Boggle User Guide

Boggle is a word game that requires mental agility and speed of thought.  In the computer version it is no different, but has some added bonuses.  You can connect to any boggle server currently running and compete with other players all over the world using the Internet.

System requirements

Boggle Server

The boggle server is simple to run.  The following command must be entered at the command prompt (or in the MSDOS prompt window for a PC).

%% java BoggleServer

This will initiate the server and start it running.  To stop the server it must be killed.  This is achieved by a CTRL-C at the prompt or if it is a background process (Linux,  Unix etc.) by using the following command.

%% kill –9 [PID]

Where [PID]is the process identification number.

Boggle Client

The boggle client is equally simple to use.  To run the program the following command needs to be entered at the prompt.

%% java Boggle

This will run the boggle server with the game being hosted by a server on the current machine, localhost.  This is performed by default, however it can be changed either as an menu option in the main program window or initially.  This is done with the following command.

%% java Boggle [SERVER]

Where [SERVER] the boggle server, either as an IP address or by name, for example


Once the program has been initialised the main application window should appear.  At this point there are a number of options:

New game

On starting a new game a dialog appears prompting you for your player name.  Then the game grid should appear and the timer will be started on the game will be started.  The game can then be played.

Letters can be selected by clicking on them with the mouse.  The current letter the mouse pointer is over is highlighted.  Clicking with the left mouse button will add that letter to the current word or start a new word.  The boggle game then works out which letters are now available to you to select.  This is performed in accordance to the rules.  Valid letters can be added until the current word is satisfactory.  This word can then be submitted using the right mouse button.  The word is then checked against the current dictionary with the score being increased if a valid word was submitted.  The grid is then cleared and any letter is again selectable.  This can continue until the time is up and a dialog displays the score.

This score is sent to the server for possible inclusion in the high score table for the particular grid and the main game window is once again displayed.

View High Scores

The current high scores for the grid to be played can be viewed at any time during the game.  This table will always be the latest version at the time of display.

Boggle server..

The server hosting the game can also be changed once the application is running, although not whilst a game is being played.  The server name, either an IP address or string will be checked for validity and if acceptable then a new game can be initiated.  Otherwise the user will be prompted for a valid server or cancel.  The game will not run without a valid server.

Running Boggle Client/Server on the Sun network

Improvements and feedback

Any comments on Boggle Client/Server or feedback can be directed to the author E.W. Buckney, at the following address