[imagine a picture of a waiter holding a steaming covered dish...] Notes by Doris Smith <dorisann@tenet.edu>

The original book, Toal House Cookies, Roast Bandwidth Porcine Pie, and Other Recipe Favorites, was compiled as a single copy wedding gift. The present copy, a close replica of that gift book, was prepared as a memento to participants of Words-L@uga.cc.uga.edu.

My source for the majority of the "Cooking Hints" is A Modern Encyclopedia of Cooking, by Meta Given, published by J.G. Ferguson and Associates, Chicago, 1955.

This World Wide Web edition is a faithful transcription of the above book, carried out by Graham Toal in the hope that in some small way I can repay the kindness and hard work of the Words-lers in their preparation of the original wonderful memento.

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