7.5. Code Statements

Any sequence of code instructions enclosed in CODE BEGIN and END may be used as a Coral 66 statement and it is recommended that code statements provide for the inclusion of nested Coral text. The form of the code is not defined; it may be the assembly code for a particular computer, or it may be at a higher level enabling available compiler features to be exploited. The code should, above all, enable the Coral programmer to exploit all the available hardware facilities of the computer. For communication between code and other statements, it must be possible to use any identifier of the program within the code statement, provided such identifiers are in scope. In some implementations, a code statement may be said to possess a value. The "statement" may then be used as a primary in an expression, like a call of a typed procedure. Though not prohibited, this is not a standard feature of Coral 66, and may not be extended to other forms of statement. The syntax for a code statement is

Codestatement ::= 
     CODE  BEGIN  Codesequence  END 

Codesequence ::= 
    defined in a particular implementation