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The card game of
skill, laughter and interest



To determine who shall be first dealer, one card is given to each player and the player holding the highest card is the first dealer, "A" being high and "Z" being low, thereafter the deal is taken in rotation.


Ten cards are dealt to each of the players. The remainder of the cards are placed In a pile face down on the table and the top card exposed and placed alongside. For five or more players it is necessary to use two packs.


The player on the left of the dealer commences. The next player on the left then plays and so on round the table. Each player, after examining his cards, can choose one of four alternatives:
  1. form one complete word and place it face up on the table.
  2. discard one of his cards and take either the exposed card or the blind one from the pile. He must discard before taking up the exposed or blind card. The discarded card is placed on the top of, or in the place of, the exposed card and this becomes the exposed card on the table.
  3. when a word is exposed on the table he can insert a card, or cards, in any such word. In doing this the order of the letters must not be disturbed or the word reversed. The other letters must be added at either end, or inserted. Only one word can be attacked at the same turn.
  4. when a word is exposed on the table he can take a card, or cards, out of his own hand and change it, or them, for a letter, or letters in a word provided the word left on the table is complete.
    (Example) He could take the "E" out of the word "EXPERT" and make it into "Export" by the substitution of the "0" out of his own hand. Only one word can be attacked at the same turn.
No player is allowed to pass his turn without doing one of these four alternatives, but he is not allowed to do more than one in the same turn.

A playerís turn ceases when he has done one of the four actions (a), (b), (c) or (d).

The object of the game is to get rid of your cards as quickly as possible. The first player to do this ends the round and the other players count their scores from the numbers on the cards left in their hands. The score is then entered against that particular player's name and then the cards are dealt out for another round. The first player to reach 100 retires from the game, the others going on until by elimination one only is left the winner.

Only words found in any standard dictionary are to be used. Proper nouns are not permitted unless given in the dictionary you are using. A word can be challenged by any player who thinks it is not in the dictionary or is mis-spelt. Should the challenger prove to be wrong, 10 points are added to the challengers score. Should the chaltenger prove to be right, 10 points are deducted from the challengerís score and the player who placed the word on the table takes the cards back and forfeits a turn.

The "Master" represents any letter.

If the pack runs out it can be lifted, shuffled, and put down on the table in its original position and the game goes on as before.