Tawny Emperor Tawny Emperor female on hand, P8070059 Crown Jewel The Emperor's New Clothes Tawny Emperor female on finger, P8070050 Madame Butterfly Not even a posing fee Brown Spotted Purple Haze We have a winner - Green Comma Worn and Torn silver emperor male dorsal 061015 1004666 san luis potosi mx hackberry emperor Hitchhiker Asterocampa celtis Hackberry Butterfly Green Comma Too? onthepeachtree The Emperor Says "Get me more sap!" Trashpicking emperor Stick your tongue out and say "Aaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaahhh" Unquestionable Company Another Hackberry emperor Hackberry Emporer Variegated fritillary Tawny Emperor Asterocampa celtis Tawny emperor Tawny Emperor DSC_1380 Hackberry emperor Hackberry Emperor Hackberry emperor Hackberry Emperor Hackberry emperor Tawny emperor