Solve Countdown number rounds

Linux Boggle

I always loved the terminal version of Boggle that used to come with the old Sun SunOS 4.x operating system, and spent many an enjoyable hour playing it when I used to work BT at their Research Laboratories in Martlesham Heath, Ipswich, UK
Recently, having despaired at trying to find a decent Linux version I decided to write my own. I have released it under the terms and conditions of the GPL
It's written in C++, will play games over any sized board and is blindingly fast. It comes with its own dictionary, including all valid three letter Scrabble words to make it slightly more interesting
29th March 2002 - Updated to v1.04 - a few tiny changes (destructor exception specifiers) to enable it to compile under GCC v3.xx
What more can I say? Download the source now!
Click to download Linux Boggle v1.04


Some tatty C++ to solve the number rounds in Countdown. Compile it with your favourite C++ compiler as long as you have a standard template library implementation.
Click to download Vorderman.cc