Welcome to Dungeon.

"You are in an open field west of a big white house with a boarded front door."

... so begins the adventure known as Dungeon, the second great adventure of the computer age after ADVENT; and the one which - in the guise of Zork - spawned the whole adventure genre on personal computers, eventually leading to MUDs and later virtual 3D worlds.

Welcome, Adventurer, to the Great Underground Empire.

Abandon Hope, All Ye Who Enter Here

Zork on the web was ported by Graham Toal on the afternoon of 20th August 2000, when he was looking for a little diversion. This is a straight conversion of the text-based game with no fancy extensions for the web. The server this is running on remembers your games, and you can come back to them days, weeks, and if you are lucky, even months later. Just bookmark the cgi page when you're playing. You only need to do this once - and don't think you can go back to an earlier state by going back in your browser - it doesn't work that way.

The trick behind this web implementation is that it saves and exits automatically after every move, and restarts the program and restores when you submit the web form (this means that it is not running and hogging my poor 486's CPU when you are just looking at the pages). Because of this theft of the load/save code, regular load and save is somewhat broken, and at the end of the game where there is a section that requires saving to be disabled, we expect there to be problems. I'm rather hoping no-one gets that far before I get explicit load and save working fully.

And yes, the Game ID numbers that are used to record your personal game state are completely predictable, and if you felt so inclined you could easily hijack someone else's game. In fact it's so easy to do, there's no challenge in it at all, so why bother? I can't be bothered writing password code and I can't be bothered helping people who forget their passwords, so let's just leave it wide fucking open and assume everyone plays nice. (Before you ask - I remembered to disable shell escapes. What sort of an idiot do you take me for?)
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If you get totally stuck, here's a walk-through for Dungeon. Try not to read it if you plan to finish the game.

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