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The cardwords game - Footnotes


1 <= i <= n


It is in fact not the server program cardwords_server that makes this distinction, but cardwords_dicbot, which is started by the server and handles all dictionary related tasks like checking the validity of words and finding the best moves for the robots.




You might wonder what the sense of the middle space is. cardwords uses exactly this card description format when client and server communicate. Sometimes the meaning of wildcards needs to be specified. This is done by replacing this space with a character with that meaning.


All cells have a points value in fact. The default points value is 0.


All cells have a letter factor in fact. The default letter factor is 1.


All cells have a word factor. The default word factor is 1.


Wildcards do not move immediately, the program expects that you type the desired meaning in the keyboard (one character, without return) before it moves the wildcard to the line above your hand.


The restriction is even tighter: There must not be free cells between the cards that you lay on the board in a single move.


I avoid speeking of horizontal and vertical here, like "for a horizontal move, type the character coordinate first", because it is (not yet, but very soon) costomizable if you want to use the characters for the columns and the numbers for the rows or vice versa. I think only a dialog field and a value setting is missing now, but I first want to get the program out.

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The cardwords game
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