Algol 60 Source Code Formatter - SOAP

This page is for SOAP - A program which documents and edits ALGOL 60 programs by R. S. Scowen, D. Allin, A. L. Hillman and M. Shimell (The Computer Journal, 1971)
which was published with source code in SOAP description and Algol60 source by R. S. Scowen, A. L. Hillman and M. Shimell, CCU6 (1969).

SOAP follows in the footsteps of earlier AlgolEdit procedures - the original by W. M. McKeeman (Algorithm 268 ALGOL 60 Reference Language Editor.pdf, 1964) and a later derivation by H.L. Oudshoorn, H.N. Glorie and G.C.J.M. Nogarede (ALGOL editor — A program for standardizing program lay-out, 1968). Indeed, procedure soap(linelimit, id, od, failure); described in the 1971 paper was listed in the earlier 1969 paper as procedure algoledit(linelimit, id, od, failure);

On this site you will find the re-keyed and (manually) re-formatted source code of all three reformatting procedures, in text form (with master files stored in Unicode format) and displayed in HTML.



AlgolEdit by William McKeeman. (Download Unicode master) (PDF Original) (and as a bonus... in publication syntax, as published in the CACM)

ALGOL 60 Reference Language Editor:

ALGOL 60 Reference Language Editor by H.L. Oudshoorn, H.N. Glorie and G.C.J.M. Nogarede (Download Unicode master) (PDF Original) (Appendices)


SOAP: Simplify Obscure Algol Programs (Download Unicode master) (PDF Original)

If anyone feels like making a more portable version of SOAP and getting it to run under 'marst', psoap.alg has been exported in marst's format with the embedded KDF9 code removed.

Other documents related to Algol on the KDF9:

Babel and Soap.pdf Implementation_of_ALGOL60_for_KDF9.pdf KDF_9_Programming_Oct69.pdf See also for the sources of the early Electrologica X1 and X8 Algol Compilers.