Scorcher7's Boggle
(Last Updated August 1, 2001)

Hello, all! Welcome to my simple boggle page. During my spare time I created this boggle program using Java. It didn't take that long to build, and contains absolutely no really special features, and is only single-player. It's merely meant for fun!

If you're looking for an outline of the rules and features, click here. I strongly recommend you read them at least once even if you know boggle inside out. It will explain to you the features of my boggle game and how they work. Also in the readme is very important information about the dictionary under "Dictionary Notice", plus some new and upcoming features to the game under "Upcoming Features". Make sure to read it.

Since I'm pretty new at Java, it simply refuses to load off the website. Hence, you will have to download the files to your computer to play.

Installing is easy. Choose a directory on your hard drive that you'd like to put boggle into. Unzip the zip file there. Within that directory, you can run the game by loading the HTML page "boggle.html" into your browser, but I warn you, I've had a lot of troubles this way. It works only part of the time. Or, if you have the java runtime libraries, you can run it using Java's applet viewer. Simply run "boggle.bat". Note that this will only work if the bin directory of the jdk folder is in the path. See Java's website (listed below) for details. I've had no troubles with it using the applet viewer. (If you want to get the runtime libraries, otherwise known as, the "Java Development Kit", even though they are quite massive at least to someone on a phone line, go to Make sure you get Java 2 v1.3 at least.)

Make sure to check this page occasionaly for updates.

And when downloading a new build of the dictionary, make sure to right-click on the link and pick "Save Link As...". Otherwise, the page will simply load in your browser rather than saving it to your hard drive.

Have fun!

Dictionary: Build 0003, 3860 Words

Download Dictionary Build 0003


Recent Updates & News
August 1, 2001

The add to dictionary feature isn't built yet. But today I created a solution for it. It just happened to be saving to the dictionary extremely slowly (after all, loading 3500 words from memory can take time!) I created a thread to do it. It slows down the rest of the program, but is still much faster saving. This isn't in the yet obviously because it makes no difference yet.

Build 0003 sees another 300 words added, up to 3860. It's getting better. On average, I find about 1 new word per game. That's not bad. Before it was much higher than that.

My personal best is now 53 points. Max word length still 7 letters with TORMENT. Can you beat me?
July 31, 2001

Well, I was a little board today, so build 0002 for the dictionary took a rather ridiculously large leap from 2544 words to 3544 words. Did you know it takes a long time to type in 1000 words? But I bet you didn't know how ridiculously easy it is to find them. I got ALL 1000 words just from the first 20 pages of the FF7 manual. After all, each new word found can be multiplied into several with the use of suffixes. Thus, the extra thousand words.

And now the dictionary is slightly larger than the whole game is zipped. Meh.

And I also removed a few of the words from the dictionary because they weren't actually words. Meh, it's bound to happen.

Meh. I say meh too much. Meh.
July 29, 2001

The page has been created! Hope you enjoy it. v0.50 is up, and the dictionary size is up to 2500+ words at build 0001. Should be plently. But I plan to update it REALLY often. (that's what the build number is for)

By the way, the longest word I've found is 7 letters: TORMENT.