Scrabble in Java


Yaakov Fruchtnis, Lior Shadhan


Dr. Ilana David


Scrabble in Java  is a network computer game, based on the widely known Scrabble game, written in the Java programming language. The game can be played simultaneously by up to 4 players via a network.


Special features of the Scrabble in Java game:


·     Improved Java GUI that includes toolbar, status bar and scrolling panels (application can be resized to any size).

·     16 bit color graphics.

·     Communication between players.

·     Possibility to ‘Kick’ a player out of the game.

·     Word checking with or without a dictionary.

·     Game can be saved and continued later.

·     Game continues if one of the players disconnects.

·     The maximum number of players can be changed before compiling the program (the default is 4).


The Scrabble in Java game was developed as a Java stand alone application, using Symantec Visual Cafe and Sun’s JDK1.0.2 under the Microsoft NT/95 operating system.