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WORDY : A word study system for the Scrabble® competitor (ver. 5.30 revised update). This is a complete suite of pattern matching and custom word list generating utilities, including ANAGRAM, UNSCRAMBLE, SEARCH, XTRACT, XFIND, HOOKTO (front-and-back hook finder), JUDGE word challenge adjudicator, HPR (high-probability filter), and multiple word anagramming, among many others. There is even the notorious WORDY word construction game for practicing word pattern recognition, which was cited by AUDYSSEY magazine as one of the very few word games accessible to blind people. The WORDY system is at least as fully functional as commercial word study software that retails in the $50 - $100 range. An earlier version of WORDY received a 5-star rating (the highest) in the December 1995 issue of PC COMPUTING magazine (page 365). Registration for WORDY is still only $2. [407K]
Download from alternate site

Note that WORDY requires the master word list, WORD.LST, from the ENABLE package.

WORDY-game screenshot & example word lists

ENABLE: The Enhanced North American Benchmark LEexicon package provides a 172,000+ word standardized tournament-level master list, more carefully researched than the so-called TWL98 list. It is not restricted to words of an arbitrary length and it features all the 1998 updates. The ENABLE list has been placed in the Public Domain and is both free and freely distributable. This is the list used by the WORDY word study system, above, and by various online Scrabble® servers and software developers. It is highly recommended that the SUPPLEMENT, an additional list and documentation package for ENABLE, be obtained. [481K]

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SUPPLEMENT: Additional lists and detailed notes and documentation for the above ENABLE word list package. Features an annotated list of the differences between the ENABLE and the DOOM/TWL98 lists, a complete cross referenced listing of the hidden italicized "called also" words in the MW10, and a well researched listing of words under 9 letters that should have qualified for inclusion in the OSPD®. Now includes a supplementary OSW list for SOWPODS enthusiasts! [190K]

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WAK is a tachistoscope/"flash card" word list displayer for Scrabble® players. WAK flashes word lists on screen, one word at a time, in a format resembling Scrabble® tiles, and at a user-controlled flash rate ranging from 1 per second to over 40 per second. Can use the word lists generated by the WORDY utilities, see above. [94K]

WAK screenshot

SCRABL is a set of word lists and other goodies for Scrabble® players. Includes extract and word for the day programs. Now has 2PLUS1, 3PLUS1, 4PLUS1, and 5PLUS1 hook lists. Updated for "compatibility" with 3rd Ed. of OSPD®. FREEWARE. [239K]

Judge is a Scrabble® word challenge adjudicator for tournament or club play use. It is also well suited for recreational play (screen shot). Both GUI and text versions for Linux/UNIX enclosed (if you absolutely must have a DOS version, download WORDY, above). [15K]

WORDY for UNIX is the generic UNIX implementation (works fine under Linux) of the WORDY utilities. This is the source code only, in C, which must be compiled. Docs, word list, and batteries not included... you may pick them up from the DOS versions of WORDY and ENABLE, described above. [14K]

CHSCLK is a full-featured chess clock, with digital display, move counter, pause function, and much more. This is an custom version specially adapted for timing Scrabble® games because it tracks overtime and both clocks can be paused simultaneously. Includes source code (C++ and C). Only $1.00 to register. [61K]

Download from alternate site
By special request, there is now an all-text version of the chess clock available for blind people. This version is free. [27K]

CDNTIMER is a resettable countdown timer suitable as a board game turn timer and for photography and cooking applications. Shareware, and only 75 cents (!) to register. [57K]

mcalc is an easy to use mortgage loan calculator. Featuring a GUI front end, mcalc lets you instantly see the results of changing the payoff period or interest rate of a loan. There is even limited support for prepayments on principal. Saves the amortization tables in editable and printable ASCII files. This software installs under Linux or generic UNIX only.

Download [15K]

Shred is a secure file deletion 'gadget'. This simple command line utility overwrites every bit of the target file with 0's and 1's in seven separate passes before unlinking it. This makes it extremely difficult to recover any part of the removed file, even using sophisticated mechanical microanalysis methods. Linux or UNIX only.

Download [12K]

The Shy Man's Guide To Relationships:
HOW-2 Meet Women
[Download - 270K]
This is a 'zipped' archive of all the installments of this e-text book that may be browsed on-line elsewhere on this site. This is a complete self-help tutorial in the essential social skills. Topic covered range from the art of conversation to personal ads. Includes helpful exercises and even a self-test.
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Get it from download.com

I've written other software, including swradio [254k], a set of files giving complete info on constructing a powerful shortwave receiver for less than $5, CRUFT, a replacement for the UNIX 'crypt' local file encryption filter based on the "onetime pad" system, UNFAIR, an unusual implementation of the Playfair Cipher a la Kasiski (restricted distribution only, due to Department of Commerce regulations), ALERT, an unusual combination screen-saver / burglar alarm, and READ, recommended reading and software lists [55K]. I presently have an application on file with the DOC Bureau of Export Administration to release cruft, a replacement for the UNIX crypt utility.

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