Miscellaneous Joggle stuff

Basic Joggle

Preliminary Joggle Code: see also ~ola/cps108/joggle

Trie-based joggle player, this player (implementing old style JoggleFE) is lightning fast in Java!! once the words are read in.

A faster joggle reader for the above trie version.

[New] The boggle dictionary as "coded" objects (i.e. compilable).


Here's some Timer code that may be useful.

For your convenience, an example of how to use the above Timer. See my caveats on using Timers.

Networkable joggle

Writing a client

Here's (minimally) what you need to do to make a networkable Joggle:

  1. Write a front end (graphical or otherwise) that implements the JoggleFE interface (JoggleFE exists in package joggle.client).
  2. Instantiate a JoggleAL (also in package joggle.client), passing a hostname, playername, and the JoggleFE to the constructor.
  3. Check to see if the connection succeeded by calling JoggleAL's method connected().
  4. If it returns true, call JoggleAL's method playGame().

[New] JoggleAL now implements the JoggleController interface. Now you can create a "local" version of JoggleAL, and easily switch between the networked controller and your controller by accessing them through the JoggleController interface.

All the classes and interfaces mentioned above have their own javadoc pages.

Here is the source code to a simple text-based networked joggle client:

They are in a package called jogglesyam, so to compile and use them, they need to be in a directory called jogglesyam. Or just use the precompiled version as listed in "Using the server" below.

Using the server (i.e. getting your client to run)

...has it's own page.

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