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There are few of us who didn't play word games with pencil and paper as children - writing down a long word and finding the largest word inside it, finding the most words you can make from it, or seeing if it has an anagram. Jumbles. Finding the best play from a Scrabble rack. Finding the words that fit the space on your crossword puzzle. This section covers all of the above.

There are many ways to find anagrams; some are more efficient than others. Some find one at a time; others find every one in the dictionary at once. Some handle single-word anagrams and some handle multi-word anagrams. We have all kinds here. We even have the particularly inefficient algorithms because it's important to learn what doesn't work as much as what does, and why the more advanced solutions need to be as complicated as they are.

There is a whole suite of utilities on this site based around the DAWG data structure (in the "spell/" subdirectory), including word lookup utilities etc which could easily be made into actual programs with a little user-interface effort. The following are some online lookups, but do not offer source code. I list them here only as the sort of thing that you can do with the code in this archive. It would be nice for us to also have a complete suite of programs with sources here. Anyone feel like putting such a suite together?
Related to finding anagrams are games where you find the longest word in a larger word or set of letters, and where you find the most words in a set of letters. See also Countdown for similar programs.
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