside Story Thousands of Americans believe they have had a close encounter of the alien kind; what on Ear
AMT Enterprise model
Analysis of Human Faces using a Measurement-Based Skin Reflectance Model
APC Magazine » Freeloader
ASCIIweb -- the web in ASCII!
AtomicZombie - 101 Spy Gadgets for The Evil Genius
best of craigslist I Need a New Fucking Job
BioMed Central The Open Access Publisher
Boids (Flocks, Herds, and Schools a Distributed Behavioral Model)
Boids Flocking
Boing Boing November 2005
bussard criticism
Bussards fusion reactor
Centro Italiano Filatelia Resistenza
Comet Miniatures Blake's 7 Liberator by Renegade Models - SFMuk
conceal book shelf - Shelving - Umbra Store - Manufacturer of Houseware Designs
cool science projects
Create A Graph
CS767 Winter 2005 Home Page
Damn Interesting
DAVID-Laserscanner Start
DRIVEY a road slightly less travelled
DSV Liberator - model kit
Einstein quotes
Electric Highway Vehicles Electrostatic Lifters
Flickr Photos tagged with stereopair
Flock Applet Boids in Java
Free will - is our understanding wrong - being-human - 01 August 2007 - New Scientist
Fun With Lasers - Howto Make a DVD Burner into a High-Powered Laser
gizmag Article Preparations for world's first human landing WITHOUT a parachute
Google Groups - thread on sendmail hack
Google Groups
Google Image Labeler
Google Patents
Google Trends
Great Britain - British Victorian Postage Stamps
Great Hackers
Hard to find DVD's - Halloween Haunted House Props Page
How To - Lifehacker
How to Cut Quill Pens from Feathers
In Memoriam to Post-Modernism
Index of -stamps
Index Page for
Instructables Lock Someone To A Tree Without Ropes, Chains, Or Any Other Ties (updated 24-06-07)
Instructables Make Potato Plastic!
Instructables Roasted Hot Pepper Sauce (original recipe)
Instructables step-by-step collaboration
Inventions that almost were How many Christmas shoppers desperately searching for the perfect present have been lured to their
isometry's favorites on
It's a kind of magic - 04 January 2003 - New Scientist
Kevin Kelly -- Chapter 15 Artificial Evolution
Laser Listeners
Legos Lego MMO Revealed - Kotaku
Leicester Chronicler - Thomas Crapper
lost camera camera unlost, but not quite found. - Vanity press with online sales
Magazine Create a customized magazine from your digital photographs
Main Page - Fab @ Home
Make a Pseudoscope
MAKE Blog Halloween Archives
MAKE Blog Super Halloween Haunted House props page MAKE Technology on Your Time
Making a start with Terragen
Meersburg, Brunnen Steigstraße
Mikal's open source projects
Mike's Electric Stuff
Miracle fruit - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia
Model Railroad Slums
Monolithic dome - Conference Tour Information
Monolithic Dome Institute
NASA - NASA Ames Collaborates on Lunar Race Simulation Learning System
New Scientist - The World's No.1 Science & Technology News Service
Northwestern Infolab - Projects
Odds And Ends
online vanity press
Optical Illusion «
Paul's Page of Conway's Life Miscellany
Project Splinescan
Public Library of Science
Resource Bank - various searches and tools
Room Defender - I Want One Of Those
Screen Shots - Beeb games
SEOmoz's Web 2.0 Awards
Shocking Electric Modules
Simpsonize Me seal - Google Image Search - Find music by tapping the rhythm of the song's melody. Learn More Examples
STAPLES® Invention Quest
STARTREK.COM digital remastering Article
That sendmail bug
The BBC Micro and Electron Games Archive - WWW.STAIRWAYTOHELL.COM
The Cunning Artificer's Discworld Emporium
The Daily WTF
The Generator Blog
The Home of Discworld Stamps
The Joel on Software Discussion Group - Concurrent Editing
The medium is the massage - explained
The Official Philip José Farmer Home Page - Site Index
The Paper Model WebRing
The Ultimate Sendmail Hole List - tail was my one..!
tru calling fanfic
tzero by AC Propulsion
Untitled Document
Urban Legends Reference Pages Cokelore (The Claus That Refreshes)
USA Edition (Full English) - Dropship dvd wholesaler fo CHINA Tiffany watch ...
we make money not art
Welcome to Boutell.Com, Inc.!
Wellington Grey -- Miscellanea -- Periodic Table of the Internet
Wicked Lasers Red, Blue, Green Laser Pointers
Wonders of Math - The Game of Life
Worldmapper The world as you've never seen it before
Your free ringtones maker
Your Text On An Any Picture Or Choose An Image Template
Z Corp - 3D Printers for Rapid Prototyping
{-inurl(htmhtmlphp) intitleindex of +last modified +parent directory +description +size +(avidi
{-inurl(htmhtmlphp) intitleindex of +last modified +parent directory +description +size +(avidivx) } - Google Search
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{-inurl(htmhtmlphp) intitleindex of +last modified +parent directory +description +size +(wmamp3) } - Google Search




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- R1DB DVD Cover Art Forum
DVD Movie Covers Archive - Movie DVD Covers, DVD Case Covers, DVD Cover Downloads - DVD Movie Covers
R1DB - Top Downloaded DVD Covers -
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.dvd cover. - Google Image Search
Amazon DVD covers
amiga emu downloads and covers
BBC - Torchwood - The Official Site homepage
Big Finish DVD Covers
Bowfinger Collector's Edition
Caratulas de Peliculas
Carátulas de CINE Disponibles - wWw.ToDoAlBuMs.NeT
Case Dimensions (US DS, EU DS) - [0] Dvd Covers
Cover DVD - Bonus - Battlestar Galactica
Custom DVD Cover ( The Free Cover Site !!!!! )
Dr Who - Andy Frankham Covers
Dr. Zaius' Replacement DVD Cover Art - Offering High Quality Coverart Downloads In Place Of Ugly Studio Covers
dvd artwork - Google Image Search
dvd cover - Google Image Search
Dvd cover images, Dvd cover pictures, and Dvd cover videos on Photobucket
DVD Cover Search - may just be amazon images
DVD Covers Goobertech
DVD Covers - A
dvd covers - Google Image Search
DVD Covers
DVD Movie Covers Archive - Movie DVD Covers, DVD Case Covers, DVD Cover Downloads - Tour
DVD Movie news and reviews -
dvdcover - Google Image Search
EverybodyelsE Website - Covers
FF-S Alt Cover Designs - Serenity - Google Image Search
Google Co-op - DVD Covers
Home - JasonS DVD
Index of -coverart-images
Index of -images-covers-0-full
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Index of -images-covers-1-full
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Jedi Council Forums - Darth_Numanus - things that ive done Update19-08-2005 AotC DVD Cover
Lost in Space - Die Kult-StarTrek-Synchronisation
mega dr who covers
MegaSearch, the premier cd covers search engine for audio cd covers, pc cd covers and dvd cd covers
New Dvd Covers Forums - NON-Star Wars Fan Edit and Alternate DVD Covers SHOWCASE
Picsearch - Alles über South Park
Ric Easton Covers
Simpsons, The Vol 8.4 dvd covers - Google Image Search - Google Image Search dvd covers - Google Image Search dvd - japanese covers dvd covers - Google Image Search dvd - Google Image Search dvd cover - windows vista - spaghetti horror - Google Image Search dvd covers - Google Image Search dvd covers - Google Image Search dvd covers - Google Image Search dvd - Google Image Search dvd - Google Image Search dvd - Google Image Search dvd covers - Google Image Search dvd - Google Image Search dvd - Google Image Search - Google Image Search - Google Image Search dvd covers - Google Image Search
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Star Wars DVD Covers
Stargazer 2.0 - star trek tos
The Hammer Collection.Net (DVD Covers - Jaquettes DVD)
Upcoming DVD Cover Art - Cover Art Index - 2006
Upcoming DVD Cover Art - Street Date 5-29-07 - -media-


911 Cover Up - Google Video
foreign DVD grey market sets
Hibiscus-Jamaica medicinal value
Microsoft Interview Questions!
Mill Creek Entertainment - Changing the Face of Value Entertaiment
Your Big Five Results


Dashboard Spy
Enterprise Dashboard Screenshots & Executive Dashboard Examples
MicroStrategy - Business Intelligence Software Solutions

Data Warehousing

2006 Data Warehousing (DW) Conference
All ODS Meta Data Reports Building the Data Warehouse (3rd Edition) Books W. H. Inmon Building the Data Warehouse Books W. H. Inmon Data Warehouse From Architecture to Implementation Books Barry Devlin Data Warehousing in the Real World A Practical Guide for Books Sam Anahory,Dennis Mu Data Warehousing in the Real World A Practical Guide for Books Sam Anahory,Dennis Murray The Data Warehouse Toolkit Practical Techniques for Building Dimensional Data Wareho The Data Warehouse Toolkit Practical Techniques for Building Dimensional Data Warehouses Books Ralph Kimball The Data Warehouse Toolkit The Complete Guide to Dimensional Modeling (Second Editio The Data Warehouse Toolkit The Complete Guide to Dimensional Modeling (Second Edition) Books Ralph Kimball,Margy
An Overview of Data Mining Techniques
Bearhaus - Baylor University's Data Warehouse
Building OLAP Cubes and Measures Using OWB Paris
Business Intelligence Data Mining
Campus Technology
Creating Dimensions Using OWB Paris
Data Mining, Predictive Modeling, Business Analytics Training, Consulting & Solutions
Data Mining, Predictive Modeling, Business Analytics Training, Consulting&Solutions
Data Warehouse Freeware OLAP Reporting Tool
Data Warehouse Project Rescue
Data Warehousing A Look at Business Intelligence and Data Warehouse
data warehousing business intelligence data mining - Google Search
Datawarehouse Primer Page
Editing ComputerCenter-Programming-DataWarehousing - Preview - Utpawiki
EDUCAUSE Resources Effective Practice Detail
EDUCAUSE Resources Resource Center Data Administration and Management
EDUCAUSE Resources Resource Center Data Warehouse
EDUCAUSE Resources Resource Center Decision Support Systems
EDUCAUSE Resources Resource Center Student Information Systems
ETL - Computerworld
FACSAL Budget & Financial Planning Virginia Tech
Fairfield Inn & Suites Waco North Award-winning hospitality at competitive prices in Waco
FileHelpers Library - Copyright 2005-2006 to Marcos Meli
HEDW 2006 ad hoc queries and excel.ppt
Higher Education Data Warehousing Forum - resources
Higher Education Data Warehousing Forum 2007 PRESENTATIONS
Higher Education Data Warehousing Forum 2007
Higher Education Data Warehousing Forum
How To Determine Sample Size, Determining Sample Size
interesting report generator.pdf
Job Description 9310 - UT System DW manager
Mark Rittman's Oracle Weblog Oracle BI&W Resources - Oracle Warehouse Builder
Mark Rittman's Oracle Weblog Oracle BI&W Resources
Open Source Solutions
Oracle Business Intelligence 10g
Oracle Database 10g - Database BI
oracle warehouse builder download
Oracle Warehouse Builder Downloads
Oracle Warehouse Builder
Pentaho Analysis Services Mondrian Project
Rapid - I - RapidMiner (YALE)
Reeling in Spreadmarts TDWI
Resources - Business Intelligence and Data Warehousing
spreadsheet datamart - Google Search
SurveyGuy.Com Sample Size Calculator
TDWI Business Intelligence and Data Warehousing Education, Research, and Community
Technologia Training - Syllabi Databases - SQL - Data Mining - Data Warehouse - Modelling - Dec
Technologia Training - Syllabi Databases - SQL - Data Mining - Data Warehouse - Modelling - Decision support systems relational
Texas Higher Education Data - CBM formats
The 2006 International Conference on Data Mining
The Data Warehousing Information Center - Performing Data Warehousing Software Evaluations
The Data Warehousing Information Center
The Joel on Software Discussion Group - Building a Datamart
Tickling Edmo - C-Store A Column-Oriented High Performance Database
Tickling Edmo - HARBOR - High Availability and Replication-Based Online Recovery
TinyUML Wiki Mission


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Best Deal Western Digital MyBook Pro Edition II 1TB (USB 2.0 & FireWire400-800) External Hard Drive - WDG2TP10000N - at DEALig
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Consumer feedback DirecTV Inc - High definition
DirecTV H20 Official Thread - AVS Forum

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Printable DVD-R DVD-R UKDVDR Ltd
Prodisc Silver Inkjet DVD-R 8X
SEAGATE ST3750640AS Barracuda 7200.10 750GB SATA 3G NCQ 16MB cache 7200RPM -SEAGATE 5 YEARS WAR
SEAGATE ST3750640AS Barracuda 7200.10 750GB SATA 3G NCQ 16MB cache 7200RPM -SEAGATE 5 YEARS WARRANTY


