Word Lists for competitive Scrabble

The Scrabble FAQ doesn't itself have any substantial word lists[1], but several other sites provide a good variety of useful ones.

Mike Wolfberg
new OSPD3 word definitions, 2-letter word definitions, hooks of 2- and 3-letter words, Q w/o U, JKQXZ and vowel-heavy
John Chew
plausible phonies, phonies with anagrams, and 6-to-make-8 "unistems" as well as anamonics [see explanation in FAQ] and TWL change explanations
Dallas, TX, club
2- and 3-letter words, stems[3], subject-matter groups, endings and TWL changes
Bob Weiss
2- and 3-letter words, all hooks, vowel-heavy and -light, stems, pre- and suf-fixes
Brian Wagner
vowels-heavy, JKQXZ, pre- and suf-fixes
Jim Homan
OSPD2->3 additions [only SPAZES and HERPESES were deleted]
Thomas Ford
2->3 and 3->4 hooks, vowel dumps, jqxz words, major stems
Jonn Dalton
3->4 and 4->5 hooks, all 6->7 stems, more
Boris Bard
Complete TWL98, a few others
Paul Golder
high-vowel and -consonant, AEINRST stem, Q w/o U
Bob Jackman
2-, 3- and 4-letter words, high-prob 7s and 8s and SOWPODS crossover lists
John Holgate
Top 7lw and 8lw stems, hooks of 2-letter words, Q w/o U, JQXZ, high-vowel 7lw and 8lw

[1] Other than a small set of changes between OSPD3 and the current OTCWL.

[2] For a sorting out of all the dictionary terminology, see John Chew's explanation.

[3] A stem is a set of letters considered with respect to letters which can be added to make an anagrammable set.

[4] "SOWPODS" is the union of the British and North American lexicons.

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