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JuxtaPosition: words within words

Solve clues to four words. The third word is found intact amidst the letters of the first two
juxtaposed words.  The fourth word uses the letters remaining when the third word is removed
from the juxtaposition of words 1 and 2.

  1.  keen insight; discernment [6]
  2.  an elaborate sweet cake [5]
  3.  an experienced and trusted advisor [6]
  4.  less than 90 degrees [5]

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JuxtaPosition is my favourite Wordly-Wise creation.  I first posted a JuxtaPosition to the list on July 4, 1996.  I was easy on myself for the first few puzzles, allowing anagrams for the fourth (outer) word.  Since then, I have insisted on the JuxtaPosition words being 'intact'.  Try creating one from scratch -- and then send it along.  I'm happy to publish submissions from the Wordly-Wise membership!

The answers to recent JuxtaPosition Puzzles have been generated using a Perl script created by Wordly-Wise member Eric Hammond <erich@one.net>.  Before he graciously provided me with the programme, I was spending a great deal of time browsing dictionaries for the right combinations of words.  The clues are still handcrafted.... <g>

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