Author Robert J. Sawyer Hugo, Nebula, and Campbell Memorial Award-winning Science Fiction Write
Author Robert J. Sawyer Hugo, Nebula, and Campbell Memorial Award-winning Science Fiction Writer
Baen Free Library
C Interfaces and Implementations
CONNECT - eBooks - Home
Converting .LIT files for fun and profit
Data Structures and Algorithms Table of Contents
David MacKay Information Theory, Inference, and Learning Algorithms The Book
Directory Listing of -texts-
e-book - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia
Ebook reader for GBA
eBooks Find Fiction eBooks, Online Business eBooks, Health eBooks & More. eBookstore -- Introduction to eBooks
eTextReader Screenshot+Download
Free eBooks - Download Free eBooks and free searchable Databases from askSam
Free ebooks for cell phone ebook. Nothing to download, just read.
gameboy advance
Get free audiobooks from Simply Audiobooks - Lifehacker
How The iPhone Can Save The Book Business Booksquare - Google Search Programmer.pdf
infomotions' favorites tagged with texts on
iRead a Gutenberg eBook reader - Popular Titles This Week
Microsoft Reader Catalog of eBooks
MLC Digital Libraries
O'Reilly's CD bookshelf
Planet PDF - Free PDF eBooks
Programming The Nintendo Game Boy Advance by Jonathan S. Harbour
Reflow the contents of Adobe PDF documents Tutorial
Security Engineering - A Guide to Building Dependable Distributed Systems
Specs Discover the XO laptop specs - One Laptop per Child (OLPC)
Star Trek tos transcripts
Tehachapi News
The DaisyPlayer Project
The Oracle PL-SQL CD Bookshelf
Weasel Reader News


8086 (ibm Pc) Static Recompiler For Gp2x, A new project! Romance Of The Three Kingdom - DCEmu The Homebrew & Gaming Network
A New Version Of Beebem! - Board [GP32 GP2X XGP]
bbc on GBA
BeebEm - BBC Micro and Master 128 Emulator
Crystal Castle
Dare Devil Dennis is back! via static binary translation!
emulation number 9 - Windows________________
emulation number 9 - Windows????????????????
Emulators Online - Free Downloads
GBA asteroids binary
JEMU - The Java Emulation Platform - BBC B Emulator
Mamory - rom management
MAWS - showing resource tailg
Mednafen - NES, PC Engine, GB, GBA, Atari Lynx Emulator
Only the Best BBC Micro Games - BBC Games from the past
SIMH Simulator Documentation
Software ViBE - virtual boy
Vector Dream

English Grammar

Computer model may explain toddlers' chattering - being-human - 02 August 2007 - New Scientist
The apostrophe is the modern day Shibboleth [dive into mark]

Essays on Real Programming

Articles - Worse Than Failure How to hire the best people you've ever worked with
Dreaming in Code
iBeautiful Code-i--New from O'Reilly br - Bedtime Stories for Programmers Programmers Don't Like to Code
Sorting Resumes - Joel on Software
Succinctness is Power
The Decline and Fall of the British University
The Guerrilla Guide to Interviewing (version 3.0) - Joel on Software

Faculty Liason

TechEssence.Info The essence of technology for library decision-makers.


Butterflies - a photoset on Flickr
Flickr Api Explorer - flickr.tags.getListPhoto
Flickr Services
Flickr Tools on Flickrbits » The definitive collection of Flickr tools, plugins and API applications
hold still butterfly, or moth not sure on Flickr - Photo Sharing!
Spiny Spider on Flickr - Photo Sharing!
The Great Flickr Tools Collection
Una ¿ moth on Flickr - Photo Sharing!


80 Beautiful Typefaces For Professional Design
Bitstream Vera Fonts README
CBRD - UK street sign fonts
Character Map MyFonts
Die 100 Besten Schriften Project details for DejaVu fonts
Main - AlternativeFonts — TextMate Wiki
Meet Mary Forrest The Free Font Archives
P22 Fonts Online - Top Free Font Sites download - Google Image Search
Stargate Atlantis Glyphs font and other Sci-fi fonts
The Font Foundry - Free Fonts
Tommy of Escondido's Alien Fonts FTP info & annotated Links
WhatTheFont MyFonts


Scotland on Sunday - Spectrum - Channel hopping

GOOGLE CHECKOUT Search Results - ACP-EP Memory 2GB Hi-Speed USB 2.0 Mini Flash Drive - USB-2GB-2.0-BUY - Kingston 2GB Secure Digital Card (SD) - SD-2GBKR order #30480543 order #30481450 order #30492229 router and usb trek 2 trek 3
cancellation requested
dvd planet trek 1
ritzcamera purchases

Google stuff

Custom Google Searches
Google Cheat Sheet (Version 1.06)
Google Co-op - Academic Computer Security Search Engine
Google Co-op - DVD Covers
Google Co-op - Google Earth Community
Google Co-op - Recipes Search
Google Desktop Search (GDS) Extensions - Halftone Search (Advanced GDS Toolbox) Home
Make Create Google Backdoor
Official Google Blog Pencils down, people
Product Search Engine
» InsideGoogle » part of the Blog News Channel
» Personalize Your Google Homepage » InsideGoogle » part of the Blog News Channel

gp2x - GP2x USB
Dignsys Inc. - linux src
Download codesourcery GNU Toolchain
Edge Mobile Game Engine - Getting started with GP2X
FLYING YOGI Fun Stuff - SpriteLib GPL
GP2X add-on board
GP2x Emulation News GP2x Gaming GP2x Hardware GP2x Homebrew XGP GP2x hacking GP2x isos GP2x movies GP2x consoles GP2x Shop Buy
gp2x File Archive - File Info - Homegp2x - Firmwares
GP2X games wirh source
GP2X Official Board Index
GP2X Samba Client - DCEmu The Homebrew & Gaming Network PSP Dreamcast Nintendo DS Wii GP2X Xbox 360 GBA Gamecube PS2 Foru
GP2X-GP32 Projects by Franxis official site - GP2X 2006 Results
GP2Xdev-Dev Tools
GP2Xdev-File Downloads SDL Mascot demo
GP32 Work In Progress - Home
GP32x File Archive - Browse - Home
gp32x Frappr! Board [GP32 GP2X XGP] - Can't See Filesystem Over Usb Board [GP32 GP2X XGP] - Gp2x Bootchart Board [GP32 GP2X XGP] - Hw Accelerated Sdl Board [GP32 GP2X XGP]
Guyfawkes Homebrew Software - Software Index
Headphones & Speakers Both On Problem Faq - Board [GP32 GP2X XGP]
Index of -firmware
Index of -html-gp2x
Main Page -
Massive GP2X Emulator Round UP -
Parky's GP2X Page
Priority Computer Parts SM-128 128MB SmartMedia Card 3.3V Sma
Remote NDIS USB Driver Kit
Samba client -
Serial cable -
Setting up a development environment (Windows) -
Software Directory -
The Open2x Project
Translated version of ACED
Weblog de Madelman » GP2X
Works In Progress -
{ retrodev - for all your coding needs... }




3D stereoscopy

Anaglyph (3D) pictures of Emperor Penguins


GIMP - for Windows
GIMP - Windows installers
GIMP 2.2 for Windows - WinGIMP - commercial
Tips for using The GIMP

Image Processing

Edge Detection in Gimp Photo Gallery by lasm at
GIMP - Blending Exposures
GIMP - Sketch Effect
GIMP Plug-In Registry
Refocus-it GIMP plug-in
Smart Sharpening, Redux


Tutorial for the Thumbnailer freeware

ACME Label Maker
Adobe Labs - Homepage
AfterGlow Project Home
ALE Version 0.7.x-0.8.x Technical Description
Analysis of Human Faces using a Measurement-Based Skin Reflectance Model
Animation Tricks
ArtistX - eXtra ordinary art tools - Artistx Team selection of links
ASCII Art Generator - The Code Project - ASP.NET
AT&T Information Visualization
Automatic Painterly Rendering Algorithm
AutoTrace The best free resource for all your computer needs
BIG Download graphics algorithms
certificate generator
Comeeko - Creating comic strips from your photos
cool cd labels
Custom Sign Generator Page, Over 5,000 Image Generators (Personalized Flash Ecards & JPG Pictur
Custom Sign Generator Page, Over 5,000 Image Generators (Personalized Flash Ecards & JPG Pictures) To Play With, Ajax Web 2.0 A
DevPapers - article Creating a pie-chart using GDGraph
dogtag image generator
Epson America, Inc. - Epson CreativeZone, Home
Eukleides home page
FastStone Image Viewer - Powerful and Intuitive Photo Viewer, Editor and Batch Converter - Create and share diagrams online. - Examples of Gliffy diagrams
GOBLIN Download Page - graph dag library
GraphicsMagick Image Processing System
Graphviz Documentation.pdf
Graphviz Spline-o-Matic
Guild of Natural Science Illustrators 2005 Conference and Annual Meeting
Hockneyizer Create a simulated collage from a single photograph
image magick usage
ImageMagick Convert, Edit, and Compose Images
Imagemagick tricks
imc, the Image Compiler
IMG2TXT ASCII Art Made Easy!
Index of -refocus - tweaks for gimp 2.2
Index of -~diego-academic-phd-526
Index of -~kaplan-npr
Inkscape. Draw Freely. (vector art package, like Illustrator) Windows and Unix
Interactivate Pie Chart
Internet Archive Details Efficient document image processing software wanted, now Done
Internet Archive Details OCR to djvuxml wanted, now Done
Jingbin Wang
John Nack on Adobe Photoshop CS3 Beta Category Archives
jp2a -- JPEG to ASCII converter
KLOTH.NET - Card punch emulator
Kvack Coding - Oil Painter
Math Bar, Line, and Picture Graphs eThemes eMINTS
MeVisLab - Features
Microptics Image Gallery - Entomology -
Nabble - PanoToolsNG forum & mailing list archive
Panorama Tutorial - Deformation, stitching and Web viewing
Peter Selinger Potrace - bitmap to vector
Peter Selinger Potrace - related software
photoshop 6 manual - warping text layers
photoshop transparent fill
Radiance Caching for Participating Media
rotoscope » What is rotoscope
Software - Control of Discrete Event Systems - Queen's University Plotr
SoNIA - Social Network Image Animator
Steve's Computer Graphics Index
SVGpage-0.4 at GnomeFiles
t.y.p.o.r.g.a.n.i.s.m ASCII-O-Matic
The Definitive Guide to ImageMagick - Google Book Search
The R Project for Statistical Computing
TransWeb - make gif transparent
Volker Blanz - 3d face modelling
Warholizer Turn digital photos of you and your friends into pop art!
WebDot Demo Graphs
WebDot Home Page
Welcome to AstroStack - Astronomy image stacking software download freeware demo
Your Text On An Any Picture Or Choose An Image Template
YouTube - 3D morphable model face animation



Contact Us
ISS Information Technology Education, Singapore University, Institute of Systems Science - tar repair tool
Bittorrent for
Edinburg Style
Google Groups Suggestions and feature requests
Google SOAP Search API
Internet Archive Wayback Machine
Postgrey - Postfix Greylisting Policy Server
Table of Contents The Book of Postfix


5 Bears Engineering - PCB Creation by printing specializes in universal power supplies like rechargeable batteries and chargers
dual head external splitter suitable for 3d
Gateway Computers - The New Thin & Light Convertible Notebook
gateway portable and emachine parts
HP sheetfed scanner
hp7580 specs
Instructables How to have fun with Arduino (and become a Geek in the process)
Modern Device Company
TKGate Home Page


Availability for Sylvania 37 LCD HDTV (6637LCT) at
IC Power 37 Widescreen LCD HDTV w- Built-in Digital ATSC-NTSC Tuners - Wal-Mart
Polaroid 32 Widescreen LCD HDTV w- Built-in Digital Tuner & Glossy Finish, FLM-3234B-WM - Wal-Mart
Polaroid 32 Widescreen LCD HDTV w- Built-In Digital Tuner, FLM-323B - Wal-Mart
Rite Buys 32in dvu westinghouse 679


CategoryTravel Tips - WikiHow
How to Find a Cheap Flight from the US to London - WikiHow
How to get an upgrade to first-class - Lifehacker
Howto - Consumerist
HOWTO Actually Use Your Frequent Flyer Miles - Consumerist
HOWTO Rebate Whore - Consumerist
My reFeed feed Published items (items 1 to 50)


Rico - ajax effects library
So, You Want A FullScreen Browser, Huh

Humor 3 Dead Trolls in a Baggie

Identity Management

OSCON 2005 Keynote - Identity 2.0
The Person-Matching Problem

image processing

A Face of One's Own — Discover Magazine
DAVID-Laserscanner Start
Instructables Hybrid Images Fun with Frequency Passes
Interpreting hybrid images « Neurophilosophy
Project Splinescan
QBIC Home Page


