Dutch Scrabble

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The tiles above are from the older Dutch set by Spear's, before they fell into line with Flemish-speaking Belgium in doing away with the [IJ] tile:
in Vlaanderen werden de twee 'ij'-blokjes nooit gebruikt, een 'ij' wordt dus met 'i' en 'j' gevormd ('ijsvrij' was in Nederland een 5-letterwoord, in Vlaanderen een 7-letterwoord). Ook dat verschil is nu van de baan. Sedert 14 maart 1998 spelen ook de noorderburen zonder ij-blokjes !!!
In Flanders (Flemish-speaking Belgium) they never used the [IJ] tile; an IJ word was always formed using an I and a J. ('ijsvrij' (icefree) was a 5-letter word in the Netherlands and a 7-letter word in Flanders). Now that difference is no more. Since the 14th of March 1998, both the northern neighbours play without [IJ] tiles.

         OLD STYLES				      CURRENT STYLE

Letter	Distribution	Face value		Distribution	Face value

A	6		1			6		1
B	2		3			2		3
C	2		5			2		5
D	5		2			5		2
E	18 (16)		1			18		1
F	1 (2)		4			2		4
G	3 (2)		2 (3)			3		3
H	2		4			2		4
I	4		1			4		1
J	2		4			2		4
K       3		3			3		3
L	3		3			3		3
M	3		3			3		3
N	10 (8)		1			10		1
O	6		1			6		1
P	2 (3)		3			2		3
Q	1		10			1		10
R	5		2			5		2
S	4 (5)		2			5		2
T	5 (4)		2			5		2
U	3 (4)		4			3		4
V	2		4			2		4
W       2		5			2		5
X	1		8			1		8
IJ	2		4
Y	1 (0)		8 (absent)		1		8
Z	2		4			2		4
BLANK	2		0			2		0

Total	100	
The primary data in the list above comes from here; the bracketed data represents the actual set scanned above. I don't know if this is another country where the values were rationalised (see German) or if the info from the Dutch web page was for an unofficial version.
The correct updated table for the current edition (without IJ) was sent to us from Gert Serneels.
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