Here are some Algol 60 programs I found on the net - and there are very few out there, compared to the huge number of Imp programs we have in the Edinburgh Computer History archive.

These programs are in two forms: regular text, to feed to your friendly Algol 60 compiler (you do have one, right? ;-) ) and in formatted HTML using the Reference Syntax of the Revised Report. (These versions are suitable for publication, though the Algol specification also allows for a more mathematical-like "Publication Syntax" which I do not reproduce here).

I have retro-engineered some of these because the source sites had lost the keyword stropping, giving some bastard version of Algol where the keywords were implemented as reserved words. Whatever system it is that these came from, it is not Algol!

There are several concrete syntaxes for Algol 60 ("Machine Syntaxes") and they have different ways of specifying operators and string literals for example. Also Algol has no predefined I/O library so some of these examples use modern or invented libraries. I have made minor modifications to some of the sources ("*N" instead of "\n" for example) to reflect the conventions of the 60's.

The Algol 60 prettyprinter (a modern implementation in C trying to capture the spirit of the original SOAP program) is available on request.

Also available are a large number of compiler test suite files from Brian Wichmann, a particularly good example of which is wt157, in source and formatted versions.