.. Tortoise & Hare Designs ..
DARNs tattoo
HP Tattoos Personalize Your iPod
Joshua Krause Art
Keith's IPod Photo Reader
Macworld Mac Gems iPod photo extractor
Music & video FREE printable CD and DVD labels to customize for your music or video collection
SLAX View topic - install SLAX on an iPod nano


Full-Screen Exclusive Mode API
The Java[tm] Tutorial


Customize Links
Google Desktop
Google Marker
Graham Toal
post to

Lost Green card

Avoiding Common E-Filing Mistakes
Form I-90, Application to Replace Permanent Residence Card
Introduction to Electronic Filing (E-Filing) USCIS Forms

Mac stuff

Classic Mac manuals
Classic Mac software


A Huge Gray Area
Atlas - Mapping for Online Publishers
Browse The Register Books - IT and Computer Book specialists
CBRD - British Roads FAQ
CBRD - Simulator
Communications From Elsewhere » Blog Archive » HOWTO Make a georeferenced street map
Edinburgh Street Plan
Find Us - Maps
Google Earth Blog
Google Earth Community Viewing list of forums - GPS Tracking map.pdf
Liccavi Earth Home
Maps and Geography - American FactFinder
Maps of Edinburgh
Mapstraction - a javascript library to hide differences between mapping APIs.
MeHere - Google Maps-Earth and Greasemonkey GPS Tracking
Mologogo The GPS phone tracking social network & friend finding for Nextel, Boost, Blackberry a
Mologogo The GPS phone tracking social network & friend finding for Nextel, Boost, Blackberry and Windows Mobile Phones with G
Ogle Earth A blog about virtual globes, with a special focus on Google Earth.
Ontok - free geocoder
PocketGPS Map v2007-07-17 freeware for Pocket PC windows mobile and wm5 or wm6 ppc, PocketPC free downloads.
RealityPrime » How Google Earth [Really] Works
The Map Room GPS
The University of Edinburgh Campus Maps
USGS (U.S. Geological Survey) EROS, Sioux Falls, SD
Worldmapper The world as you've never seen it before
Yahoo! Maps, Driving Directions, and Traffic

maps and stuff

EO News NASA Olympics Blue Marble Release; February 6, 2002
IP Address Locator - Enter an IP address to find its location - Lookup Country Region City etc
Light Pollution
OnEarth, server of the Landsat 7, WMS Global Mosaic
The Celestia Motherlode Earth Close-up VT's
The UMGC Download Page


The R Project for Statistical Computing


CustomFlix DVD Publishing Kit
Australian Media Center Community
Blockbuster movies 100001-
Blockbuster Online - all voyager sets - World's Largest CD Covers and DVD Covers Archive
DVD Covers
dvi 2 hdmi
Ed Bott’s Media Central » HBO stops working with Media Center
Hacking NetFlix Netflix Might Have 75,000 Titles
MegaSearch, the premier cd covers search engine for audio cd covers, pc cd covers and dvd cd covers
Purchase MPEG 2 Editor and MPEG Digital Video Edit Software
Rip anythin with vlc - even complex ARccOS copy Protection on DVDs - Google Image Search
Stargazer 2.0 - Caratulas para tus series de TV
The SDP Multimedia website for ASF download and MMS protocol specification
This bidirectional 1080p tested DVI to HDMI converter adapts an HDMI female cable to a male DVI cable.
Using iriverter View topic - How to record streaming WMV-ASF-MMS-links using VLC Media Player

Media Center


streaming tv

3GP_Converter (Audio & Multimedia - Video Tools)
Aaron Stebner's WebLog How to manually install the various pieces of Update Rollup 2 for Media Center 2005
Aaron Stebner's WebLog How to manually install the various pieces of Update Rollup 2 for Media
About .dvr-ms files
ac3 audio volume problems
AC3-DTS out for Media Center FAQ - AVS Forum - Home Theater PC - MCE601
Akimbo - Media Center Info
An Introduction to Media Center 2005 UK
AntennaWeb Videos - Video Search and Video Downloads
Arksofts Crunchie Release (v1.0) - Australian XP Media Center Community
Arksofts Crunchie Release (v1.1) - Australian XP Media Center Community
ATI HDTV Wonder Step-by-Step WMCE - AVS Forum
Ben's House - MCE plugins etc
Ben's House - Welcome to the home of the future
Build Your Own Windows Media Center PC
Buy Antec SLK3000B case at Provantage
Case study what components to use for a MCE2005 HTPC. My selection... - AVS Forum
Change the location of MCE Recorded Files
commercial skip article - Scott Hanselman - The State of (My) Digital Media
Concurrent Remote Desktop Sessions in Windows XP SP2 Sig9
correcting wrong aspect ratio
CoVeR DvD - Albert's Page
Cuttermaran Homepage
Democracy - Internet TV Platform - Free and Open Source Edit MPEG or Remove Commercials
DivX Browser Plug-In - Beta 2 DivX Labs
DivX Browser Plug-In HTML Markup Generator DivX Labs
DivX Pro Guides
Download details Codec Installation Package for Windows Media Player 7.1 or later
Download details Windows XP SP1 Update Watch TV Shows Recorded by Media Center PCs on Other Win
Download details Windows XP SP1 Update Watch TV Shows Recorded by Media Center PCs on Other Windows XP PCs
Download details Windows XP Video Decoder Checkup Utility
Dragon Global - ShowAnalyzer
DVD Digest - Downloads - DVD-MPEG Cutting-Joining Tools
DVD Ripping Guide - Australian XP Media Center Community
dvi hdmi vga svideo resolution info
dvr2wmv hints
DVRMSToolbox - commercial skip
DVRMSToolbox User Guide - BluWiki
eMachines T6524 printer friendly version - Desktops - CNET Reviews
Encoding Audio and video with Windows Media Codecs
Engadget HD
foobar2000 - Audio player
GnuRadio GnuRadioFaq
GSpot (Audio & Multimedia - Video Tools)
Hacking NetFlix
Hauppauge Computer Works WinTV-PVR-150-500 Support
HD Beat
HDTV over WiFi tips and tricks - HD Beat
How To how to rip dvds using vlc
How to Rip DVD's With VLC - wikiHow
How-to Rip DVDs with VLC at The Real Caffeine
How-To Stream almost anything using VLC - Engadget -
HP Media Center PCs - Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs) 
Independent Torrents -
Jinzora Free Your Media
KangarooTV » Media Center Torrent Addin
LookSmart's Furl - Latest Headlines - media_center
Madagascar CD-DVD labels 
Matt Goyer’s Media Center Blog » DVD Changer
Mce 2005 Faq - AVS Forum
MCE Software My Web News, My Outlook
MCE Text Input - scroll down page for details and download
MCE WebGuide 3
mceLabs - Media Center Software - media center plugins - AutoDVRconvert - media center plugins - DVR2WMV - media center plugins - My Netflix - media center plugins - Web Media
Media Center Sandbox - The Full Story on Developing for Media Center in Windows Vista
Media Center Sandbox
Media Center Spotlight
MediaCoder - more than a universal audio-video transcoder
MediaPortal - the Open Source Mediacenter! - Home
Michael Creasy's blog Creating links to web pages to view in Media Center
Michael Creasy's blog How To Write an Add-On
Microsoft's building an Orb-Slingbox killer into Media Center - Engadget - cheap cables and adapters
MS Windows Media Encoder 9 Series
MS Windows Media Encoder
MSI MS-7184 Mainboard - eMachines T6524
multiple rdp users
Musical Folders
My Movies - Home
My Movies - Reviews and free downloads at
MyRemoteMouse for Windows XP Media Center Edition
MyTV ToGo - Take your TiVoToGo and Media Center TV Shows With You
Netflix Fee Calculator
Netflix Turnaround Prediction Calculator (Updated 4-27-05) - Blogg norwegian media center - online TV
NVIDIA PureVideo Decoder - recommended best decoder for MCE An Introduction to Developing Software for Microsoft Windows XP Media Center Editi An Introduction to Developing Software for Microsoft Windows XP Media Center Edition 2005
pny verto geforce 6600 problems thread
Power Compress ™ - for Windows XP Media Center Edition
programming ati remote wonder
PVAStrumento 2.1
Related to Microsoft Xbox Media Center Extender at Provantage
RetroSight Charlie Owen Windows XP Media Center Edition Development
Rip anythin with vlc - even complex ARccOS copy Protection on DVDs
Ritek Ridata Branded 8X DVD+R Media 100 Pack in Cake Box Spindle
Scene Releases - Every Single Solitary Scene Release!
Sean McLeod Virtual Earth Media Center Add-in
Snappy Multimedia, Snappy Multimedia
STOIK Video Converter 2.0
Sub-grand WMCE 4 configuring the PC for HDTV - HD Beat
TGB useful threads
The Green Button™ The Premier Windows Media Center Community Forum
The WB . Video
Time Warner Cable - Rio Grande Valley Texas CableCARD
tracker totals swarm totals - Google Search
TV Videos - Show Videos - Free Video Clips
TVTonic - News
TVTonic - The Internet Channel
TVTonic - vodcast software
Using GraphEdit
video processing utilities
Vladimir Vukicevic » Squeezebox
Watch TV Recorded with Media Center When You're on the Go
Welcome to TVersity!
Windows Marketplace Media Center Software Plug-ins
Windows Media Center - Reviews and free downloads at
Windows Media Service
Windows XP Media Center Edition SDK - The place to find and share plug-ins, skins, and visualizations to enhance your Windows Media experience. - The place to find and share plug-ins, skins, and visualizations to enhance your
WMV HD Content Showcase
writing games etc for MCE » Blog Archive » HTPC Frontend roundup » HTPC » MCE
XBMC - Xbox Media Center - not mce
xpMCE » KB Articles
[How to convert dvr-ms to divx 5 or xvid] - Technology Discussion Forums
[H]ardForum - MCE record to network drive
[] Webjay wizard - deep and soulful house for funky people

Microsoft Websites

IE Add-on site
IE site on
Microsoft At Home
Microsoft At Work
Welcome to IE7


ClarkConnect - Server and Gateway - Linux Small Business Server SBS
Cleversafe Software Build Your Own Dispersed Storage Grid
CORNFS - raid ssh rsync fs
EVMS User Guide
FreeNAS Knowledgebase - 890. Command line available on FreeNAS.
FreeNAS Knowledgebase
FreeNAS The Free NAS Server - Home
Gfarm documentation
NAS nurtures iSCSI growth
Openfiler — Friendly enterprise storage management platform
Re [Linux-cluster] SAN file system to be shared to multiple nodes - DOWNLOAD
Re [Linux-cluster] SAN file system to be shared to multiple nodes - global file system
Server Elements NASLite+
Slim Devices Product Info SlimServer
Some SlimServer Stuff - Michael Herger's Homepage
The Freenet Project - -content
The Freenet Project - -whatis
The IP Storage System
The OpenGFS Project
[OF-users] Announcing Openfiler 2.2 x86 and x86_64

Net TV

4oD - C4 on Demand
All streaming media recording software (freeware, shareware,...) [windows, linux, mac] Streamin
All streaming media recording software (freeware, shareware,...) [windows, linux, mac] Streaming video recorders (stream ripper Unbox video downloads TV shows, movies, international videos and more, ready to down Unbox video downloads TV shows, movies, international videos and more, ready to download
BBC Programme Catalogue
Black screen problem when recording video with Screen Capture software from RealPlayer, RealOne Player
Black screen problem when recording video with Screen Capture software from RealPlayer, RealOne Public marks with tags video & software
Bloomberg TV
broadband free online streaming tv watch online tv channels broadcast
c4 shows
C4 wmp urls - E4
DivXMediaBuilder home page - Create full features divx files
Dr Who - attack of the Graske interactive
How to Rip Netflix 'Watch Now' Movies - Rorta
JLC’s Internet TV Review & Download Link «
Joost™ - Forum Making Movies in Virtual Reality
Metacafe – Best Videos & Funny Movies
Microsoft WM-DRM and IBX 11.0.6000.6324 - Doom9's Forum
mirakagi - Google Search
Netflix cust suppt problem reporting form
netflix data leak
Netflix Underground How to Get Revenge on Netflixa name=Revenge_Netflix-a
Netflix Underground
Orb Community View topic - Upgraded to 2.0; now streams audio, no video, no error mess
Polaroid LCD TV Reviews Polaroid FLM-2601 LCD Television
Save YouTube Videos and download YouTube videos with YouTubeX 3487 - Google Search
Split Camera - freeware virtual video clone and split video capture driver - Audio-video stream recording forums
Split Camera - freeware virtual video clone and split video capture driver - Audio-video stream
The ManiaTV! Network
TV Links
Video archive - News -
Video Downloads Store - Movies - Wal-Mart - Free Video Hosting, Upload and Media Sharing Community

netflix watch now queue

Netflix Bright Young Things


Netdot - Trac

Office tools
Country Codes for International Calling
Das Telefonbuch - Online Telefonauskunft - Inverssuche - Routenplaner - Alles in einem. - Free Telephone Conference Call Service
Microsoft Office Online Work Essentials practice library
Microsoft Office Templates Home Page
The Joel on Software Discussion Group - Concurrent Editing


