Using the Joggle server

There is a joggle server up and running on Using the joggle server requires rmi, which, at this point, only exists on UNIX for Sparc Solaris machines.


Add this to your .cshrc (acpub) or .environset (CS): On acpub:
setenv DIR108 /afs/
On CS:
setenv DIR108 /usr/project/courses/cps108
Also add this to your .cshrc file (same for both acpub and CS):
# set up joggle paths
if ( $?CLASSPATH == 0 ) then
    setenv CLASSPATH ${DIR108}/java/classes/
    setenv CLASSPATH ${DIR108}/java/classes/${CLASSPATH}
    setenv CLASSPATH ${DIR108}/java/classes/${CLASSPATH}
    setenv CLASSPATH ${DIR108}/java/classes/${CLASSPATH}

if ( $?LD_LIBRARY_PATH == 0 ) then
    setenv LD_LIBRARY_PATH ${DIR108}/java/rmi/lib/sparc
    setenv LD_LIBRARY_PATH ${DIR108}/java/rmi/lib/sparc:${LD_LIBRARY_PATH}
# end set up joggle paths
Now, 'source .cshrc' or 'source .environset', and you're all set to go.


My text version of the Joggle front end is in the above class files too, so to try it out, type:
java jogglesyam.JoggleSyam poitier myname
(if you can't find the java executables on CS machines, they're in /usr/pkg/java/bin. Add this to your path)
The first argument to JoggleSyam is the location of the server, and the second is your player name. The server will wait until another player (at least) shows up. When the game is finished, you have to type Control-C to exit. This may be fixed sometime.

The source code to JoggleSyam and JoggleFEText shows you how to use JoggleAL. Let me know if there are any problems.

Syam Gadde
Last modified: Tue Dec 3 09:35:05 EST