First, adjust your display...

Before we go on to the 3D gallery, use the picture below to adjust the width of this window to suit your 3D viewer, whether you're using prismatic lens glasses (see Cosmic 3-D), or justcrossing your eyes.

Widen or shrink the window using the lower right corner of the window, below the scroll bar. Optimum size should be no more than about 7 inches wide for the pair of images. 7 inches is the size used in Victorian Holmes Card views, but with a handheld viewer you may find something narrower is more confortable.

Sample image

Once you can see the view above in 3D, you're ready to go on to the gallery. If you're on a slow link (i.e. using a telephone dialup (that's you, Dad)) and in a hurry, just browse these links here - [fountain concrete river joske kids1 kids2 home car vines treesky round bay annedog bay2 stadium edbggym redball carwash redchair alonzos] - if you have a high speed link or don't mind waiting the 5 minutes or so it takes to download about 650K of images, go on to the main gallery in all its full glory.

Note that in the gallery you can go to a view suitable for printing at the exact size for an antique stereoscope by clicking on any of the pictures and selecting print from your web browser.

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