Scrabble is the widely known desk-based game, which is played on a 15x15 grid board. The game pieces are letter tiles, with a different scoring for each letter.
The purpose of the game is to achieve as many points as possible by creating and placing words on the Scrabble playboard from a limited set of letters, using some of the already-placed letters on the board.

Our game can be played by 1 to 4 players at once playing against each other.  In case of a single player, he or she plays against the speller only -  there is no computer player.  The Players start the Scrabble game each on his/her  local computer, and are connected via a network. One of the players is connected as a server, and all other are connected to her/him as clients. The players can also chat with each other.

When the server starts the game, each player is given 7 letters (tiles), which should be placed on the playboard to form words. The words should be  recognized by an internal speller or be approved by all other players if the speller is off. Each word (except the first word of the game) should include at least one letter of a previous word which is already on the board. In each move a player can form several words by adding letters. The speller checks the words from top to bottom and from left to right, and so should do the players in case the speller is off. The same word can be created as many times a player wishes. If a word is recognized by the speller or other players, the player gets the total points of the words created. A word score depends on the score of the letters, and on their placement on the playboard. There are cells which increase the score of letters (*2 or *3),  or the score of the whole word (*2 or *3). When the player presses the 'Done' button or the player's turn time is up, the new tiles on the playboard are submitted to the Server, which checks the new board, compute the score, and send the new board to all other players. In case of illegal move, the player will get the appropriate message, and will have to compose other words. The player can also click  the 'Pass' button, and the turn will be given to the next player. The 'Undo' button is used to return all tiles, which are currently placed on the board.

System Requirements
The program was written using the JDK1.0.2 as a stand alone application, and thus needs a Java compiler in order to run.
The game needs a network for communication, even if there is only one player. Therefor,  Socket Support (TCP/IP stack) must be installed.
The game currently runs only on the Windows NT/95 platform, supporting the JDK1.0.2.

Game Rules

Typical Scenario