Graham's Stereo Photography Project

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How I found out about Stereo Photography, and building a home-made viewer

Where I relate the story of my trip to San Antonio and the accidental discovery of an antique stereoscope there.

Building a stereo camera

How to hack together an extremely good quality stereo camera for about twelve bucks, with change.

Taking stereo pictures

My ideas on what to shoot and how to shoot it. Remember I'm a complete novice in this field, so I'm leading you here through an exercise in self-discovery. If you want a lesson from a pro, buy this book...

Some pictures from my collection

This section contains some stereo pairs I have taken which you can view if you have a suitable viewer, or are very good at crossing your eyes and gritting your teeth.


Assorted links to other 3D sites that I've stumbled across. Not an exhaustive listing, just the ones I liked.

Other people's stereo pairs

Here are some stereo pairs from other people's sites which I've recoded into smarter HTML to make them more easily viewable. Some of them I was just completely unable to get side by side at a small emough size on the original pages. Includes links back to the original sites.

An exciting experiment!

Here's a demo of a great idea that shows how to generate real stereo views from existing TV and movie footage! It actually works!

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