nrk's cryptogram solver

This is a quick and dirty cryptogram solver hacked over a weekend. The webpage you are on, presents a CGI based front-end for the cryptogram solver.

To try it out, just paste the encrypted text into the provided textbox below and hit submit.
If you get really poor results, try removing some words and trying the rest of the cryptogram again. Typically, the attribution for cryptoquotes can't be handled well because the word lists do not include most proper names. Another thing to try is removing last letters of words that you suspect are plural forms, as the provided word lists do not have a whole lot of those either.

The solver itself is implemented in C and can be used stand-alone without the web-based frontend. Here's the source for the solver:

The solver requires a word list file to work and expects the word list to be split into separate files based on word length. You can find several of these on the web.

Alternatively, you can download the one that I used for testing this program:

The solver expects to find the word lists in the files dic/dic? relative to where it is run.
You should put your wordlist into a directory called dic/ under the directory where the solver resides.
Each of your wordlist must be named dic? where ? is the length of the words in that particular wordlist.
For instance, words of length 1 must be stored in dic/dic1, while words of length 20 must be stored in dic/dic20.
You can edit the source to change the name(s) and location(s) of the wordlist file.


Can only handle words upto 32 characters long.