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Scrabble in Java is a network computer game, based on the widely known Scrabble game, written in the Java programming language. The game can be played simultaneously by up to 4 players via a network.
Special features of the Scrabble in Java game:

The Scrabble in Java game was developed as a Java stand alone application, using Symantec Visual Cafe and Sun's JDK1.0.2 under the Microsoft NT/95 operating system.

Currently it will run properly only on a Windows NT/95 operating system, using Sun's JDK1.0.2.

Here's a screen shot of Scrabble in Java:
About the Authors

Lior Shadhan & Yaakov Fruchtnis are both 4th year students in the Faculty of Electrical Engineering at the Technion - Israel Institute of Technology. Both will receive a B.Science degree in Electrical Engineering in 1998.

The project was supervised by Dr. Ilana David.

Downloading & Installing the Scrabble in Java game
First, download the Scrabble.zip file (864.64Kb).

Installation Instructions:

  1. Unzip Scrabble.zip to a directory on your HD.

  2. Edit the 'Scrabble.bat'  file as described inside the file itself.

  3. Run 'Scrabble.bat'.

Please note that in order to run the game, Sun's JDK1.0.2 must be installed in your computer.

Additional files (optional):

Contacting the Authors
With any comments, ideas, suggestions... use the following e-mail addresses:
Lior Shadhan Yaakov Fruchtnis