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Onward Into The Fog

Graham and Anne Toal

November 05, 2006

Help, I'm trapped in a time machine and I can't get out

Some of our regular readers may have heard by now that gtoal.com suffered a disasterous disk crash a few weeks ago. I deliberately kept the site offline for some time while I was recovering copies of the lost pages from Google's cache - our last complete backup unfortunately was about 16 months ago. (It's a sad story - don't ask).

Fortunately I've been able to recover almost everything that was visible to the web - the only real losses being private files such as all email received here over the last year.

Readers of my wife's blog, "Onward into the Fog", should update their bookmarks and RSS feeds with her new address at edinburgstyle.blogspot.com.

Folks who have been using my pcs ringtone uploader please bear with me a few more days while I get my cgi scripts restored.

All the files currently visible are the 16-month old ones; I'll be replacing the newer content from the Google archives over the course of the next week - first I have to write some code to extract the data from the cached html.

There will be some changes in the new site as I attempt to streamline things a little and do away with some of the more complex features which were not used very often.