Oracle Database 10g Express Edition Downloads for Linux x86
Oracle Database Express Edition Online Documentation 10g Release 2 (10.2)
Oracle Database Lite downloads
Oracle Database Lite
Oracle Documentation
project OCFS -


1993 Ann Witbrock A Model of Articulated Animation in Three Dimensional Space - Google Search
allyoucanupload author blog
Dan Bernstein
Dan Gillmor's blog Bayosphere
David Neto's Quotes page Home Page
Hierarchy, labels and motion description
Ian A. Young
IBM Employee directory - United Kingdom
intepid - Mark Pursey - author of Drivey
Jack Crenshaw
James Gosling on the Java Road
John Watson, freelance web developer for hire
Keith Wiley
Mary Young's Scullomie Pages - IAY's Mum
Polar Rose Welcome! - face recognition search engine - IAY's brother Al
Scott - S o f t w a r e
The Writings of Leslie Lamport
Tickling Edmo - Project Expo



Silicon, Strings, and Solar Cells


A life in the day » Diabetes
Chemical Compounds Restore Normal Glucose Levels and Insulin Action in Obese Mice, press release of Thursday, August 24, 2006,
CPAP PRO® - custom masks Sleep Apnea Equipment CPAP BiPAP Masks Humidifiers Tubing Filters Headgear Software Parts
Delayed Sleep Phase Syndrome - SleepChannel
Delayed sleep phase syndrome - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia
Delayed Sleep Phase Syndrome
Drug therapy for obstructive sleep apnoea in adults
News 8 Austin Story New procedure for sleep apnea - 5-4-2006 111314 AM
Non-24-hour sleep-wake syndrome - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia


An Enigma Vast Israeli Spy Network Dismantled in the US
decreasing oil supply and its consequences
Terror 'Blowback' Burns CIA

AIM Mail
Apple iPod Nano 2GB MP3 Retail Black + iPod Car Charger + iPod Nano LCD Screen Protector
Britain's official inflation numbers are all lies too Gold Anti-Trust Action Committee
CD-Datenbank -
CDDB - The FezGuys!™ - Updating the Book of Style - (October 2001)
Consumer Price Index Summary
Distinguished Service Award
Documents on (ResearchIndex) official site of the edinburgh festival fringe
Friends Reunited
FUSE Filesystem in Userspace - Hack a Day
GameProbe32 Developer Spotlight Graham Toal
Google Groupes sci.crypt
Gracenote story
graham toal - Google Code Search
How-to Rip DVDs with VLC at The Real Caffeine Flew Over PacMan's Nest -Takis Tsiricos.pdf Community Profile-12950.DOC
kaspermartinsen - Static binary translation (SBT)
LinkedIn Home
my spelling checker project description
My watchlist - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia
Netflix Fan Longest Netflix membership
Nexthop Greylisting usando spamd (OpenBSD) em modo bridge - Parte 2
PLYLOX™ Hurricane Window Clips
R.I.P. Cypherpunks
Reviews for Aiptek Digital Video Camera (IS-DV2) at Account Maintenance
Table 6. Consumer Price Index for Urban Wage Earners and Clerical Workers (CPI-W) Selected areas, all items index
The Icon Bar - RISC OS news and resources
TUGboat Title - TeX Users Group
Two-Letter Domains
WebsiteJudge - Beoordeling van (games scrabble)
Yahoo and Gracenote Lyrical Gangstas - Gizmodo
ZoomInfo Person Search anne harwell
ZoomInfo Person Search anne toal
ZoomInfo Person Search graham toal


Capricorn Technologies Support Technical Resources
Ceph - Petascale Distributed Storage
Enterprise IT Planet Product Guide - PetaBox (Capricorn Technologies, Inc)
Internet Archive Petabox


stereo 3d - Links to other 3D-Websites

3D glasses PSP
3D Micro Macro Photography
A Multifocus Method for Controlling Depth of Field
Album Shaper Canon BG-E3 Battery Grip for EOS Digital Rebel XT Camera Camera & Photo Opteka Battery Pack Grip for Canon EOS Digital Rebel XTi & Rebel XT with 2 NB-2LH Batteries (1800 mAh Total) Camer
An Introduction to Extended Depth of Field Digital Photography
Andrey Zubets - articles on panoramic photography, smartblend
Anti-Lamenessing Engine (ALE)
Anything 3D Imaging Solutions for the Internet [ Software - A3DStitcher - Features]
Anything 3D Imaging Solutions for the Internet [Intellectual Blending!]
autopano-sift making panoramas fun
autopano-sift technical details
BIG - Extended Depth of Field
ColorFix - corrects DImage files
DHTML scrollpano
Digital SLR cameras Canon Digital Rebel and Nikon D70s
Dynamic Range - Autopano Wiki
Euan Donegan Photographer Copyright Violations
EXIF MakerNote of Canon
EXIFRead -- EXIF information software for use with Nikon, Kodak, Fuji, Minolta and other digital Cameras
ExifTool by Phil Harvey
Extended Depth Of Field -- A Difficult Test Case
Extended Depth of Field Photography of Insects
Extended Depth Of Field Using Panorama Tools
Extended Depth-of-Focus
fd's Flickr Toys Producers of fine toys and amusements for your digital photographs
Flickcurl C library for the Flickr API
Flickr Search - syncroscopy
Flickr Tools on Flickrbits » The definitive collection of Flickr tools, plugins and API applications
GPSPhotoLinker Overview
How to Choose a DSLR Camera
hugin Download
Image Stacker
Interesting Images from the ISL
Interpolation and blenders - Autopano Wiki
Investigations Regarding Depth of Field (DOF)
ISO 12233 Test Chart
Jim Watters - PanoTools
Kekus Digital - Panorama Tools for OS X XBlend
libsift - Scale-Invariant Feature Transform implementation UFRaw 0.12 could make new converts to open source RAW photo conversion
Main Page - Wiki
Microscope - A program to analyse 2D-Images of any kind.. Helicon Focus creates one perfectly focused image from several partia
Microsoft Live Labs Photosynth
Mirrors - Wiki
Muttyan's Home Page - Stereo Photo Maker
notes_on_extended_dof [DokuWiki]
Pano2QTVR - Quicktime VR Converter
Panorama software, photo stitching software and image stitching software for 360 panorama makers - REALVIZ Stitcher.
Photo stitching software 360 degree Panorama image software - PTGui
PixelZap and PZapGUI - Hot Pixel remover
Plenoptic camera - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia
pnmstitch Home
Programming Art - Free Stuff - Tutorials - The Photoshop Top 10
Quick Thumbnail The fastest and most powerful way to resize images online
Raw Therapee
Refocus Home Page
Refocus Imaging - Home
RegiStax V4
Resources - Downloads - ISO
rotoscope » What is rotoscope
Shoot a picture first, focus later - tech - 16 November 2005 - New Scientist Tech
Smartblend Home Open Discussion
Spinner-Scripts - panorama
SYNCROSCOPY - Auto-Montage Summary
Thumber -- Digital camera image management software
U.S. Patent 2084350 - Land stereo patent
Virtual Tour Software, Panorama Software and Photo Stitching Software Developer Easypano
waveblend - Focus enhancing by image fusion using the dualtree complex wavelet transform
Wavefront coding keeps a focus on applications -
Welcome to the Ilford Photo Website
Workflow Technique #072 @Digital Outback Photo
ZoneTag Photos


Buy the Canon Digital Rebel Digital SLR Camera Body and other Digital Cameras at
Buy the Canon Digital Rebel XT Digital SLR Camera Body and other Digital Cameras at - Sova 32'' LCD HD-Ready TV - 12001 Dynamic Contrast Ratio, 169, RGB-DVI, S-video - DSV - Sova 32'' LCD HD-Ready TV - 12001 Dynamic Contrast Ratio, 169, RGB-DVI, S-video - DSV32P112
DVDs - Wholesale lots - OQO Model 02
EMEA Order Status
EOS (SLR) Camera Systems - Macro - Macro Lens - EF 50mm f-2.5 Compact Macro - Canon USA Consumer Products
EOS (SLR) Camera Systems - Macro - Macro Lens - EF-S 60mm f-2.8 Macro USM - Canon USA Consumer Products
errorwear embrace your computer problems
Popular bargain hunting sites - February 2007 at
Prestonpans Florists - try also musselburgh
Reestit Mutton's Bargain Basement The UK's only contract mobile phone deals website that tells it like it is
Reviews for Philips DVD Player (DVP3140-37) at
Samsung Q30
Target Apple 30GB iPod -Black
Televisions Sale Items - Black Friday @
Wassily Kandinsky Paintings,Wassily Kandinsky Biography, Oil Paintings Gallery Reproductions.
Whimsy - Dude Wrap


2006 CD Template Design Chaney Instruments Commerce Quartz 14-Inch Acrylic Wall Clock Home & Garden
Balloon Tales articles Tutorial Pop-Up Letters
Button Machines, Button Supplies, Custom-made Buttons & More
CD-DVD Template Design - Spring
DIY screen printing
free models from pentel for kids Project details for Network PDF Server YAFPC-Appliance
Haunted Dimensions by Ray Keim
Haunted Paper Toys
Home Electronics Free Paper Models
How do I create text on a circle in Adobe® Photoshop®
MAKE Blog Paper Crafts Archives
paper bus - Google Image Search
Paper Mac's Origami Make your own Mac @ The Apple Collection
paper model truck - Google Image Search
Paper Toys - Paper Cut-Outs - Custom Paper Models at
papercraft cars - italian site » My models
PDFTK Builder and other PDF Resources
Pepakura Designer
Peter's kite site
Plug-ins for The GIMP - photo mosaic (removed)
reset page counter to restart dead printer
Resources for Writing Systems Implementation using Copyleft and FLOSS (Free-Libre and Open Sour
Resources for Writing Systems Implementation using Copyleft and FLOSS (Free-Libre and Open Source Software)
s t e n c i l r y . -- it's more important than cat chow. Machines
SF PaperCraftGallery
Staples 14 Round Meeting Minder Clock at Staples®
The Disney Experience
What is Craft ROBO Craft ROBO-GRAPHTEC


Bug tracking and version control

Edgewall Software Trac
Remote Synthesis Introduction to Subversion (CFObjective Session Summary)
the simfluence
vmTrac - A vmWare appliance combining Subversion & Trac


Acovea Overview
BEG - Code Generator for creating Portable Compiler(s)
C Compilr - generate windows binaries online
C99 standard
Cay Horstmann's Blog Railroad diagrams
Comp.compilers Re Bottom-up versus Top-down
Comp.compilers Re Survey of intermediate program representations
Compiler Companies Companies that Develop and Market Production Compilers
Compiler Research Projects University Language and Compiler Research
Compiler Topics Links to Sites Related to Compilers
Compilers Algorithms
Ebnf2ps Peter's Syntax Diagram Drawing Tool
ELF Kickers incl elf to c
Factor a practical stack language
Features - Syntax Diagrams
Freeware-BoundsChecking Project details for Visualization of Compiler Graphs Search results - +compiler
GCC extension for protecting applications from stack-smashing attacks
GNU 68K C-C++ Compiler, Windows Port, Free Download.
GNU C source to source translator
GPP - pre processor
GPP -- Generic Preprocessor,ACM&CFID=15151515&CFTOKEN=6184618
iburg, A Tree Parser Generator
Index for PCCTS
index [NekoVM]
Intel C++ Compiler - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia
lcc, A Retargetable Compiler for ANSI C
LCC-Win32 - a free C compiler for Windows
Montreal SIMULA Site
ncc homepage
Nested Functions - Using the GNU Compiler Collection (GCC)
NestedVM - GCC to Java Bytecode via MIPS
porting gcc for dunces
Programming Languages
Real Man's Compiler Collection
Ruby Quiz - Drawing Trees (#40)
Simple C Compiler
smorgasbordet - Pelles C
Software optimization resources. C++ and assembly. Windows, Linux, BSD, Mac OS X
some new compiler links ctalk
specs [NekoVM]
STOICAL - STack Oriented Interactive Compiler Adapted to Linux
SYNGEN - a Syntax diagram drawing tool
The Amsterdam Compiler Kit
The Leonardo Computing Environment (portable virtual machine)
The Linux GCC HOWTO Linking
The Zephyr Abstract Syntax Description Language
Viktor's Home Page W - A Simple Programming Language
W.Ehrhardt mpint intro
Why Bison is Becoming Extinct
XX to C translators


flo's freeware - Notepad2
jEdit - Programmer's Text Editor - overview
Linux editors software
Programming Resources, News and Ideas Most popular free-open source IDEs and Editors
TextEditors Wiki EditorIndex


Exploring Expect Chapter 3 Getting Started With Expect
Introduction to Expect-ExpectK Version 2005.04.25

fun problem solving

Perl Quiz of the Week
Quines (self-replicating programs)
Ruby Quiz
soduku solver source code


