cardwords, a linux card game

In cardwords you get cards showing characters and points and try to lay them on the card-table, so that they form crosswords. See a screenshot here (14kB).

cardwords is customizable. As you can see from the screenshot, I do not intend to use this game with english words myself, because english is not my native language and I am just too bad compared to the robots created by the game. I will rather use the game with german words and cards showing german characters such as Ä and ß.

You can not only change the card set, character set and dictionary used, but also the card-table layout, the number of cards on everybody's hands, bonus and penalty points for certain actions.

You can read the README online, or download the the README as html.tar.gz (16kB) or ps.gz (30kB).

Download the cardwords source here (230kB) or from any sunsite mirror (it is in games/multiplayer/ or games/multiplayer/cards/).

In order to compile you will need

In order to run you need scalable fonts for your X server. This is a part of XFree86, but your distribution might not install these by default.

The current version of cardwords is 0.0.7 . Versions beginning with 0.0. are alpha versions. This software is currently in alpha state.

Send comments, bug reports etc to the address below.

cardwords is distributed under the GNU General Public License.

Tobias Peters
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