Scrabble® [1]Back to Contents Next: [2]Conclusions _________________________________________________________________ Summary Investigation into algorithms and data structures relevant to the computer playing of the board game Scrabble resulted in the development of a Java client-server application that allows human vs. computer and computer vs. computer play over the Internet, and represents an extensible infrastructure for further research in this problem domain. Development of the computer player intelligence for the application involved the implementation of a directed acyclic graph data structure to represent the lexicon of words valid within the context of the game, and a efficient recursive back-tracking algorithm to exhaustively generate all possible moves on each turn. Numerous strategy-related algorithms are discussed, including opponent search via game-trees, and heuristics for selecting moves which will maximize long-term chances of victory. Further investigation into this area, including implementation of these algorithms and determination of their effectiveness via simulation is recommended. _________________________________________________________________ [3]Back to Contents Next: [4]Conclusions References 1. 2. 3. 4.