Blowfish JavaScript Implementation

Microsoft C

Debugging Tools for Windows - Overview
Download details Windows® Server 2003 SP1 Platform SDK Web Install
Download Visual C++ 2005 Express
Express - Visual C++ - Easy to Use
Oracle Developer Tools for Visual Studio .NET
Using Visual C++ 2005 Express Beta 2 with the Microsoft Platform SDK
Visual C++ Developer Center Microsoft Visual C++ Toolkit 2003 - Visual C++ .NET Standard Edition - Free Optimizing Compiler

Network servers


Fast Forumulae Formula Primer Presentation w-notes.pdf

Ask Tom Home
Database Management Systems
Daz Systems, Inc Intratnet home page
How to install Oracle Apps 11i Vision Databas e on home PC - ITtoolbox Groups
HP OpenVMS systems - C example with two keys
HRMS Kit Documentation
Index on PL-SQL items (JL Comp)
Interfacing a Relational Database to the Web
JL Computer Consultancy Home Page
Media Pack Search
Oracle Database 10g Express Edition Downloads
Oracle Database 10g Express Edition
Oracle Database Express Edition Online Documentation 10g Release 2 (10.2)
Oracle Database Express Edition Tutorial
Oracle Pipeline - Quest Software's Information Portal for Oracle DBAs and Developers
Oracle PL-SQL Cheatsheet
Oracle PL-SQL Downloads
Oracle PL-SQL examples (example source code) Organized by topic
Oracle PL-SQL Pipeline - Quest Software's Information Portal for Oracle DBAs and Developers
Oracle PL-SQL Programming
oracle plsql manual
Oracle SQL Developer (formerly Project Raptor)
Oracle TechCasts - powered by FeedBurner
Oracle Web Applications PL-SQL Developer's Introduction
Oracle® Database Express Edition Getting Started Guide
Oracle® Database Express Edition Installation Guide - Oracle Apps 11.5.10 on FC5
Pages tagged with PLSQL on
PL Generator download
PL-SQL Sample Code
The Oracle PL-SQL CD Bookshelf
Tutorial PL-SQL en espanol
[Chapter 6] 6.4 PL-SQL Tools



Great Plains Network Consortium


mr. electron online - scopeshapes
Vectrex LOGO


Accessing RMS from Perl
C Development Environment
Directory [UTIL.COM]
Directory [VMSSIG.SRC.C]
Enhancing VMSINDEX
HP OpenVMS systems - C
Hunter Goatley's VMS Freeware FILESERV
HyperShelf ... OpenVMS Alpha Online Documentation Library (September 2004)
Index of$common-syshlp-examples-
Index of$common-syshlp-examples-sysman_rrl-
OpenVMS beginner's FAQ
Secrets of OpenVMS® File I-O
setting up no-password ssh
SSH for OpenVMS V2.1 Admin and User's Guide Chapter 6
StarLet-Technical corner
TAPESYS Frequently Asked Questions
Touch Technologies, Inc. - Free Reports
VMS Stupid DCL Tricks


A List Apart Articles High-Resolution Image Printing
CSS Source Ordered 1-3 Columned Page Maker by ClevaTreva Designs - The Generator Form v2.90
Dynamic PDF
Electronic Publishing Research Group
HTMLDOC 1.2 User's Guide
LaTable - wysiwyg TeX table editor
Microsoft Office Clip Art and Media Home Page
PDFlib GmbH - ProductsDownloadsSourceCode
Web Annotation 
WWW FAQs How do I include one HTML file in another


work flow tools - Documentation

2006 Underhanded C Contest
50'000€ Prize for Compressing Human Knowledge
AIMA Python file
All C Functions
Artificial Intelligence authors-titles recent submissions
Automata tools
BBC Micro User Guide Contents
Berkeley Open Infrastructure for Network Computing (BOINC)
bill's Linktastic
C Algorithms C Algorithms Library
C Programming
C++ Source Code
Code Craft - Finding coders on the subcontinent - BlogHoster
Code from Programming Pearls
CodePlex - Open Source Project Hosting - Project Directory
Computer Programming Algorithms Directory
Counting Bits
Daniel's Obfuscated-V Contest
David Neto's code tip top 1 bit
Dekker's solution - Google Search
dgroup Programmers Page
Dictionary of Algorithms and Data Structures
Dinkumware, Ltd C99 Library Reference Dinkum C99 Library
DIY Calculator Introducing Different Rounding Algorithms Python Software - How can they learn
Excerpts from Butler Lampson's Hints for Computer System Design
FileHelpers Library - Copyright 2005-2006 to Marcos Meli
Five methods for computing Ackermann's function
free university lectures - computer science, mathematics, physics Project details for JStdio Project details for perltidy Project details for R
Full Listing, Books and Chapters, Research, Computing Science, University of Newcastle
Futurist Programming Notes
GBA c programmers library
gbadev Message fixed point divide
Geeking with Greg Netflix Prize enabling recommender research
Google code search (
Google Code Search
Grapher - Automata drawing tool
HAKMEMC -- HAKMEM Programming hacks in C (NOT proof-read)
Hints for computer system design
Hitting the High Notes - Joel on Software
How to be a Programmer A Short, Comprehensive, and Personal Summary Programmer.pdf .pdfarnumber - Google Search
Index of - everything from sourceforge
ISAAC, a fast cryptographic random number generator
Jeff Atwood Finding coders on the Indian subcontinent
Justin Heyes-Jones web pages - A Algorithm
Knuth Programs
Krugle - Code Search for Developers
Libdatastruct Reference Manual
Linux math software - python prettyprinter - py2html - pytohtml
Makeheaders -- A program to generate header files for C or C++
nasa-cosmic - USE THIS ONE FOR DOWNLOADS - Free
Neto's Laws of Algorithmic Experimentation
Open Channel Foundation More NASA COSMIC Programs
Open Channel Foundation NASA Cosmic Collection
Optimal Rubik's cube solver
PDCurses - Public Domain Curses
PDP-11 target for lcc
peterson's solution - Google Search
Program to Solve Your Rubik's Cube
Programmable Logic DesignLine An introduction to different rounding algorithms
Programmable Logic DesignLine Binary Coded Decimal (BCD) 101 - Part 1
Programmable Logic DesignLine Logic 101 - Part 4 - Gray Codes
Programmable Logic DesignLine The Top-10 Programmable Logic How To articles of 2006
Programmiersprachen - Allgemeine Grundlagen - FIND THE BUG BOOK OF INCORRECT PROGRAMS - Adam Ba
Programmiersprachen - Allgemeine Grundlagen - FIND THE BUG BOOK OF INCORRECT PROGRAMS - Adam Barr - 0-321-22391-8 - Pearson Ed
Programming Pearls
Programming Tutorials Articles, tutorials and resources for programmers!
QuickGraph, Graph Data Structures And Algorithms for .Net - Home
Range Encoder
Ring Server Software Library
Rubik Solver Sources
Rubik's cube
some interesting acm papers (but no full text access)
Source Code Files for C for Dummies
source code search engines
StumbleUpon » Programming Websites
Sudoku code in C
Sudoku Programmers Index
Synet  A Synthesizer of Distributable Bounded Petri-Nets from Finite Automata Version 2.0b
Teach Yourself Programming in Ten Years
The Game AI Page Building Artificial Intelligence into Games
The MINIX 3 Operating System
Why specs matter [dive into mark]
Wild Open Source - Other Projects - DevIL - A full featured cross-platform Image Library
Z80 Number Cruncher

recipes - Recipe - Zabaglione
Flora's Recipe Hideout Lime Cheesecake (Splenda)
Simply Recipes Ricotta-Mascarpone Mousse with Balsamic Strawberries Recipe

RECOVERY Amazon Web Services Store Alexa Web Information Service - Amazon Web Services
CD & DVD Recovery - DVD and CD data recovery made easy
CD Data Rescue 2.5 Download - CD Data Rescue is a effective data recovery software that
Internet Archive Wayback Machine - history site
Warrick - Tool for Reconstructing a Website

Rio Grande Valley

Bird Checklist
Butterflies of Texas II pictures from wildlife photos on webshots
Butterflies of Texas pictures from wildlife photos on webshots
Butterflies of Texas
Butterflies of the Lower Rio Grande Valley of South Texas-1 pictures from wildlife photos on we
Butterflies of the Lower Rio Grande Valley of South Texas-1 pictures from wildlife photos on webshots
Butterfly Sightings - North American Butterfly Association
Butterfly Checklist
Dragonflies and Damselflies of Texas pand the South-Central United States Texas, Louisiana, Arkansas, Oklahoma, and New Mexi
gmanager999's photos and albums on webshots
Ground Truth Investigations Butterflies of Central Texas
Ground Truth Investigations Dragonflies
Home Page Butterfly Park
Rio Grande Valley Butterfly Hotspots
Rivers End Nursery and Farm - rgv source of miracle fruit
The South Texas Border, 1900-1920 Photographs from the Robert Runyon Collection
Valley Nature Center Weslaco, Texas
World Birding Center Edinburg
World Birding Center Quinta Mazatlan


Feed43 (Feed For Free) Convert any web page to news feed on the fly
Home Business Marketplace - RSS Scraper
Justin Mason Happy Software Prole
Sitescooper scoop websites onto your PalmPilot
web to rss scraper - Google Search

scotland trip

SDL_gfx Library
SDL_image Documentation Homepage
SGE - rotate bitmaps


Disaster recovery
rdiff-backup Main

Host monitoring

CipherDyne psad - Intrusion Detection with iptables, iptables Log Analysis, iptables Policy Analysis
Coding Horror Trojans, Rootkits, and the Culture of Fear
Copyscape - Website Plagiarism Search - Web Site Content Copyright Protection
Endpoint Security Policy Project
How Good are Free Security Programs Part 2
LoggedFS - Filesystem monitoring with Fuse
Security Technical Implementation Guides in the Public Area
Siege Home
Sysinternals Freeware - RootkitRevealer
Top 5 Free Anti-Virus products -
watch for dead windows processes
Winpooch API hooking monitor

network monitoring


ACT Support - Your 24-7 Support Partner
Application Monitoring and Web Transacation Monitoring - Webmetrics
Award-winning Web Development, Web Hosting, and Ecommerce Solutions. NxTek Solutions Provides T
Award-winning Web Development, Web Hosting, and Ecommerce Solutions. NxTek Solutions Provides Turn-key Internet and Web Solutio
Fisher's Creek Consulting
NMSalert Website Monitoring Service Web Server Monitoring
Servercave.comHomeWelcome -- No-Nonsense Internet Services

-- packetfence --
Advanced Network Monitor (HostMonitor)
Linux Attack Detection - Seifried Security Site
Network Monitoring Tools list at
State of IP Spoofing

ACM Classic Reflections on Trusting Trust
Anatomy of Credit Card Numbers
Appliation Relay firewalls
BitTorrent rainbow table download info
California Secretary of State - Voting Systems Review - IT Security in a university
Circumventing SSL with Ettercap Video
COMMELL EMB-564 Embedded Multiple Ethernet Platform
Concrete Running log of rogue robots
Credit Card Validation
danger of opening any html in email
Educational Security Incidents (ESI) Sometimes the free flow of information is unintentional
EDUCAUSE Risk Assessment Outline
Effective IT Security Practices and Solutions Guide - Internet2 Wiki
Eraser - Free secure data erase tool to wipe files on your hard drive
forensic utilities and how to image a raw windows disk
Forums-viewtopic-Problem - no keys shown in key selection window
Free Encryption - Cryptographic Software, Free On the Fly Encryption, Steganography, Free Disk
Free Encryption - Cryptographic Software, Free On the Fly Encryption, Steganography, Free Disk Encryption Tools, Free Public Ke
FREE Rainbow Tables
GData An Online MD5 Hash Database
Gpg4win - EMail-Security using GnuPG for Windows
HTML Purifier - Filter your HTML the standards-compliant way!
Index of
infosec - year in review 2005
InfraGard-Texas Central Texas Members Alliance
Internet Information Services Locking Down your Server Part 4
ISAAC, a fast cryptographic random number generator
Keyboard Collector Download - Keylogger software and parental control software.
LASEC Search Results
MD5 crack
Midnight Research Labs - wicrawl
Minimum Security Standards for Networked Devices
MITRE Honeyclient Project - Trac
oracle - Google Search
Oracle Forensics by Paul M. Wright
oracle password info
Oracle security information and tools
Oracle Security standards - Integrigy Corporation
orasec bug demo
ORASEC ~ Oracle Security by Paul Wright , London Borough of Sutton Oracle Password Security and OraBrute ~ New Paper
ORASEC ~ Oracle Security by Paul Wright , London Borough of Sutton
OSSIM (Open Source Security Information Management)
Overview - ftimes - data forensics logger and ssn scanner
PacketFence Overview
Password Attack Discussion & Benchmarks by Alan Amesbury
Password Safe
Pete Finnigan - Oracle and Oracle security information
Phonebook - Software to Make Your PC 'Police-Ready'
PhoneFactor Home
Ping Tunnel - Send TCP traffic over ICMP
Project RainbowCrack
Protected Storage PassView v1.62 Recover Protected Storage passwords
RainbowCrack Online
Risk Analysis of Critical Areas and Processes - Internet2 Wiki
run-as restricted user in windows
Schneier on Security Safe Personal Computing
secsplit - NEOHAPSIS - Peace of Mind Through Integrity and Insight
secsplit - projects
secsplit - secret sharing
SecuriTeam™ - SQL Injection Walkthrough
Sharesecret Manual
Sieve FirewallVMTN Virtual Appliances Directory
skype and security
SQL Injector -
Statistical High Risk Personal Identifier Questionaire - Information Technology
TCP Treason Uncloaked
The Economic Impact of Pandemic Influenza in the United States Priorities for Intervention
The GNU Privacy Guard -
The Person-Matching Problem
Tom Van Vleck tools page (pw generators)
Top 100 Network Security Tools
Topics in Advanced Network Management Results from a workshop of R&E network architects
Translated version of
transparent proxy
TrueCrypt - Free Open-Source On-The-Fly Disk Encryption Software for Windows XP-2000 and Linux
Trusted Computing FAQ TC - TCG - LaGrande - NGSCB - Longhorn - Palladium
TuxMobil Linux and Wireless LAN Access Points (Routers) - WLAN APs
Two Ways To Surf More Securely
View topic - [2.0] Blocklist Manager 1.1 - - A Revolution is the Solution
VMware ACE
Whitetrash Dynamic Web Whitelisting for Squid
Windows XP Login Recovery - Window password recovery within minutes.
worm blog Oracle Worm in Pure SQL (PoC)


