Chapter 11. Text Processing

Table of Contents
11.1. Comment
11.2. Macro Facility

11.1. Comment

A program may be annotated by the insertion of textual matter which is ignored by the compiler.

11.1.1. Comment Sentences

A comment sentence may be written wherever a declaration or statement can appear. It consists of the word COMMENT followed by text and terminated by a semi-colon. For obvious reasons, the text must not contain a semi-colon. The entire comment sentence is ignored by the compiler.

11.1.2. Bracketed Comment

Bracketed comment is any textual matter enclosed within round brackets immediately after a semi-colon of the program. The text may contain brackets provided that they are matched. Bracketed comment (including the brackets) is ignored by the compiler.

11.1.3. END Comment

Annotation may be inserted after the word END provided that it takes the form of an identifier only. The identifier is ignored by the compiler.