[1]up to John Chew's Home Page John Chew's Software Archive This is where I gather software that I've written that people have asked for. If you're looking for something that isn't here, e-mail me at [2]jjchew@math.utoronto.ca. [3]dawg.pl A Perl library for working with dawg files, as generated by the package posted to alt.sources. [4]defs.pl A tiny Perl script for listing the dictionary definitions that come with the HASBRO SCRABBLE(R) CD-ROM. [5]ddtag.pl A Perl script that tags text according to the dictionary in which its words can be found. Dictionaries not included. [6]findport.pl A Perl script that probes a host for TCP servers. [7]htmlhier.pl A Perl script that creates a [8]hierarchical listing of a web site. [9]mailhtml.pl A Perl script that converts a mail message to HTML. [10]pams.pl A Perl script that analyses a Maven simulation log. [11]perfrat.pl A Perl script that calculates NSA tournament performance ratings. [12]ratings.pl A Perl library for manipulating NSA-style Elo ratings. [13]qz A flexible quiz script written in Perl, tested on Macs, DOS and Unix systems, suitable for Scrabble word lists [14]tourney.pl A Perl script for producing tournament reports. [15]wordprob.c A C program for calculating SCRABBLE® word probabilities. If you haven't configured your browser to download Perl files correctly, some of these files may be garbled. You can also download copies of these files that are identified as text files, and then rename them: [16]dawg.pl, [17]ddtag.pl, [18]findport.pl, [19]htmlhier.pl, [20]mailhtml.pl, [21]perfrat.pl, [22]ratings.pl, [23]tourney.pl. References 1. http://www.math.toronto.edu/jjchew/ 2. mailto:jjchew@math.utoronto.ca 3. http://www.math.toronto.edu/jjchew/software/dawg.pl 4. http://www.math.toronto.edu/jjchew/software/defs.pl 5. http://www.math.toronto.edu/jjchew/software/ddtag.pl 6. http://www.math.toronto.edu/jjchew/software/findport.pl 7. http://www.math.toronto.edu/jjchew/software/htmlhier.pl 8. http://www.math.toronto.edu/jjchew/hier.html 9. http://www.math.toronto.edu/jjchew/software/mailhtml.pl 10. http://www.math.toronto.edu/jjchew/software/pams/ 11. http://www.math.toronto.edu/jjchew/software/perfrat.pl 12. http://www.math.toronto.edu/jjchew/software/ratings.pl 13. http://www.math.toronto.edu/jjchew/software/qz/ 14. http://www.math.toronto.edu/jjchew/software/tourney.pl 15. http://www.math.toronto.edu/jjchew/software/wordprob.c 16. http://www.math.toronto.edu/jjchew/software/dawg.txt 17. http://www.math.toronto.edu/jjchew/software/ddtag.txt 18. http://www.math.toronto.edu/jjchew/software/findport.txt 19. http://www.math.toronto.edu/jjchew/software/htmlhier.txt 20. http://www.math.toronto.edu/jjchew/software/mailhtml.txt 21. http://www.math.toronto.edu/jjchew/software/perfrat.txt 22. http://www.math.toronto.edu/jjchew/software/ratings.txt 23. http://www.math.toronto.edu/jjchew/software/tourney.txt