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15 April 2000.


Nineword is based on a word game found in my local paper The Advertiser. The original version was written in one night for Black and white Labtam's as an in between lectures amusement for a friend.

Since then it has been ported to GTK and improved somewhat. The original Xlib version is still available for download, but will most likely be unmaintained. Almost everyone should use the GTK version.


Make as many words of 4 letters or more as possible conforming to the following rules:

How to play

Type in your word in the text entry box in the middle of the window, or click the letters to form your word. Press enter or click on "Check" to test the validity of your word. If the check is successful, your word will be added to the list of found words and you will recieve one point.

Clear unselects all of the current letters you have clicked, while New Word resets everything with a new set of letters from the dictionary.



The newer GTK version Download only 18K
The older, black and white version for Xlib. Download only 7K


Untar/gzip: gzip -d nineword.tar.gz ; tar xvf nineword.tar or tar xvfz nineword.tar.gz
Check/edit the Makefile to suit your system.
"make" to build. "nineword" to play.


Nineword is released under the GPL.

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