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Several word games involve guessing letters in a hidden word. These include Hangman, and Word Mastermind, often known as Jotto (though actually there is a subtle difference - in Jotto you are not told the position of the 'hits'. In Mastermind (or as it is traditionally known in Britain "Bulls & Cows") you are given both pieces of info: correct letters (cows), and correct positions (bulls). Purists sometimes scorn this version as too easy.
An even simpler variation of Word Mastermind, called Wordle, that uses 5-letter words is currently the online flavour of the day (2022). The degree of redundancy in 5-letter words is so high that Wordle games are usually solved in 2 to 5 guesses.
The "Wheel of Fortune" TV game is based on guessing a word as letters are revealed, much like hangman. There are probably sources for versions of this game on the net but I have not been bothered to look for them as personally I find the game exceedingly dull. I find harder games like Countdown much more interesting.

There are some tangentially related games which might be worth mentioning here:
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