32in TV
Google - Shopping Cart Receipt - Purchase History Order Detail photo


goWholesale - Obsolete Appliance Parts Closeout Auction Equipment Surplus State Surplus Auctions


ESMTP MTA Home Page Project details for PDFassassin
gps - greylist policy service for postfix
Hail to the...spammer-in-chief Perspectives CNET
Judge Upholds Ban on `Junk Faxes' - same judge as in case
Making your Spam Mail Blocker work for you - lightspeed
milter-greylist home page
Please Don't Use Incredimail
Reviewing Spam Email at Your Convenience - lightspeed
Sieve FirewallVMTN Virtual Appliances Directory
Spam Kings Blog
tarmail Abuse-Resistant Mail Server
webfilt for UNIX


A University ID System Without Social Security Numbers
COMSERV, Inc. Unique Products and Services Social Security Number Validation System (SSNDTECT)
CPSR - document_view
Regular Expression Library -- presented by Training
see statement 5
Slow password hashing for SSN database
Social Security Number Allocations
Social Security Number Project
Social Security Number Verification
Social Security Online FOIA SSN's by State
SSN check digit formula
The Person-Matching Problem
Validate a Social Security Number (canadian) - Real's Java How-to

stereo 3d

Stereoscopic (3D) Imaging by Andrew Woods

iText Tutorial Table of Contents - pdf generation
LaTeX Equation Editor
Latex Math Symbols
LatexRender & TeX Converter
MetaSandbox - use {math}tex content{-math}
TeX ? ???? - ?????????
TRALICS a LaTeX to XML translator (H)


#eztv @ EFNET
BitTorrent Tv
COVER COMOZ jaquettes divx
CoVeR DvD - Albert's Page - Italian
CoVeR DvD - Albert's Page - RSS feeds - Torrent list
dvd case templates
dvd covers en and cz - Google Image Search
iPod Video Archive - mp4 video and more for your iPod video - movies, music videos, girls, sports, college humor, animation, Fu - Torrent Search - Results for galactica resistance
Stargazer 2.0 - Caratulas para tus series de TV
The Pirate Bay - The worlds largest BitTorrent tracker
The Pirate Bay - TV shows
Torrent Search - - The Torrent Search Engine
Torrents uploaded by EZTV - Mininova
TV Shows Other - Mininova
«???????? ???»(Star TrekEnterprise Season4)[???????]22??[AVI]&[RMVB] ?? ? ?? VeryCD ? ??
«???????? ???»(Star Trek Voyager Season 1)[FLYINE?????????]16??[RMVB] ?? ? ?? VeryCD ? ??


Google - Purchase History
ritz camera purchase Tips & Tools Track and Confirm Results


Best Travel Store - We Show You the World for Less
The Next Net Startup Watch Yapta (Beating the Airlines at Their Own Game)


Bitty Browser Directory
Google Maps
Klingofox wapMail
Re Installing Real Player for PalmOne 1.6.1 problem - Using RealPlayer - Real Support Community
RealPlayer for Palm One -
Tea Vui Huang's Mass Storage Synchronizer - RealPlayer Skips - 32K mp3s
TreoFaq How To Watch Movies On Treo
TreoFaq The Treo Knowledge Base


The IT Crowd Information from - G4 wild about 'Monkeys'


AbiWord --to-tex
Chicago Style Q&A One Space or Two
Chikrii Softlab Word2TeX What Is That
EGG - Easy Generator Generator for 'xml-to-text' transformations Project details for Mini-XML
How do I create text on a circle in Adobe® Photoshop®
HTML to LaTeX (version 2.7)
html2latex homepage Space or Two.doc
iText Tutorial Rich Text Format
latex eqn editor help info
LaTeX Equation Editor
MathType Font Installers
pdf2html pdf2txt
Photoshop List of Tutorials
Poppler - pdf rendering library
Reflow the contents of Adobe PDF documents Tutorial
Report One Versus Two Spaces After a Period
Simple Equation
SM - Table of Contents
TeX for the Impatient - Summary [Savannah]
Welcome to GNU TeXmacs (FSF GNU project)
Word-to-LaTeX (Word-to-XML) convertor

University academic business

Excelencia in Education
ResearchChannel - Browse by Subject
WikiversityMain Page - Wikiversity

Unix Utils

file systems

About libferris
Advogato Project info for xmlfs
Amazon S3 FS - Revision 2 -trunk
archfs - Google Code
aufs - which is better - funionfs perhaps
AVFS - A Virtual File System
boxfs - fuse for
carbon copy fs -
ClamFS An anti-virus protected file system
Cleversafe Open Source Community Downloads
Coda File System
CopyFS - M@Wiki - advanced beta
cvsFS - mount a CVS-Tree search for fuse fs search for fuse
Develop your own filesystem with FUSE
encfs [arg0 Wiki]
encfsintro2 [arg0 Wiki] Project details for ccgfs Project details for fusecram Project details for SMBNetFS Search results - +fuse
FUSD A Linux Framework for User-Space Devices
FUSE Filesystem in Userspace - dev fuse on SuSE
FUSE hits a snag []
fuseflt - A FUSE filesystem with file conversion filters
fusemb - SMB network connector using fuse
Grid Datafarm GfarmFS-FUSE
hacks-httpfs - VamosProject
hello.c as a fuse file system entry
Home · InfiniteFTP FTP access to Amazon S3 Online Data Backup FTP Server for Amazon Simple Storage Service (S3) Ama
Hurd Extras - various filing systems
Index of -copyfs
inotify - get your file system supervised
JetS3t – Home
List of all FUSE file systems
manishrjain - flickrfs
NCryptfs A Secure and Convenient Cryptographic File System
netbsd-announce userspace file systems puffs, and puffs+refuse = FUSE
NTFS-3G Stable Read-Write NTFS Driver
NTFS-3G Support View topic - HOWTOInstall newest ntfs-3g driver and fuse in opensuse 10.1
NTFS-3G Support View topic - NTFS-3G and SuSE 10.2
Pgfs The PostGres File System Linux Journal
Phonebook - Software to Make Your PC 'Police-Ready'
POrtable Dodgy Filesystems in Userland (hacK)
Project Btrfs -
rdiff-backup Main
Self-Certifying File System FAQ
shadowfs - cowfs - Revision 36 -trunk Uservfs
SSHFS on Windows via Samba Shares on Ubuntu VMWare-- The Glass is Too Big
Starfish Distributed Filesystem - DBWiki
StegFS A Steganographic File System for Linux
The arla project.
The truth about IFS
this tutorial covers fuse - Google Search
VCFS Virtual CVS Filesystem
ZFS on FUSE - Wizy Wiki

Access the Linux kernel using the -proc filesystem
amazon message queuing infrastructure
CD Image Conversion - LQWiki
Cool Solutions A Little YaST Magic - change install dvd location
Cromfs Compressed ROM filesystem for Linux (user-space)
Custom NimbleX
CyberKnights Mandrake 10.0 - Publishing
Distribution-Download - Fedora Project Wiki
duplicity - like rdiff-backup but for when no remote server support
Expect - Expect - Home Page
Festival - speech output Project details for anyfs-tools Project details for Autofs NG Project details for cryptmount Project details for uni2ascii
Geek to Live Back up Gmail with fetchmail - Lifehacker
Ghost clone - Clonezilla
Harmony Project home page - successor to Unison
HTTP-FUSE Xenoppix
Index of -pub-opensuse-distribution
James Stephens » Backup-Restore Scripts For Imaging-Cloning Disks Using Partimage Under Linux
KIBITZ(1) manual page
Main Page - Pyro Desktop
Main Page - Toc2rta Wiki
Making an OpenBSD bootable install CD
Monitorix Project by Jordi Sanfeliu (aka Mikaku)
Objdump - MIPSlab
Released Version - openSUSE
rsync=unison Peter's Blog
SANE - Scanner Access Now Easy
source code bully algorithm
sshd tweaks
Synchrotron Radiation Source, Daresbury Laboratory
Sys Admin Secure File Transfer with chroot'ed SFTP-Only Accounts
tdu, a text-mode disk usage visualization utility
The MINIX 3 Operating System
The peep homepage
Unison File Synchronizer - Project ldapuseradd
Virtual Worlds Productions - Software Development Group
vncrec - simple VNC session recorder and player
XMLFS Homepage


Csrss.exe uses 100% of the CPU When you Right-Click an item in Explorer
Cube World - memo - post to halfbakery about my old Life design
Don't waste your time with Oracle...
Edit parameters
Faq-O-Matic Installer
Halfbakery Evolution of PVR
Halfbakery Warm-weather 'ice' rink
I Called It - Predicting the future one post at a time.
Intelius People Search - Public Records, Background Checks & More. - Intelius
IT Resource Center forums - copy files from one system to another
Letter-by-Letter Word Games FAQ
Matt Goyer’s Media Center Blog » how to enable My DVDs
mb21 - Teletext Then and Now - Live feeds
Pictish Nation ®
Postfix Configuration - Address Manipulation View topic - are scammers
The Daily WTF
wmvtranscoderplugin info



Best Practical Solutions, LLC RT Request Tracker - ticketing
How do I use Bugzilla
LaTeX project Submit a LaTeX bug report

Download hosting

Create torrent wizard - AzureusWiki
HungryFlix - Download Movies for your iPod, PSP, and More!

Grant research

Apply for a Grant - Humanities
Digital History Becoming Digital
Digital History Preserving Digital History
Documenting Endangered Languages (DEL) nsf06577
EDUCAUSE travel grant
Funding Databases (UNC)
GOOD ONE- Foundations of Computing Processes and Artifacts (CPA) nsf07587
Homeland Security Digital Library (HSDL) Grant Programs
Homeland Security Digital Library (HSDL) Homeland Security Events and Conferences
Homeland Security IT Infrastructure protection
NCO Home Page
Office Of Research & Sponsored Projects
The Andrew W. Mellon Foundation — Research in Information Technology

HEAF REQUESTS - Cavalry 500GB 3.5'' 7200RPM USB 2.0 External Hard Drive - CAUE37500


Creating a Database-Centric Web Application Using Oracle HTML DB
Debian Administration Oracle XE on Debian
HTMLDB dot Com Oracle HTMLDB Consulting and ASP Services
Oracle Application Express How To Documents
Oracle Application Express
Sergio's Blog November 2005 Archives
WebHome Apex TWiki


ATC Texas Executive Summit- thompson logo like utpa
The LSC logo is available to download in the following formats


Advanced Oracle PL-SQL Programming with Packages
Create a New Database From an SQL Script DotNetFirebird (Using Firebird SQL in .NET)
DCJS' Oracle Database Information
Examples from Oracle PL-SQL Developer's Workbook
Experimenter for Pl-Sql Tidy
Fundamentals of Programming in PL-SQL Lab 3.1 Exercises
Index of -learnoracle
Index of -oracle
Index of -oracle2
Index of -oraclescrp
Index of -oracleweb
Index of -ornewfeatures
Index of -orsqplus
Learning Oracle PL-SQL Chapter 1 PL-SQL What, When, and Where
Manual for Pl-Sql Tidy internet version 1.0.13
O'Reilly -- Learning Oracle PL-SQL Here's What to Expect
Online SQL and PL-SQL Formatter
Open Directory - Computers Programming Languages PL-SQL Developer Tools
Oracle PL-SQL Best Practices Examples
Oracle PL-SQL Downloads
Oracle PL-SQL Downloads2
Oracle PL-SQL Programming, 3rd Ed. Supplemental Files
Oracle PL-SQL Programming, 3rd Edition Additional Text
PL-SQL Technology Center
pl2html.c -- An Open Source Repository for PL-SQL Developers
plvision test database creation scripts
Script and Code Exchange Oracle FAQ
SQL Formatter - SQLFormatter formats SQL Statements
The life and times of  Steven Feuerstein
The Oracle PL-SQL CD Bookshelf
[Chapter 1] 1.3 Built-in Packages
[Chapter 1] 1.4 Built-in Functions
[Chapter 4] Getting Started with PL-Vision


