Spanish Scrabble

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This is the Spear's "Edicion Castellana" for sale in Spain:

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Letter	Distribution	Face value

A	12	1
B	2	3
C	4	3
CH	1	5
D	5	2
E	12	1
F	1	4
G	2	2
H	2	4
I	6	1
J	1	8
L	4	1
LL	1	8
M	2	3
N	5	1
Ñ	1	8
O	9	1
P	2	3
Q	1	5
R	5	1
RR	1	8
S	6	1
T	4	1
U	5	1
V	1	4
X	1	8
Y	1	4
Z	1	10

Total	100	
There are many Spanish sets: we have the old "Edicion Castellana" from Spears, the various modern Spears versions for the Spanish market, then we have "Scrabble Original", made by Spear's but manufactured in Mexico for the Mexican market; we also have Milton Bradley's "Edicion Espanol" and the older S&R "Edicion Espanola" as well as their "Edicion Castellana".

To cap this, S&R (Hasbro) is now heavily pushing their US Spanish sets in Spanish-speaking parts of the US, and the sets are also appearing in large numbers on the southern US border, where no doubt many of them are being taken across to Mexico as grey imports.

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I often have trouble with these NBCi pages. I think they only work under the evil Internet Explorer but not Netscape.
Peruvian Scrabble site (Peru).
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Asociacion Uruguaya de Scrabble (online game here)

Timwi's Scrabble (updated 04/2003 - previously "Sarnyalo's Scrabble")

Scrabbi: The download link turns out to be for a copy of Sarnyalo's Scrabble pre-configured for Spanish. The installer is all in Spanish. I found the link on the Peru Scrabble site. The same site has a nice graphic of the tiles (the distribution of which you'll note matches the image at the top of the page)

Club Scrababel from BLAI FIGUERAS ALVAREZ (Spanish language word champ, 1998)
Related to the above..the second puzzle on the Scrabbi28 puzzle page, I've just discovered recently, appears to have been taken from here. Nice site, worth a visit. Has a lot more Scrabble puzzles too.

KapCross (Juego de palabras cruzadas)
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Scrabbit (Here too)
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"Crosswords" for the Palm Pilot (dictionary)
Wordzap - Boggle clone with Spanish wordlist which is in plain ASCII and usefully tagged by reading age
Spanish Word Games at
Online dictionary lookup
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Wordbox (aka Boggle) in Spanish

The official word list for Scrabble in Spanish until recently was "Vocabulario oficial del SCRABBLE, Larousse, 1997 (& 1998?), ISBN 84-8016-286-4" by Larousse. (approx 80,000 words), from which this was the official list of 2's and 3's.
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Scrabble is a trademark of Hasbro Inc in the US (formerly Selchow and Righter) and Mattel (formerly J.W. Spears) elsewhere.