Some family pics for Mum & Dad

The new baby, Elizabeth Alice Escobar.

Sallie, looking very happy after several hours of screeching agony

Elizabeth, destined to be a tea-drinker, practicing the pinkie manoeuver early.

Mother & Child.

Meeting Uncle Graham for the first time.

Uncle Graham decides to keep the baby.

At the ice rink on our last trip to Dallas.

Coming back home from a trip to San Antonio, via the Free State of McMullen County, where the local judge refuses to prosecute motorists that the police try to arrest for speeding.

Hale-Bopp comet taken from our front garden (OM1, 30 sec, tripod)

Anne, taken some years ago, admiring an SR71 surveillance plane.

Here is an electronically enhanced version of the same picture. I'm currently working on some of our old black and white pictures to correct them for blemishes too.