Appendix D. Implementation-Defined Characteristics

Table of Contents
D.1. Language Profiles
D.2. Implemtentation Details

The Coral 66 language allows for certain machine dependences in a controlled manner. Each implementation must document all implementation-defined characteristics:

D.1. Language Profiles

Using compile time switches, the user may select one of several language profiles.

The profiles supported are:

D.1.1. Official Definition Profile

This profile corresponds to the features of the official definition, and inlcudes all features that are described as optional. That is, the profile includes:

  • RECURSIVE procedures

  • TABLE facility

  • FIXED numbers


  • FLOATING numbers

  • COMMON Communicators

  • EXTERNAL Comminicators

  • ABSOLUTE Communicators

  • CODE statements

D.1.2. The XGC Profile

This profile includes all the features of the Official Definition Profile, and the following extensions:

  • The BYTE Numbertype

  • BYTE arrays from the Blandford Extension

  • LONG Numbertypes

  • The LIBRARY communicator

  • BINARY Numbers

  • HEX Numbers

  • CONSTANT Declarations

  • Shift operators

  • ANSI C compatible strings

D.1.3. The Custom Profile

The custom profile is reserved for users who require the language features to be the same as those of some other compiler. There is no default custom profile, and each custom profile requires chnages to the compiler to implement the necessary langauge features.