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Mock Apple Pie

From the Cook Book Celebrating the 100th Birthday of Anson and Jones County, Texas, 1981 (compiled by the Anson Lioness Club). (This recipe contributed by Mrs. Valree Rainwater... Really.) Combine all ingredients except crackers in a saucepan. Boil for 1 minute. Break saltine crackers in halves into boiling mixture, bring back to rolling boil. Pour into unbaked pie shell and top with crust. Dot with oleo and sugar, then bake at 375F until crust is done and nicely browned. Tastes like fresh apple pie. Really.

Mock Pecan Pie

(This recipe contributed by Mrs. Jeannine Lee of Lubbock, TX) Mix ingredients well; cook in unbaked pie crust at 375F until center is set. Tastes just like pecan pie (really).

--ggs (who is *not* making this up)

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