Customized Oracle Training Classes Courses
Easy Oracle SQLPlus SQL Reports book
Here, take my money. Please. Pretty please
It's about time-Computerworld
Oracle data warehouse class by Donald Burleson
Oracle HTML-DB book
Oracle Pl-SQL programming book - plsql
QuickStudy Directory
Thompson Conference Center MAPS & PARKING

Administrative Process Forms for the University of Texas - Pan American
Change Password Utility
Democracy Internet TV
Desktop supercomputer breaks $100 per Gflop
Deskzilla View Forum - Virtual Bugzilla Server
Download Cobol Tools and Converters
EEVS ACM Press Release, June 7, 2007
EISTECH pays 42 per hr
Evisions, Inc. - Evisions software for SCT Banner finance, student, government, and utilities
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Information Technology The University of Texas - Pan American
K i o s k C D . com
Kasten COBOL Page Coding Style and Techniques
Kiosk Appliance in Launchpad
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SimpleTicket - Open Source Trouble Ticket System for Small & Medium Sized Businesses
SSN ACM Press Release, June 21, 2007
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The 12-Drive RAID Storage Box
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UTPA Off-campus backup web server
UTPA Staff Senate
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Virtual Reality at Reading University

Valley Wildlife

April Fool

Butterfly Coloring Pages, Butterfly Crafts, Page, Drawings, Pictures, Sheets, Craft, Kids
Butterfly Pictures, Photos, Images, butterflies, picture, photo, pics Gallery-img-Butterfly_Heinz Heile.jpg butterfly_1600.jpg
Morphology of a butterfly
Riker mounted butterflies, riker mounts, scientific butterfly mounts, unique

All-Leps Barcode of Life
Altamira Oriole -
Another Colorful Critter photo - John Dicus photos at
Baltimore Oriole -
Bird Family taxonomy
Black-vented Oriole -
Butterflies Mariposas - a photoset on Flickr
Butterflies - Grass Skippers (Featured 3-27-05) pictures from wildlife photos on webshots
Butterflies - Rarities and Specialties of the Lower Rio Grande Valley of Texas pictures from wildlife photos on webshots
Butterflies - Recent Sightings in the Lower Rio Grande Valley of Texas pictures from wildlife photos on webshots
Butterflies of South Texas pictures from wildlife photos on webshots
Butterfly and Skipper Images, Rio Grande Valley, TX album G & J Strickland
Construction of Bruco - idea for NABA
Flickr Search jerryoldenettel's photos
FLMNH - Butterfly Rainforest - Discovery Game
Gil's pic of texas lizard
gquin's photos and albums on webshots
Harvard University's Caribbean Insects About Us
Indigo Bunting -
jld410's photos and albums on webshots
Looks like a trilobite! - Physonota alutacea - BugGuide.Net
lrgv butterflies pictures and videos on Webshots
Map Search Butterflies and Moths of Hidalgo Co
Map Search Butterflies and Moths of North America
Map Search Butterflies and Moths of Texa
My Texas Trip List and photos links
NABA butterflies ive seen
naba tx pictures and videos on Webshots
NABA-IBP pictures and videos on Webshots
Neotropical Butterflies • View forum - Photos - Mexico
Odonata Central - Field Guide to the Dragonflies and Damselflies of Texas and the Surrounding States
Orchard Oriole -
Other Wildlife of the Lower Rio Grande Valley, Texas. Oct-Dec, 2004. Photo Gallery by John Dicus at
Related Links Butterflies and Moths of North America
Some sort of tussock moth - Halysidota - BugGuide.Net
Texas Lepidoptera - a photoset on Flickr
TraylorCatPuddyPrint's photos and albums on webshots
Welcome to the Texas Butterfly Festival
What's That Bugbutterflies and skippers - first item - last entry
yellow hairy caterpillar - Halysidota - BugGuide.Net

VAX-VMS on Linux using SIMH

Vax Emulator

freevms ftp area
Guide to OpenVMS File Applications
HP OpenVMS System Manager's Manual, Volume 1 Essentials
OpenVMS Hobbyist Kit Order Form
VAX-VMS on Linux using SIMH

virtual stuff



Shibboleth Authentication - Meta

Reflection Virtual Appliance - VMTN Virtual Appliances Directory
Run IT on a Virtual Hard Disk
vmTrac - VMTN Virtual Appliances Directory

100% Safe Downloads -
A virtual playgroundVMTN Virtual Appliances Directory Amazon EC2, Amazon Elastic Compute Cloud, Virtual Grid Computing Amazon Web Services
AndLinux -
Applications JumpBox Inc.
Arnold's Arbitrage Windows XP(guest, raw disk) in Linux with VMWare HOWTO
bagvapp - Virtual Appliances - webdesign - Free Graphics - Wallpaper other docs howto windows vmware openbsd firewall
Community Virtual Machines
Conary - RPath Wiki
Cromfs Compressed ROM filesystem for Linux (user-space)
Download Virtual Iron Single Server - Virtual Iron Software
EasyVMX! Virtual Machine Creator
Featured Windows Download Safely test new software with Sandboxie - Lifehacker
Fedora Core 5 with a Media Wiki web interfaceVMTN Virtual Appliances Directory
FreeNX - the free NX Project details for anyfs-tools Project details for OpenVZ kernel
grid computing using VMs
Hack Attack Safely install software in a virtual layer - Lifehacker
Improve software lifecycle automation VMware Lab Manager - VMware
Intel feeds virtualization's need for speed CNET
Invirtus - software to make virtual machines more accessible to more people - ESX Server Suppor
Invirtus - software to make virtual machines more accessible to more people - ESX Server Support
Invirtus - software to make virtual machines more accessible to more people - Products
Leostream P2V and Virtual Controller for VMware, Xen, and Microsoft Virtual Server 2005 Discussion View topic - Performance vs Virtuozzo
Linux-VServer - Linux-VServer
Microsoft starts supporting, er, Linux The Register
Microsoft Virtual PC 2007 (now free)
Microsoft Virtual Server 2005 R2
middleman the easy way to share dataVMTN Virtual Appliances Directory
MKS Inc. - UNIX to Windows Porting Solutions
MSFN's Unattended Windows Virtual Machine Tips
Next Microsoft Virtual Server slips to 2007 CNET
NoMachine NX - Desktop Virtualization and Remote Access Management Software
Online Learning Appliance Suite MediaWiki componentVMTN Virtual Appliances Directory
Open Interfaces and Formats
Openfiler - VMTN Virtual Appliances
OpenOSX Run Windows(R) on your Mac with OpenOSX WinTel(TM) now Native for Intel(R)
Public LiveCDs
QEMU on Windows
qemu-img hint for raw to vmware disk conversion
Reflection Virtual ApplianceVMTN Virtual Appliances Directory
rPath MediaWiki ApplianceVMTN Virtual Appliances Directory
RTFM Education » Ultimate-P2V
Sandboxie - Front Page
Secure RDP of Windows Terminal Services with 2X SecureRDP
SelfImage The free-open-Source hard disk imaging utility
Server Consolidation and Disaster Recovery with Virtual Machines
Sieve FirewallVMTN Virtual Appliances Directory
Software Management and Application Management Software Virtualization Solution - Altiris, Inc.
Software Virtualization Altiris Juice
SquidVMTN Virtual Appliances Directory - VMware slams XenSource-Microsoft deal
TWikiVMDebianStable Codev TWiki
TwikiVMTN Virtual Appliances Directory
Virtual Bugzilla Server
Virtual Iron Software Products & Technology Download Virtual Iron
Virtual pc, virtual machine and multiple operating system solutions by Parallels, Inc.
Virtual to Physical Documentation and Sample Configurations
Virtualization, Virtual Server, Windows, Linux, Consolidation, Physical to Virtual, Disaster Re
Virtualization, Virtual Server, Windows, Linux, Consolidation, Physical to Virtual, Disaster Recovery Software
Visopsys - Visual Operating System
VM Rootkits The Next Big Threat - Virtualization Information
VMTN - Virtual Appliances
VMTN Discussion Forums A virtual playground ...
VMware Fusion Overview, Run Windows on Mac, Virtual PC on Mac - VMware
VMware P2V Assistant
VMware Player downloads
VMware puts a virtual machine in your pocket
VMware Virtual Machine Importer 2.0 Beta Program
VMware Workstation DEMO
Welcome to
Welcome to linuxzoo
Welcome to OpenVZ — Server Virtualization Open Source Project – OpenVZ – Supported by SWsoft
WikiBox instant Wiki ServerVMTN Virtual Appliances Directory
XenSource - Downloads
XenSource looks to invade Windows base The Register



About Qemu Manager
QEMU documentation
QEMU on Windows
QemuOnWindows - #qemu Wiki
SeamlessVirtualization - Community Ubuntu Documentation
WindowsXPUnderQemuHowTo - Community Ubuntu Documentation

Coding Horror Creating Smaller Virtual Machines
Cooperative Linux
Downloads - VirtualBox
Some VMware images
Topologilinux - [Running Linux inside Windows]
VirtualBox - Community Ubuntu Documentation
VirtualBox_architecture - VirtualBox


Skype Index
My Skype Account Overview
Skype Help

EQO Mobile Internet Phone Service Take Skype™ Mobile With EQO!
FWD Home
Skype Extras


desktop wallpaper - Google Image Search
Free Wallpaper
NATO Wallpaper
Star trek nemesis

Web stuff

adaptive path » ajax a new approach to web applications
AJAX Example
AJAX Introduction
Ajax terminal client
AjaxTerm - QWeb - Trac
AlphaMail Home Page
Amazon Filler Item Finder Alexa Web Search Amazon Web Services
Apache HowTo - jakarta+tomcat
Apache module mod_proxy
AT&T Labs Research - Yoix
Blue Dot WebAnywhere A Screen Reader On-the-Go
Convert HTML To Image on Linux JPG, JPEG, BMP, PNG with html2image for Linux
CorneliOS, the virtual web OS - Home
Could Helen Keller Read Your Page
DataparkSearch Engine - open source search engine
Edmond's Space eSlides
eyeOS Web Desktop - Web OS - Web Office - your files and applications everywhere
eyeOS - Free Telephone Conference Call Service Project details for Andy's PHP Knowledgebase - Product Information
Google Apps for Your Domain
Google Code Search
Google Mashup Editor - Mashup Framework and Tools
Google Video (Beta) - Video Upload Program
GoToMeeting Web conferencing, Online Meetings, Net Meeting, Online Training, Web Conference, P
GoToMeeting Web conferencing, Online Meetings, Net Meeting, Online Training, Web Conference, Presentation Software, Web confe
GotVoice - Listen to your home and mobile phone voicemail on your computer - FREE!
HAProxy - The Reliable, High Performance TCP-HTTP Load Balancer
Hot Links - find their rendering engine...
HTML Tidy Project Page - html formatter indent prettyprinter
IEBlog A few of our favourite DHTML sites
IECapt - A Internet Explorer Web Page Rendering Capture Utility
imc, the Image Compiler
IntegraTUM WebDisk Features
Java Boutique, The Ultimate Java Applet Resource - Mondrian
Jericho HTML Parser
jpgind v0.84
Korea GRE 5.5 - ImageBook
Majestic-12 DSearch Technology
Majestic-12 Distributed Search Engine
Mashable! - The Social Networking Blog
Media Convert - free and on line - convert and split sound, ringtones, images, docs - MP3 WMV 3GP AMR FLV SWF AMV MOV WMA AVI M
mod_proxy - Apache HTTP Server
mod_rewrite - Apache HTTP Server
MUTE Simple, Anonymous File Sharing
My Windows Live space - WebDAV folder address
National Assosiation for the Blind, India
online web browser based wysiwyg html editor COMMERCIAL
Rollyo Create a Searchroll
Running Apache and Daisy - mod_rewrite
Running Apache and Daisy
Scripting Debugging in Internet Explorer - find errors in web pages
Search Syntax - Exalead
SEOmoz's Web 2.0 Awards
Simple Ajax Example
Simply BBC
Simply Google
Software Garden Products wikiCalc Program
The Song Tapper - Find music by tapping the rhythm of the song's melody.
The Temboz RSS aggregator
The Windows Experience Blog Store your files in “the cloud” with Windows Live SkyDrive
URL Rewriting Guide - Advanced topics - Apache HTTP Server
URL Rewriting Guide - Apache HTTP Server
UsaProxy - Usability Proxy for Websites
Using an object Element instead of an iframe to embed html pages
W3Schools Online Web Tutorials - in page live examples
Watchfire WebXACT
Web Anywhere
WEB OS RUNDOWN 45+ Web Operating Systems
Web Page Backward Compatibility Viewer
Webjob Overview
WEBTHUMB(8) - web-based excel
Writer the internet typewriter
YubNub -

