Polish Scrabble

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Polish Polish
Letter Value Number
A 1 8
5 1 A tail
B 3 2
C 2 3
6 1 C acute
D 2 3
E 1 7
5 1 E tail
F 4 2
G 3 2
H 3 2
I 1 8
J 3 2
K 2 3
L 2 3
3 2 L cross
M 2 3
N 1 5
7 1 N acute
O 1 6
5 1
P 2 3
R 1 4
S 1 4
5 1 S acute
T 2 3
U 3 2
W 1 4
Y 2 4
Z 1 5
7 1 Z acute
5 1 Z dot
Blank 0 2
Total 100
Confirm the above here and here

Visit the Official Polish Scrabble Association.

Dan Zeman (Czech Scrabble enthusiast - see the Czech pages) translated this info about a new tile layout from a Polish web page:

The revised edition is now on the market. Besides its outwards appearance, the most important changes are: tile size is now 19x19 mm (formerly 20x19); one letter A was added; one F was removed; the point score of F was increased from 4 to 5 and that of (Z acute) from 7 to 9. The new appearance of the gameboard did not provoke general excitement but this design was chosen at the Mattel headquarters and there was no room for discussion. The new tiles fit the old board so if someone does not want to buy the new set they can use a pen to change the values of F and , and convert one F to an A. Not all the suggestions of the PFS concerning letter distribution and value were accepted by the producer and we had to be satisfied by this compromise which is the most required change according to the analysis of letter frequencies in the OSPS word list. The new set is obligatory at official PFS tournaments. The changes are also reflected in Scrabble on the net (Cronix). The first experiences with the new set show that playing is easier and the average results are 10-15% higher.

Play Polish Scrabble online. (Site includes definitive list of 2 and 3 letter allowed words). Alternative (older?) list of 2's and 3's.
Play Polish Scrabble online. this site uses the OSPS.
Play Polish Scrabble online.
Play Polish Scrabble online.
Online tournament. (Some of this is correspondence play)
Search Polish sites for 'Scrabble' using Google
Some Polish games to study
Links, links, links, and more links.
Slów Bal - Polish - I had been unable to get an exe from this site that ran, after many tries, but I finally discovered that it downloads fine on IE - I had been using Netscape. Also availble - Set Board, a board generator (HTML page of plays, plus gif image) which takes .GME files output by Slów Bal as input.
Siódemki appears to be an anagram program/scrabble word tester. Again, you must use IE to download this or it gets corrupted. Contains a significant word list.
Slówa (30K DOS) - Polish Probably not a full Scrabble game, at that size! (also here)
There's another page at dione.ids.pl which has a scrabble program; I had a quick look in the zip and it seemed to be mostly in English but there were a lot of Polish filenames, so there may be some Polish customisation. It's only 160K so have a look for yourself to see what's in it. Projekt SCRABBLE client/server protocol; includes word list
Linux Sakreble (Uses Trolltech's QT library)
Polish Wordlist
Use the 'export dictionary' option of the associated program to convert from DAWG format to text.
I haven't yet downloaded this one but the filenames suggest it is another Polish version of Scrabble.
Scrabble V1.1
a scrabble club
(Has a download section although not yet populated)

Official Polish Word List (on CD) - once you buy the CD, there are several upgrades available online. (Newsflash: I think we're at 17 now!)
At the foot of this document is a short list of words comprising Upgrade 15. It is quite important because of the number of 2's - warning: the site is rather slow. Can take minutes to load. You may actually see it sooner if you hit 'stop' rather than wait for some slow graphics.
Note: Seems to have moved here. I can't see the word list any more.
Some, but by no means all, OSPS words (with front and rear hooks, and meanings) [Download all together as a zip]

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