French Scrabble

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This is actually from the Canadian Scrabble:

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Letter	Distribution	Face value

A	9	1
B	2	3
C	2	3
D	3	2
E	15	1
F	2	4
G	2	2
H	2	4
I	8	1
J	1	8
K	1	10
L	5	1
M	3	2
N	6	1
O	6	1
P	2	3
Q	1	8
R	6	1
S	6	1
T	6	1
U	6	1
V	2	4
W	1	10
X	1	10
Y	1	10
Z	1	10
BLANK	2	0   (blank is called "Joker" in French)

Total	102
The Spear's French layout is the same as the Candian set above. French Scrabble, like Italian, ignores accents on letters.

Visit the Official French Scrabble site, and the Official Swiss Scrabble site.

Play Scrabble in French
This is a first! An official licensed Scrabble game that you can play online! I wish Hasbro and Mattel would do something like this in English!

Duel De Mots Contains a great applet...
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Duplicate Scrabble: competition rules
more Duplicate Scrabble (heavy on the popups)
Le Bon Mot
Winscra - French Scrabble from Jean-Luc Delporte (
Skrabble (in French) - this multiplayer Scrabble has been taken offline at the request of Hasbro's lawyers
Skrabble (in French) - I think a different game (also not the one by maf). Available for download. Uses ODS4
I think at some point the Delphi source of this was available but I'm not sure that it is now.
Timwi's Scrabble (updated 04/2003 - previously "Sarnyalo's Scrabble")
Patrick Jenty's Scrabble with skins!
ScrabRom Romanian, French and English game. Also playable online.
Scrabble under X by Graham Chapman, Matthew Badham and Françoise Miane. Includes full ODS2 (see below)
Scrabbit (Here too)
scramf: Diana Gruber's Scrabble
vocabble: Duplicate Scrabble
Letter Rack
"Crosswords" for the Palm Pilot (dictionary)
Web scrabble
Dave Maranhao's Scrabble
Dicojeux - includes large word list
Eliot - with source code, and ODS2+ODS3
French word games
A small DOS word game using ODS3
A screen saver using ODS3
E-Mail Scrabble - rules

The official French scrabble wordlist is ODS. There have been three major releases of this; ODS2 (aka ODS '94), ODS3 (aka ODS '99) and ODS 2000. ODS 2 and ODS3 are available on the net if you know where to look. Here's a site with the new words in ODS3 (from ODS2). Also you can search the new words in ODS3 online. You can buy ODS3 on CD along with the official French Scrabble here.
ODS3 on CD *** NEW *** Search ODS3 online!

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