Web-based tools

Free File Free 4 All - FreeMind - Free Mind Mapping Tool Matt Vapor's Blog


Multi-user editing

CoWord download
HCI at Tampere, Groupware
Seminar on COWord at Microsoft

24 ways Edit-in-Place with Ajax
AJAX Edit In Place With Prototype, Version 0.2.0 Joseph Scott's Blog
Ajax Edit In Place with Yahoo UI API by Elliott Back
ajax text box demo
DataIdeal - Free web-based donor tracking for non-profits
Editable Items by Elliott Back
Example page instant edit AJAX-style- best working example so far! Project details for Clevertext AJAX text box
Main - A Wiki - Blog Hybrid
Moodle - A Free, Open Source Course Management System for Online Learning
Plain Black, makers of WebGUI - WebGUI Content Engine
RedirectingExternalLinks - MoinMoin - wiki spam help
Set Search Parameters
Simple software to help you get organized 37signals
Start a new Wikia - Wikia Central - A Wikia wiki
TinyUML Wiki Mission - Easy AJAX inline text edit 2.0

Win XP Utils

file systems
How to create and manipulate NTFS junction points
ipodfs Home Page
Microsoft Windows XP - Mountvol
NS3 Home
Possible to map a network share to a folder rather than a drive letter - Discussion@SR

AboutTime Home Page
APC Magazine » Freeloader
BackupPC Information
BackupPC Open Source Backup to disk
Callback File System™ - Create and manage virtual filesystem in your Windows applications
CamStudio - Free Screen Recording Software
change windows type
CNAME Sharing disabled in Windows 2003 SP1 -
ContextEdit Download
DeleteUnused - a utility to secure unused disk space
Digital Material
DupKiller (System Utilities - File & Disk Management)
Easy to use accounting software from Microsoft
Enable file and printer sharing on XP SP2 -
Ext2fsd -
fast user switching even in domain mode
FastStone Image Viewer - Powerful and Intuitive Photo Viewer, Editor and Batch Converter
Featured Windows Download Safely test new software with Sandboxie - Lifehacker
Free Backup Software
Free PDF Converter - create high-quality PDF from any printable file type - Xming
GnuWin32 Packages
Hack Attack Safely install software in a virtual layer - Lifehacker
How to Move the My Documents Folder
How to Shadow a Terminal Server Session Without Prompt for Approval
Internet Explorer Newsgroup FAQs
It's a free for all - Technology - News - Belfast Telegraph
Junction v1.05
locate for windows
MediaCoder - Downloads
More Freeware - Time
Mount-Umount Context Menu Association without 3rd Party Tools [Archive] - THE DAEMONS HOME
MSFN's Unattended Windows Introduction
MSFN's Unattended Windows More Concurrent Connections
multi-tab remote desktop
NTFS junction point Information From
Nullsoft Scriptable Install System - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia
Other Freeware Recommendations
Overview research projects
Paint.NET - Windows Tips Remove Unsolicited Junk From Your Context Menus
port forwarding
Posteriza - large format prints from digital photos
Registering an Application to a URL Protocol
sala source » Windows Password Renew 1.1
Sandboxie - Front Page
SANE - Scanner Access Now Easy
Scan Code Mapper for Windows
SecureDelete - a utility to delete files securely
SelfImage The free-open-Source hard disk imaging utility
SmartClose (System Utilities - Shell Tools)
Software Management and Application Management Software Virtualization Solution - Altiris, Inc.
Software Virtualization Altiris Juice
sudowinsudowin [sudowin]
SyncToy for Windows XP
TestDisk - restore corrupt bootable drives partitions etc
The Metasploit Project
The Nohack Project - startup execution methods
The Official ImgBurn Website
TightProjector Software
TightVNC VNC-Based Free Remote Control Solution
Tiny Watcher keep your Windows clean
TrueCrypt - A Nice Surprise
TrueCrypt - Free Open-Source On-The-Fly Disk Encryption Software for Windows Vista-XP-2000 and Linux - Documentation
Unison File Synchronizer
Using Windows Terminal Services to Run a Single Application
vnc2swf - Screen Recorder
Vnc2swf Demo - Windows 2000
Welcome - TheOpenCD
WinDirStat - Windows Directory Statistics
Windows administration tricks and tips. How to setup a logon script on your Windows 2000-2003 A
Windows administration tricks and tips. How to setup a logon script on your Windows 2000-2003 Active Directory Network - www.i
Windows keyboard shortcuts you never knew existed! -
Windows XP Commands
Wink - [Homepage] -screen recorder
Winpooch API hooking monitor
wxDownload Fast (or just wxDFast) - A great multithreaded and multi-plataform Download Manager - How to Delete Undeletable Files - Run Tasks in Low Priority
XP On Your Thumb Drive January 23, 2006

Windows Utils


VITO FindMe freeware for Pocket PC windows mobile and wm5 or wm6 ppc, PocketPC free downloads.

Coding Horror Creating Smaller Virtual Machines
Default Gateway Behavior for Windows TCP-IP The Cable Guy - September 2003
essential freeware - Page 3 - Wilders Security Forums
Expect - Expect - Home Page
Microsoft Windows HOWTO freeSSHd - The Windows Documentation Project
nLite - Deployment Tool for the bootable Unattended Windows installation - About
Open your Windows - Large Free Software List (FOSS) Matt Vapor's Blog
Redmond Feature Article Make Room for Linux Apps
Sandboxie - Start Command Line
Secure Erase - internal SMART command
Son Of Spy Security 2
Son Of Spy Security1
The Windows Documentation Project - The Windows Documentation Project
Windows in bed with Linux
XP reinstall under virtual

WinXP stuff

Enable Features in winxp home
Windows Live Betas - Home
Windows XP Shows the Direction Microsoft is Going. (2003)

word games

A Boggle Assignment in Java
AI search algorithms maybe useful for scrabble
All OWL2 Two-Letter Words With Definitions
ANAGRAM Anagram Finder
Applied Cryptography Project 1.1 - The Cryptology Independent Study Project
Association of British Scrabble Players - CSW Check program
Automated Boggle
Barnes & - looking for cube words » Boggle
Brian Sheppard talks about Maven
Buy Crossword Dice Game - Levenger Games - Gifts & Games Online
Centre Star
Charles Cosse
Chris Worman's Webpage - Software - Boggle
Classic Mac Archive [dive into mark] - jotto and ghost
ClayGate 793-795 Indoor games & amusements ; Games of chance
CompSci 100 Boggle® Assignment
Computer Chess Programming » Blog Archive » Chess Tree Search
Construction of the CDAWG for a Trie - Inenaga, Hoshino, Shinohara, Takeda, Arikawa (ResearchIndex)
counting scrabble racks
CPS 006X, Fall 2003, Jotto
Crossword Puzzles
dawg - Google Code Search
Dictionaries for fDic+MoCroix
evan_tech -- automated boggle
evan_tech -- legality of decryption
fDic - palm word list and word game tool
Game Programming Links
genetic boggle
Ghost and Jotto source code - Mac
Hangman Flash Game Source Code reviews and free downloads
How Quackle Plays Scrabble
Index of -afs-cs-project-ai-repository-ai-areas-games-x_word
Index of -palm-fDic
Index of -users-jubishop-Perl-Tk-Scrabble
Index of -~abader-Public-scrabble-games
JDuplicate Free, Open Source, Word Game Suite
JeuxSoc - les jeux de société de François Haffner
Journal of wickline (135) - jotto in perl
Kris Kros - klasik ceský KV Billard internetový obchod
Kris Kros - klasik ceský KV Billard internetový obchod
LAMPWords - Dictionaries
Lexmee - Hidden Elephant Software
Mastermind (board game) - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia
MaxX's delphi site - Boggle
mocroix - - La sélection de logiciels
Nifty Boggle
O R D S P E L -words- swedish scrabble word list
Openlaw Eldred v. Ashcroft - scrabble and mickey copyright expiry
OWL2 Word Lists for Playing Competitive Scrabble®
paulsid LAMPWordsX Now Available
Play Scrabble Online For Free - at Scrabulous
PoCSi433 '01 analysis of boggle
Poslfit Scrabble .gcg File Format
PyScrabble - Open Source Scrabble
quackle Quackle
Quackle - kwak!
quackle superleaves, collins, fun stuff
RedKid.Net Scrabble
Ruby Quiz - Crosswords (#10)
Ruby Quiz - Cryptograms (#13)
Sakreble! - open word game
Scrabble Online Inspired Word Game
Scrabble Opening Move Database
Scrabble papers
Scrabble prank
Scrabble pro - Club de scrabble en ligne
Scrabble Project
Scrabble, Worldwide Scrabble, Super Scrabble, Where can I play Scrabble online, Play Scrabble online, online Scrabble, email sc
Scrabble© Board - Polly Styrene and Pet Trol EM's Game
scrabout download
Scribble at free crossword puzzle word game
Snatch - Use the Source, Luke 2 - Use the Source, Luke
Steve Weyer's Software Releases
SWE Apprentice Project Summary- inc jotto
Tams11 Online Gaming Lobby - Play Online Games
The Word List Wordline Complete Dictionary - wordox - Computers Groups View topic - How to get free Oxford English Dictionary on your - Computers Groups View topic - How to get free Oxford English Dictionary on your computer
vocabulary lists by reading age - ISEL - Slownik frekwencyjny ISEL2000 - Zródla
Wabble - An Online Multi-Player Ajax-Powered Scrabble Game Clone - Play Scrabble Online in your Browser!
Wabble - An Online Multi-Player Ajax-Powered Scrabble Game Clone
Word Freak
Word Ladder Solver!
Wordox Lexicon
WWW.HRAJEME.CZ Typo informace o hre
WWW.HRAJEME.CZ Typo informace o hre
xsamplex » Wordfinders
Yahoo! Auctions - VINTAGE PATCH WORD CROSSWORD SCRABBLE TYPE CARD GAME auction in Collectible condition
Zyzzyva The Last Word in Word Study

The BileBlog - WerkFlow project stagnant
Transparent Logic Services

Al-Ahram Weekly Opinion Anti-Americanism comes of age
CL&P Blog Companies Claim Right to Interfere with eBay Auctions for Charging Too Little - The corporate psychopath exposed - Nov 24, 2004
CompUSA 23in $99 9pm
CompUSA olevia 26in $430
Csrss.exe uses 100% of the CPU When you Right-Click an item in Explorer
Cube World - memo - post to halfbakery about my old Life design
derrick morris - An Introduction to System Programming Based on the Pdp-11 Books Derrick Morris
Digital Pinhole Camera
Don't waste your time with Oracle...
DVD duplication, DVD replication, DVD manufacturing with 5C test disc - large quantity & feature film movie packaging
DVD Talk Forum - Official Replacement DVD Cover & Case Information
DVD+Rs free instore circuitcity
Edit parameters
Extended Service
Faq-O-Matic Installer
FUSEWiki - FileSystems
Halfbakery Evolution of PVR
Halfbakery Warm-weather 'ice' rink
HP Music
I Called It - Predicting the future one post at a time.
Intelius People Search - Public Records, Background Checks & More. - Intelius
IT Resource Center forums - copy files from one system to another
JLC's Software - net tv
Koders Code Search - gdmconfig.c - C - GPL
Letter-by-Letter Word Games FAQ - Self Publishing - Free
Matt Goyer’s Media Center Blog » how to enable My DVDs
mb21 - Teletext Then and Now - Live feeds
Mi TV - streaming hbo on openbsd server
Mike Osborne - Publications
NARA The National Archives Experience
Online Photos First 25 Free  Seagate 3.5 PATA Internal Hard Drive
Pictish Nation ®
Polaroid 40 LCD HDTV (FLM-4034B) $950 NOW
Postfix Configuration - Address Manipulation
Radio Station Guide
ReactOS Homepage - Download
red dwarf cards
Red Hat creates social networking site - facebook clone
SanDisk 2GB $25 NOW
Shop dvd - Google Image Search
Sonic Solutions
SpooNMan's Nintendo 8-bit NES Collection 1985-2006
Spyware Protection
Stephen Cameron - list of publications - pat ambler View topic - are scammers
Symantec Security
The Daily WTF
Top 10 Questions from Orb users Orb Networks
Trendio dailies - The first stock exchange on headline news
Welcome to OpenBIOS - OpenBIOS
wmvtranscoderplugin info
Your Gallery - Show your art to the world