Graham's Stereo Photography Project


F W Thornton is selling replica antique stereoscopes, presumably assembled, for $99.95. If this is the one in the picture on his page, it looks very nice. There's also a cheaper one in kit form from Reel 3D for under $50. This is the one I bought, and I'm very very happy with it, but I do warn you that its construction is not 100% professional - when assembled it has a certain charm that comes from its hand-made appearance rather than from machine-chiseled perfection. The latter kit is not yet advertised on Reel 3D's pages, but you can get the info about it from them by phone on +1 310 837 2368.

Viewing assistants

Smoke and mirrors.

Alan Lewis' freeview assistant


Viewing without devices

Personally, I can't, but then I can't see random dot stereograms either and other people can, so give these a try...

How to see stereo

Canned searches

Stereo Photography

for learning.

Stereo Pairs

for viewing.

Stereo Cameras

for snapping.


(I tried to eliminate random dot stereograms from the above search)

3D sites

3D Web

Check the 3D Web Sites link.

3D by Dan

Check out his links too - awesome.

3D funsite - Glesgae U.

Follow the 'History of photography', 'stereograms' and 'stereo pairs' links.

3D Artist magazine

Rendered stereo pair comic books!

A short course on stereo photography

Good info, good pictures.

Another tutorial on stereo photography

Slightly more advanced.

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